Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Due to technical difficulty

I'll be taking a break the next few days and maybe longer. On the other hand it may be shorter but I not sure yet. All I certain is I had wanted to blog everyday in November and that not going to happen cause my home computer is on the fritz.

Sort of like what happened to me two years ago. Remember this? or this?

Anyway enjoy yaself till I get back

Monday, October 30, 2006

Old acquaintances

Twice last week I've run into old acquaintances.

First on Tuesday on the subway platform waiting to transfer trains I saw this girl from my University days. Its weird because first glance I was like yea I know you from somewhere but where? Then the memory came back. Oh yea we worked on a project for class back in 3rd year. Right! But what is your name? Anyway I saw her glance over my way and I think she recognized me too but its not like we were best buds or even friends or anything so we just stood there, and glanced at each other every now and then probably both trying to remember each others names until the train came and we got into separate cars.

To be honest up to this moment I still don't remember her name but I can remember who she hung out with in class. Makes you wonder though. She looked like she had done alright in life but who can tell. I always wonder what my classmates are up to these days. If I knew it'd probably depress me anyways.

Then on Friday, I decided to take an extended lunch, hop on the train and go to the mall. Oh man, I remember when I thought malls were exciting. I must have been a teenager back then. Now they are just plain run of the mill boring. I'm in, I'm out its a wrap!

So was regretting my decision to go to the mall, strolling my way back to work when I walked past this cat who looked familiar. Hey that looks like one of my boy from back in the days but naa that was a long time ago and another place. I haven't seen him since like 1992 or something. Naa that can be him, he's probably in Barbados drinking a Banks and enjoying the hot sun right now.

Still that cat looks awfully like him. Oh well, being that I'm not the type to be like hey man you look familiar I walked past and was just about to file away that memory when I heard a semi-familiar voice call me. Oh snap it is him! Wow!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Imagine that

Well well well. What can I say!

I know that Canada can be a cruel place to live sometimes but I didn't realize that this place was a penal colony? Wha nuh wonder some a we West Indians duz ketch hell up hayso.

How ya mean? Well that can be the only conclusion I can come to when a U.S judge sentences a U.S citizen convicted of a crime on U.S soil to a choice of one year in jail or alternatively 3 years parole in Canada. Imagine that ish!

Ok so the guy has been residing here in Fort Erie and commuting to his job in the U.S but that's not the point. He's still a U.S citizen. Since when can you up and decide to send a fellow that commit a crime in your country, the country of which he is a citizen I might add, on parole in another person's country just so?

I mean its bad enough that North America (both U.S and Canada) deports people that grow up here from babies to their country of birth when its full well know they learn all their criminal activities in North America. Its like they are trying to blame the birthplace, of which most of the criminals know little of, for what the person became and dumping a North American problem at the doorsteps of countries, like those in the Caribbean, that don't have the resources to cope with an influx of these sophisticated criminals. In other words is juss mekkin bad worse.

No but now that's not enough. No now you got to send away your own criminal citizens now.

No star no disrespect to my American friends but I think y'all gone too far this time.

Still is not like Canada can or will do anything about it besides kick up a loud noise anyways. What we could do anyways, flood the maple syrup market or something so? Chupse!

What would be even worse though is if the fella decide to say something like "No your honor sir, don't be so cruel. I will take the year in jail sir. Please please don't send me to Canada. I learn my lesson. I am on the straight and narrow from now on. Just don't send me cross there sir. You don't know what its like cross there. Please I beg ya let me stay here!"

Wouldn't that be a thing!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

One thing

History has a way about it. Sometimes significant stuff happens and at that time gets ignored by the public or in recent cases media spun so that its ignored. Sometimes however something which starts trivial will awaken the masses.

This whole dog-gate issue (as coined by Radmila) could possibly end up that way in my opinion.

what's dog-gate you ask? Well last week in a Parliamentary debate Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay supposedly made a comment that suggested that his ex-girlfriend and current member of the opposition Belinda Stronach was a dog.

In a debate about pollution an opposition member asked Mackay about the impact of pollution on animals and humans. "What about your dog?" Mackay was asked innocently or not so innocently. "You already have her." is what MacKay is alleged to have said while gesturing at Stronach's empty seat in the Parliament. OUCH!

I've got to admit when I first heard it I couldn't help but smile. Sorry if that makes me misogynistic somehow but if true it was just such sarcastic humor plus we have been recently overwhelmed with reports on Stronach's love life haven't we. Mackay's retort just seemed like something that a wiseguy 15 year old in the cafeteria or a trying to be cool college student at a frat party would use to garner chuckles from his peers. Definitely not what you expect in Parliament from a ranking Cabinet member but then I've been around long enough, watched enough Budget debates in the Caribbean and seen leaders actually physically battling in Parliament in various European and Asian countries to realize that Parliament in many countries if not all, isn't exactly the paragon of decorum and gentlemanly conduct that we would be led to believe.

I'm pretty amazed at the coverage this item has gotten though although maybe I shouldn't. A comment or rather an alleged comment against one person, his ex, has been turned into a comment that targets all women.

To me Mackay's reaction more than the alleged initial comment is to blame. He refused and still refuses to 'fess up and apologize. PR 101 should have told him to just admit it was a juvenile comment, made in the heat of the moment, apologize and just move on. Most of us, both men and women, would have chalked it up to the rantings of an ex not completely over his break up. Most folks would relate to being bitter. He would have taken a bit of flack but not as much as he is now. By refusing to admit and apologize he has allowed the comment to gain steam and actually galvanized a whole subset of the population against him which could grow into a caucus against his party.

It just keeps rolling and getting bigger.

Still don't we have more important things to debate in Canada than this?

Actually to me the way this dog-gate story has brought down heat on the Conservative government is somehow ironic.


Well to me its ironic that Stronach is involved here as another recent big headline she made let the government almost completely off the hook in a situation that deserved more debate in my opinion. I'm talking about the story about her affair with Hockey player Tie Domi which has allegedly led to Domi's divorce. The timing on that story a few weeks back couldn't have been better for the Conservative government who were in the midst of trimming the fat from their budget (despite having a surplus) ie cutting programs they deemed insignificant. Stuff like programs involving human rights lawyers, jobless youth, the illiterate, aboriginals, and other minority groups. When the crime goes up in Toronto again you'll know why.

But the press went with the story that would garner more sales: Belinda and Tie. The one the public would be caught up in more easily. With that hoopla, including comparisons of the couple to Brad and Angelina, the budget cut story was never "sexy" or scandalous enough to garner the coverage that it needed and so it just slid under the radar and has apparently died a natural death. Yep minorities got screwed again and no one cared or noticed.

So now that another Belinda related story is bringing down the heat what can I say besides I guess the juicy stuff cant all fall in your favor.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brand Loyalty

"Dem tek I fe fool! Is tief dem a try tief me!" or rather "Dem fellas trying ta rob me like dem think I is a piece poppit ya!"

But lets go back to the start.

Everything these days is brand loyalty. Big Business hits on a successful brand and they start to proliferate the market with other items or services from that brand thinking rather rightly that we will trust the name that we know because stupid we think well if a fella can make a good motorcycle chances are he know something about making a decent DVD player or if he can make a good chocolate bar he might also make a mean salad dressing or rice crispie square or something so. Brand proliferation. Its all the rage now which is why certain brand names once well known in only one area are not now only synonymous with that area. Corporations have seen the future and diversification on the basis of brand loyalty is the way to go.

Make it so number one!

They pull us in hook, line and sinker with that plot.

Now that was just the sellers of retail products that I was talking about but what about the service guys? Same damn thing! Check the scenario. Cable company selling internet service, selling cell phone service selling this that and the third. Phone man now selling cell phone and getting into television services. Bank selling insurance and blah blah blah. Newspaper man now probably trying to sell something other than newspaper too. Everyone selling more than one product. Its the nature of the beast in this world these days I guess.

But one thing I never really understood in the marketing scheme of things with these companies. Just one thing.

They bring you in, sell you on their product with special deals but once they have you all deals off. Literally! What gives?

Actually now that I've written that I guess maybe I do understand it now that I think about it. Its the fishing ploy or even the classic drug dealer play. Get the mark hooked with free or cheap product and get them strung out for life then jack up the price and you have them where you want them. Interesting marketing scheme. Effective though.

that's why newspapers will offer you special deals to sign up for a subscription for the first 16 weeks and then after that they want you to continue at the regular price. Or that's why certain banks will offer ipods to people that transfer chequing accounts, siphoning off customers from the competition. And that's why cell companies will make it cheaper for new customers to get a new phone than loyal customers who've been with them for years. They figure once they have you, their product is so addictive you wont leave.

But they never thought that a fella that was with their bank from the start might want an iPod too? What about the loyal newspaper subscriber who's kept their declining circulation from hitting rock bottom over the years. Ya never think a man might want a new phone if he stays with your service? Damn! What no perks for loyalty? that's cold son!

Its like a whole modern age prodigal son saga. The Johnny come lately, the rogue, the runaway gets all the benefits and the loyal, stand up, stick with you through thick and thin guy gets the shaft, and in this case its not even like the bible story cause there is no equivalent to the Prodigal son's father telling the other son "well son all I have is yours when I die so don't fret yaself too much today". Nope nothing so to satiate the loyal customers. Its sorry you just don't get the perks now or anytime in the future you loser!

How did loyalty end up being something that you lose perks for anyways? What kind of world do we live in.

I guess it works. We're either too lazy or too lackadaisical or too accepting that that's how its supposed to be.

Well like I said at the start. "Dem a tek I fe fool! Is tief dem a try tief me!" or rather "Dem fellas trying ta rob me like dem think I is a piece poppit ya!" Well Jdid mudda aint raise no idiot. Let me tell you that plain an simple! I not letting that happen. What's the point of loyalty if they're trying to play you? For me its all about getting the best deal. Forget (and throw in some other f words if ya feel like too) brand loyalty!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dog luck aint cat luck

Or is it the other way around?

Anyway I is a man dat know my limitations. A fella name Murphy been one of my close acquaintances for pretty much as long as I can remember. Not that me and he is friends ya know just acquaintances or rather he duz push he malicious, good fa nuttin, nosy self all up in my business all the time just so when it don't concerns him. chupse!

No but seriously I don't think of myself as a lucky fella. That is why I try not to take shortcuts cause see me anytime I tek a shortcut I duz either get lost or somebody or something duz be waiting to mess me up and I does end up in some sort of trouble or struggling to avoid some sort of drama. What will go wrong will go wrong as far as I concerned! That is my motto so see me is but the straight and narrow for the I cause Dog luck aint cat luck or maybe I got that wrong and um is the other way around.

See cause ya know some fellas duz get away with murder while other fellas duz cant even get away with "borrowing" a Shirley biscuit from dem mudda biscuit tin. Ya understand me?

And why I talking about this today? Well life nuh harder than it was yesterday or the day before so that aint it. No man today at lunch I just was walking down the street and smell somebody walking past me just smokin off some weed out in the open just so in the crisp (dat is code for cold as rass!) afternoon air.

At first I was like wait that smell like something from a nooo... wait, naa it cant but no I cant miss that unmistakable smell. I been to too many hip hop concerts to mistake that smell. No don't tell me he walking down the road smoking in the broad day light and two policemen just cross the road so? What audacity! He either courageous, aint got no common sense, stupid, could cares less or a dangerous cocktail of all of the above.

But it got me thinking, and yes I realize that cops here have been known to be lax in certain situations about that sort of thing. But like I said it got me thinking. No not that I would like to have the cajones to say I walking down the road and smoking something so. No nothing like that. I aint smoking a thing. Wunnah know that I already have limited brain cells and I cant be killing off nuh more with drugs dat aint name alcohol. No man it just got me thinking that some fellas have all the luck. I mean I know the cops sometimes duz be rather lax on a fella doing dat but most fellas would hide and do it rather than take that chance that they get stopped.

No it just got me thinking that as I said before Dog luck aint cat luck. He could walk bout and do that and police would pass him by like nothing and he could get away with it but then to balance out things you will have certain fellas dat would just try and do something as simple as jaywalk and all a sudden dem finding themselves skin up down pun the ground, three big teeth police Dobermans and a fella with a glove coming to strip search dem. Life just aint fair is it. But then I guess that is the whole point of the saying "Dog luck aint cat luck" ..... or is it the other way around? I cant remember.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Double Dipping

Ripping the microphone till I'm .......60

If I was in front of Shakespeare I''d battle the punk and take his ish

Come to me as the rap god of lyrical syllable

What can I say KRS-one rocked the house! Yea the Rakim show was hyped but I was a little troubled by the fact that his dj for the night, the legendary Kid Capri, wasn't scratching vinyl. The real hip hop is over where? I guess I'm just like that Michell n Ness gear i.e I'm a throwback.... back to where DJ's actually rocked vinyl. Vinyl man I've never been able to master the skill myself but I've always had that awe for the cut and the scratch where a dj can create something amazing with the wax.

Not that I'm dissing the Kid Capri cause he represented lovely no doubt. I'm just saying I was a little disappointed that he was using the Serato scratch and mixing mp3 and not vinyl. Its nitpicking really cause you still need the skills to rock that stuff and the overall show was tight. I mean Rakim even did one of his tracks while actually sitting down on a chair in the middle of the stage. I've never seen that at a hip hop show before and the ability to do that and still rock, maintain the audience attention and captivate the crowd was pretty amazing. But then again Rakim is a living legend with those classics, that repertoire, that the crowd can just sing along with word for word syllable for syllable. "I kick a hole in the speaker pull the mic and then jet!"" I take 7 mcs put em in a line.... " That real Boom Bap!

Actually interesting thing about that show. Don't think I've ever seen so many camera phones and video cameras at a concert like that before. In fact the whole show is available on youtube. I may actually post a bit of it over at the other site where I talk to myself.

Toronto the old school Mecca that it has recently become has seen KRS, Rakim, Chubb Rock, Mc Lyte, Schooly D, Tribe called Quest and BCC in the space of a few weeks. Its crazy!

Anyway back to the KRS-one show. Despite the fact that the sound system sucked big time Kris really ripped it. If I had to nitpick I'd say that whole "the real hip hop is over here" call and response bit gets a bit overdone and a little tired but other than that no complaints the show was nice.

Krs did his range of hits from Criminal Minded all the way through the BDP era into his solo era dropping little bits of freestyle along the way as his dj, DJ Cocheze represented on the ones and twos complete with vinyl. Kris even rocked a couple of his classics over straight classical music instrumentals; some Mozart tune and Pachobel's canon I believe. How's that for originality? Not only that but at one point he actually came from off stage and did a segment of his show in the midst of the crowd moving from spot to spot. How many hip hop artists can do that? Yep imagine standing there in the crowd and Kris is right next to you rhyming. That's crazy son!

The crowd was pretty hyped too. I got closer to the stage than a guy my age should but I held my own. Yo kids was straight wilding up front.

Anyway it a great concert although according to my boy not as good as the Hamilton show last Monday because there KRS did a two hour set, got some of the crowd to come up and freestyle and also had more screaming girls than a Nick Lachey concert.

Now you're probably wondering what my double dipping title is all about. Well the concert venue for the show double dipped. I kid you not. It was the strangest thing. Got to the spot at 9 when doors were supposed to open and got in without spending any real time in line. That never happens at a hip hop show.

The show pretty much started at 10 when it was supposed to start. That pretty much never ever happens at a hip hop show.

But at 1130 the show was ending. That never happens at a hip hop show. At 1130 the dj is usually warming up the crowd with Sound Bwoy Bureill, Passing me by, T.R.O.Y and How high and saying that the act is in the building and will be out in 15 minutes. And that's when the show was supposed to start at 9.

Well as it turns out when we were leaving we saw a lineup outside and found out it was rnb night at the venue as well so they held the concert early and then kicked out the hip hop crowd for their usual Friday night rnb jam. Now I don't know what you think but I call that double dipping and I think that's foul.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingto Tamara Dobson aka Cleopatra Jones. Everyone remembers Pam Grier and her Foxy Brown and Coffey characters but no one talks about Tamara and Cleopatra Jones which in my opinion was a more positive image than Grier's.

Also R.I.P to Buck O'Neil the Negro leagues baseball superstar. If only they had allowed Blacks in the Major leagues back then he might today have the reverence associated with Babe Ruth. I wonder if they will finally vote him into the Hall of Fame now that he's dead.

On another note happy thanksgiving Canada oh and check for my review of the T'cha in a bit.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just another rainy Wednesday

I should really get ready for work but whatever! Yesterday as I walk through the torrential rainfall to the bus stop to go to work two thoughts popped into my head.

First thing was boy I really cant believe that you walking through all this lightning and thunder to go to work. Ya like ya really get Canadianized cause ya done know if ya was in Barbados ya would be calling in late or work would have shut down cause the river bus stand get flood out or River Road impassable or somebody had to row two lil children from school up in St James. Meanwhile everybody looking to run up Big B's to get a flashlight, double D batteries and three cans of corned beef.

I mean yesterday seriously lightning licking off all around me like holiday fireworks and thunder bussing shots like Hollywood summer action flicks. And is not like ya can duck the rain, once ya step out raincoat, umbrella and all that don't make no difference ya getting hit! Is madness for me to going to work in that sort of weather ya kno! Is like man walking through gun fight to go to work. Why?

Plus what is the point of me getting soaked to have to go to work, then I ketch the cold and I out for two weeks? Oh wait I forget when ya sick here you don't stay home, ya duz go work and get everybody else sick. Chupse! Why be the only miserable person share and share alike. Next thing everybody sneezing and weezing and sniffling and some even reach the stage of some big big thunder like rattling chest coughs that duz shake the windows three offices down. You minding ya business and all a sudden you feeling the floor shake and walls buckle and you scream earthquake and jump under your desk only for somebody to pass by your cubicle and say no man dat aint no earthquake is just George down in payroll coughing. He had that cold for two weeks now and it like it getting worse. Worse? Worse? The man near turn big bad wolf huff and puff and cough and cough and blow down the building and all you can say is cold get worse? Chupse!

Meanwhile George aint stan home one day yet but he passing on the cold like relay baton (STICK!) or a game of tag. HA ha you're it but ya still aint stanning home you coming work to pass the cold on to the next unsuspecting victim.

Anyway that was what I think about as I walked to the bus stop. Well that and wondering if one of these lightning bolts strike me if I would develop any superpowers? I did always want to be able to walk through walls like Vision ya know.

Looka I done with this talk I going and call in sick.

p.s Toronto people if ya din know Colin Channer reading from Iron Ballons at Indigo at Bay and Bloor tomorrow Thursday evening at 7pm. Channer has a story called "How to beat a child the good and proper way" Is a good read trust me! Go check it out.