Thursday, February 20, 2014

Missionary Mauve

Ah had a lil flashback the other day. (not sure where this note going but we will see)

Growing up my mom was always deeply involved in church: choir, Sunday school, missionary work, church board etc which of course meant that until I was a teen I had to go with her to church whenever she went so I guess I can rightly say I grew up in church. Ah not sure if that is a good thing that I admit that or a bad thing cause allya might say wait he grow up in  church an he duz behave so fa true? lawd a mercy!!

Anyways church was Sunday school followed by long, long, long service on Sundays from as far back as I can remember and of course there was also Sunday night service to go to if my dad wasn't home and Wednesday night service as well.

I don't remember much if anything about those services to be honest, just shouting pastors, off-key loud singing and sharply beating cymbals which I wish I had the rhythm to use and me sitting in a church pew hoping that the time would go by faster.

I used to have to take part too: reciting poems at Christmas and Harvest programs and singing in choirs and the like. For those, I just remember the very strong feeling of fear in anticipation of my performance, a salute, a duty out of necessity to properly form and project my words (sans microphone in those days) followed by a relief that I didn't mess up or at least no one seemed to notice if I did slightly mess up.


Was a small church, not more than 40 or 50 members total but it was kind of cool that you got knew everyone. Of course everyone knew you too so ya had to behave properly.But that was a different day doan get me started on today's youts.

So my church also had this women's missionary group which would once or so a month carry on some early evening Sunday service or "cottage meeting" for shut-ins before the main Sunday evening service. I never really got the point of it but all in all it wasn't as long as regular church service so it was all pretty tolerable just another church event except for one thing.......

The missionary ladies had this uniform that they wore, a dress made out of some heavy type of material. It was some sort of light mauve with a white color.

I don't know what that uniform ever did me but from small til now I cannot stand that color.  

I mean I'm pretty sure it wasn't a traumatic event that led to the dislike of the color but maybe it was just seeing that badly shaped uniform over and over that drove me over the edge with regards to mauve lol.

Up to now anytime i see that color I will tell ya straight I just don't like that color.

Anyway that came flooding back in my memory this weekend for no apparent reason. Maybe I caught sight of someone wearing the same color but I don't remember. I just remember it is just not me favorite color.

See knew this post was going nowhere lol

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Business sense

So two weeks ago I got a random call from a credit union, which I'm not part of,  offering me some savings on a product I already have with another company.

I was somewhat intrigued by the call so I set up an appointment, at home to meet their representative with regards to the product they were hawking but in the meantime said I'd look into it myself. Anyway time flies when you have twins to deal with so when they called me back to confirm the appointment I postponed the appointment to yesterday which gave me just enough time to talk to my bank to see if the opportunity was worth pursuing.

So thought it kind of strange they never called to confirm last week but anyhow yesterday I rush out a work to get home early to make it to this appointment. Was hungry but said I'd wait til after the appointment to eat so I'm sitting there watching the clock and ummm no one showed up, nuhbody call nuttin.


Got a call this evening, representative says appointment is this evening, umm no it isnt, insists it is, umm no I have it in my calendar as yesterday and I wrote it down minutes after we chatted the last time cause it was supposed to be an exact week from the postponed appointment cause ya ask me is Mondays good for you and I said yes. And besides I aint rushing home to meet you this evening is you trying to sell to me not me to you.

Anyways no apology from them but they asking for another appointment, only this time they want it during the day and I'm to come to their office.

Ammmm I aint know bout wunnah but i aint went searching fa dem an they product, dem is the body dat call me up an offering um to me so why they cant meet me on my terms. Ah mean I duz always be skeptical bout these things when people call ya up an mek ya offers so cause I duz be trying to figure out how them tiefing from me and gilding duh pockets so an no guarantee I would sign with them but ah did gine gi dem a chance to talk duh talk.

And ah mean in dis harsh economic climate is not like I have money to throw at nobody so if you want my money ya have to come correct. Ah did very happy where I was before dem come confusing me an now they want me to act like I doan wuk nuhway an run up to their office which is by the way far far away from where I work to meet them.  Chupse!!!!!

Naa star. nuttin a gwan so!

Ah dont know what happened to people and business. Ah mean like I said is tough times we living in, if you trying to sell somebody a product the least you can do is be professional. Ah find nowadays people acting like ya doing them a favor when they want ya business. Ah cant deal wid dat sort of attitude at all. Den when ya business not doing well, ya wud wanta know what happen. Well if ya was professional mebby wunnah wud last. Another big Chupse!!