Friday, March 26, 2010

gun play?

So some of you may know that I have a 4 year old at home. Dont worry I wont get all cute and cuddly (not that I know how to) regaling you with kid do the funniest things stories just yet. Not really in my character actually.

But sometime after Jdid Jr was born I signed up for this email update from this site which gives you info on certain milestones, expected behaviors at what ages etc. They send weekly updates and bad parent that I am, I maybe read like one in four since I not really sure what I can do or whether I'd really be pushing him to make all the milestones if he's not there already cause in my opinion children all develop at different rates. Still the emails are interesting sometimes especially when they do correspond to some new quirk that Jr has developed in his personality.

Anyways this week they sent me an email which I scanned about four year old behavior. The last paragraph read

"And now that your child is becoming ever more social, it's important to check in with the parents of his playdates to make sure that any guns they have at their home are locked up at all times. You may choose not to let him play at houses where weapons are stored, even if they are in a safe. And, of course, if your family has guns, you'll want to be equally sure that they're always locked away."

Boy all I could do was laugh. I know one of you will say is a sign of the times but I'm here waiting to see if next week's update says something like and its important to make sure that the parents of his playdates dont smoke crack. If they do freebase you might choose not to let him go over to their crack house.

lawd a mercy!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So what

ok I trying to not just blog about celebrity things but I couldnt resist this one here.

The big news lately is about Sandra Bullock who just won a big Oscar and how her husband was cheating on her with some tattooed floozy.

Now I understand why its fairly big news but at the same time why are we acting all shocked here? Is it because she's famous and accomplished and we don't think guys cheat on famous and accomplished women? Cause I'm sure Halle Berry and Hillary Clinton would say umm wait a minute now.

And look at the dude. I mean the revelation that Tiger Woods cheated was shocking given his prior clean cut image but Sandra bullock's husband doesn't have that image. I mean the dude's name is Jesse James, you know like the famous outlaw who he claims to be family to. Dude looks like a thug not that thugs all cheat or anything but he looks like the type of cat that a woman's mother would tell her to stay away from cause he aint no good.

Then dude has been married twice and one of his former wives was a porn star. How many decent dudes you know that will marry a porn star? They may mess around with one if given the chance but marry umm no. Now I don't know bout you but this image of Jesse James doan say choir boy to me. So why the shock?

Is it cause Sandra is America's sweetheart? And I never really got that whole title cause not to kick her when she's down but seriously she aint all that.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm sorry but am I the only one a bit disturbed that an elected member of the Canadian Parliament was tweeting during question and answer session in the House of Commons yesterday?

Lisa Raitt seems to have found a cure for ministerial boredom in the House of Commons.

The labour minister announced on Twitter Wednesday that she would live tweet during question period, and proceeded to provide colour commentary - literally.

What the hell?

I mean seriously is this the sort of behavior that our elected officials should be engaging in during House sessions? Is our government one big joke? (Wait don't answer that one.)

Isn't this the political equivalent of doodling in class or hiding comics in your text book? Shouldn't you, our leaders be paying attention? Is running this country sooooo boring that you have to tweet?

And she's not even a backbencher. I could maybe just possibly forgive this act if she was a backbencher (actually I'd probably be pretty pissed then too) but she's a minister. The Minister of Labour for Pete's sake! Isnt that an important portfolio? Shouldn't she be paying attention during the question session? Good grief! When else does she tweet one wonders? During policy meetings?

Pay attention!

I mean given what sometimes passes for political discourse at some of these sessions I'm not surprised but damn at least pretend that you're sort of interested in what's going on and representing your constituents who I'm pretty sure didn't vote you in for your tweeting skills.

At least when I was messing around in class doodling I at least pretended that I was interested. This is just openly mocking us.

No disrespect to twitter, it serves its purpose (whatever that may be), and its cool to see politicians using the new media/social interaction stuff to reach the tech savvy crowd but there is a time and place for everything and in my opinion the House of Commons is definitely not the place to be tweeting about trivial stuff like what others are wearing unless you're working for fashion TV.

Stay focused man!

Seriously, its bad enough that Parliament was prorogued on a whim for like two months for no real reason but then you guys just come back and you are already tweeting? Way to take governing seriously! And to think that you politicos make the decisions that affect our lives? Wonder why our economy and societies are so messed up? Why its because our leaders are too busy twittering their lives away. Duhh! (OK that's probably not the main reason but still)

Damn damn damn!

Seriously I mean tweeting! Really! Really? Tweeting? Are you serious? Come on now.

Whats that phrase? Nero fiddles while Rome burns. Guess we need to update that to something about Raitt tweeting while Canada fumbles along.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fashion faux pas

Wha she did wearing atall doah?

The food was nice, real good actually but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the waitress' getup. In fact I spent the entire meal trying to figure out how to comprehend and adequately convey the outfit in question in text and I still dont think I've found the words.

It was like fan girl meets burlesque meets street walker meets I duz juss wear this at home. But that doesnt get to the heart of the outfit. The word Obzocky comes to mind and if ya want an official explanation of that word let me self reference to this post cause even wikipedia a quote de I (puffs out chest to look important, realizes that chest still not bigger than belly, silently gives up).

She was wearing pum pum shorts, long black see through stockings or leggings under the shorts and a pink top with black polka dots which was long enough to half cover the shorts at the back and was tied around her neck. The top had seen better days judging by the dullness of the colors. It was then all covered with a black sweater which came to just below her waist allowing the pink polka dot top to be revealed at the bottom as well as at the section tied around her neck. The entire ensemble was completed by a thick black ribbon tied at an angle on her head.

See even that doesn't truly convey the sight. I still think I'm missing something here. Hmm maybe I'll just stick to obzocky.

Lovely lovely food though.