Thursday, December 16, 2004

Its Alive ....Sort of

Day 3,

And it was written: Yet there arose more issues like pestilence to smite my mighty computer. Forsooth he endeavoured to restore all that was golden and insomuch as there was a light at the end of the tunnel all was well but alas it was a mirage for said light was extinguished forthwith with a sudden suddenness. Henceforth when all else had failed he was forced to smite the mighty machine with a twin hammer called reformat and reinstall.

And he arose in the morning on the third day ,before daybreak, after a fitful rest and came forth from his slumber chamber with a sudden swiftness to gaze upon the land. And verily I say unto you the scene was good...sort of. For reinstall and reformat like the champions of old had cut a wide swath across the plains and laid waste to the evil of the registry which had existed. Hooray! However in rid-ing the land of the scourge which had existed , reformat and reinstall had also purged all that was good. BUT all was not loss as the mighty BACKUP was prepared to swiftly rejuvenate the plains as far as the eye could so and so there was much joy across the land.

BUT alas in the midst of celebration, there arose suddenly like a mighty wind from the east a problem with the mother of all boards. For verily it was once written "Asus motherboards like dem got real problems den!" And the mother of all boards denied me not once, not twice, nay not even thrice from entering into the hallowed halls of the internet but verily forever and ever. And despair consumed the land and there was silence..........

Then, being consumed in the grasp of despair,there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as he sought the designer sackcloth and ashes. But when all seemed dark and all hope was lost, one last thought entered his mind and he determined to seek out the mysterious entity called technical support. Naa had he ever laid eyes on him these many moons but in his time of need the technical support had been there for him in times past ...Although forsooth the technical support was best described as "IFFY"

But with not much else to lose, as the sun raised above the horizon, it came to pass that he utilized the Bell apparatus to seek out the Technical support. And after a wait equivalent to the coming and going down of 10 naa I say 15 subways indeed at Kennedy Station during rush hour, on a school day in the winter when it cold and the sun is shining brightly, his supplications were received and the technical support offered him hope in his time of trial. For alas there exists a legendary "PATCH" of the highest order which once applied to the mother of all boards shall cure it of its ails. And the PATCH is like a beacon which shall not forever allow the mother of all boards to be led astray but naa verily I say shall it guide its feet unto the path where Netscape and Mozilla reside. It shall lead the lost back to the promised land which is called Blogger. And he offered loud praises to the tech support "You the man son!, Good looking out G". And so he set out alone on a quest across webpages and internet sites, through html and javacode to find the One called "PATCH" which shall save him. But alas three hours later his quest continues as he still searches verily from The mine of Moria to the Mounts of Doom, over the fields of the Shire to the forests of Fangorn for the legendary PATCH to guide the mother of all boards back to safety.

So it is written. Here ends my flight into fantasy. To Be continued...maybe

All dat is ta say the computer aint wukkin properly yet.

Pray fa muh please.


Abeni said...

Praying fuh yuh:)

Melody said...

Jdid, yu write a Psalm to de machine--no Lamentations.

Anonymous said...

And verily I sayeth unto thee, thy prayers and supplications have been heard. Alas, 'tis written in granite that thou shalt experience trials and tribulations in this game called life. 'Tis how we weather them that makes the difference between those who fail and those who succeed.

But, have no fear Bajan one, PATCH will soon be yours to find. You have already began your quest in seek of same. Listen....keenly, it shall soon come knocking on thy doorstep. All will soon be well with the mother of boards and a smile as brilliant as the kingdom's most colourful rainbow shall overcome the face of the blogger JDid and his comrades in the land of cyber.

Failing that, I recommend that yee hold up the cross and sprinkle some Holy Water over the sacred Mother of Boards and shout, "Get thee behind me Satan!" (Tried my best not to resort to the famous claats!;-))

Sorry to take so much time preaching. Hope all's well soon. Dr. D.

Jdid said...

Thanks folks. Think I may have found the patch, no i aint got no smoking to give up, but will have to test it.

man this computer business got me well tired.

Campfyah said...

I convinced dat you belong down Jenkins,so I gine pray fuh yuh....

Jazz said...

It'll be okay.

Urban Sista said...

Beautiful blog!

Alas, my able brethren, do not fear. For the time will come when said cursed machine will awaken and reopen the paths to the wonderful land of Netscape and Mozilla. Until then, strong sir, do not despair, for you will reap the most high reward.

Hee hee!

4panist said...

keep thy head up oh distraught one. for it is in the fire that one is refined and in the flood that one realizes the importance of being able to swim. Consider thyself blessed with the skills of computer wisdom, for it was I, the ship would be sunk...eth.