Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Allya see the hearings today in London about the News of the world scandal and the phone hacking? Boy that is some serious serious ting that going down dey wid de media and the police and all sorta everybody involve nuh.

Well I only see lil bit this morning before work. De people did like inquisition in their questioning so I say this thing like it real real serious fi truth. But I aint had nuh time to watch too much.  Anyways the big story was the stupid man that decide he gine throw shaving cream at Rupert Murdoch. Ah doan know why he do it or if dere was a point but he get in there good and close and near lash the man wid de shaving cream pie.

But how a man duz get in a busy session like that wid all dem cameras around an be able to build a shaving cream pie or sneak one in and then run up pun a man on the stand so and try to hit he like that. Wha kinda security dem fellas running, is very lax an ting ya.

But allya see Murdoch young wife reaction? De woman near jump ova anudda woman back to cuff the pie thrower in he face.

I had to say well well who say recession not hitting dem big multi-millionaire/billionaire fellas an dem aint tightening dem belt like de small man? Who say dat lie man, dem lie! Even a media mogul, rich rich fella like Murdoch cut back and now he wife doubling as bodyguard. See that is how the rich duz stay rich, 'im have the woman multitasking.

But serious though ya know the wife see the man coming at she hubby and thought oh gosh boy doan let he interfere wid mi meal ticket, must protect at all costs.

Monday, July 11, 2011


The posts have been sparse of recently. I aint sure why eidda. I duz have lots of things to say but for whatever reason eidda I duz think a dum when I aint close to the computer or I duz think to muhself well somebody else musse say this aready so why bother wasting me time to rehash something sumbody already say.

Plus I finally was beating de facebook addiction when duh finally talk me into this twitter and google plus business. Yes lawd ave mercy in case it wasnt already abundantly clear I am now officially a twit! @jdidthoughts if ya please! I like to think a meself as the pied piper of blogland so ah dare any a wunnah to follow me cause I not sure allya gine be happy where ya end up. lol