Sunday, December 12, 2004

Partial Dream

And no I didn't eat anything before I went to bed. This is more like three separate dreams actually.

Dream 1: As usual I don't remember the way it started but I remember being in the main building of my old primary school in Barbados. I'm not sure if I'm a kid or an adult actually it really didn't matter until near the end of the dream. I'm outside in the main courtyard, with a bunch of other students it appears and it looks like we are doing Phy.Ed class because we all start changing clothing. I take off my track pants and possibly change into swim trunks (unless I was going to swim nude, nope its Christmas not Halloween don't want to scare nobody) and I go diving with my friend D. (who interestingly went to high school not primary school with me).

Suddenly its like we are in the ocean and I'm surrounded by coral and pretty fish and blue Caribbean waters. Its amazingly beautiful. I'm diving around like a mermaid or is that mer-man with no signs of scuba gear.

This goes on for a bit then we come out and I'm back in the changeroom/courtyard at primary school but I cant find my pants. Neither can my friend. So we search for what seems like ages amongst a bunch of knapsacks and other bags thrown haphazardly all over the floor. Cant find anything besides two brown identical track pants. On one leg of the track pants, I guess thigh area to be specific, is the word Barbados written below what appears to be the O from the VOB symbol (something like a target). Not finding our own pants we are forced to take these and put them on.

So we appear late for class but it doesn't seem to phase us. We walk into the little school meals serving area of the school and then up the stairs which appear about half the size I remember them. We go past the headmistress' office trying not to be seen and we either go up one or two more floors.

At the top we came to what used to be Form 4.A (if this was reality and not a dream) but the area appears more open than I remember it although it is very crowded with students and the seating pattern is completely different to when I was there.

Turns out now I'm actually not in Barbados because the pants supposedly belong to two bajan exchange students. So my friend confronts the one who has his pants on and after some argument they exchange pants. Me I'm still searching for the kid with my dingy olive green track pants (no idea what that's about). His friend after the pants exchange runs into another room looking to warn him that we are coming but I find him in a different room. I confront him about the pants, he refuses to give them up although clearly they aren't his. So ...... I take a wooden chair and start smashing it all over his head. I'm going to dream jail for criminal assault anyone know a good dream lawyer? Just to be clear though the chair is rather flimsy because it starts breaking in my hands till I'm just left holding one leg. D stops me and the guy is like oh no need to get violent and I'm not sure what happens next.

Dream 2: I'm at dominos with the guys and one of the sistren asks me if I reserved some video tape for her at the video store (title sounded like a foreign film). I guess I must work there so I say when I go in I'll look.

I go in and by then I've forgotten what I'm supposed to be looking for. So its noisy and dark in there and I go out onto the sidewalk (it appeared to be the sidewalk by the Wing Machine on Bloor West just west of Bathurst because I can see the traffic lights and I generally know that area) to call to find out what I'm looking for.

When I get outside there are two young brothers shadowing me as I pull out my phone. They are all up in my personal space so I say excuse me and move away but they keep looking at me. So my senses are on alert now and I'm thinking what's going on. One guy goes into the car parked out front and pulls out a really small red cellphone from a box full of them (guess he's got the hook up like Master P. Makes you want to say uhhhhhhh don't it) and offers to sell it to me. I tell him as he can clearly see I already have a phone and its relatively new but him and his partner keep crowding me and hassling me about the phone. They keep pushing the phone all up in my face and I get really agitated so I start cussing them. But the funny part is I have this thick Jamaican accent when I'm speaking. Blouse n skirt! :-) Imagine that. No disrespect ta the yard massive but in the dream I'm all like "bredren, me respect say dat ya a try a likkle hussle but me naa wan nuh cellphone so move ya bumba ...." and "me naa understand how ya a see big man h'already ave 'im phone an a still 'arass 'im. a wha kinda h'idiot ting dat!" :-)

Not my exact words but something similar and there were a few various clots sprinkled liberally in the comments.

Then I go in the video store again and I woke up.

Dream 3: Dont remember much detail from this one and don't even know why I'm mentioning it. This one happened last night I got home from the Nas concert (review coming tomorrow stay tuned). Me and my bredren leave the concert and we run into two of my other friends, D (not the same one from the first dream) and this girl M. We drove to the concert but for some reason they are driving us home. Car breaks down, we go to the subway which is really crowded. We're sitting chatting, M keeps touching me like wiping crumbs from my mouth and wiping my face like I'm a child.

Train is taking forever to come. When it does come my bredren for some reason takes a car (appeared out of nowhere) and drives it off the platform, on some Dukes of Hazzard type stunt ish, onto the train tracks and just flew up the tracks. Oh, should mention I think we were at Dundas train station so he's heading north towards Yonge. Another car does the same thing on the other train tracks. The train stops, everyone else on the platform starts running out the building. I ask the conductor if this was the last train as the clock said 12:30. He says yes so I start walking up the tracks. A bit later another train comes up the tracks with the same conductor and another TTC guy onboard and I hop on. It gets fuzzy after that.


Campfyah said...

Jdid man..whaeva it is yuh does eat before you
go to sleep, please stop it....ha ha ha Three dreams
in one night and you remember most of them.....start drinking some warm milk and do some yoga and yuh gine be alright.

Jdid said...

actually this is two night's worth of dreams

Melody said...

Jamaicans gettin into yu subconscious, Jdid. De accent in de dream might be the first sign a that. The TRAIN now . . .

Anonymous said...

Boy, I think is a serious case a eat too much heavy food before you did go bed!

Better rope een Natty for an interpretation.

JDid, I man think you'd mek a good yardie still...seems you have the bumbo and the claats down pat, so you safe rude yute! ;-) Dr. D.

Jdid said...

Thing is I think I ate around 8 and I didnt eat that heavy and then I went to bed around 12:30.

Natty said...

Some dreams are just the mind's way of having some fun & keeping itself entertained...
You are seriously missing someone from your past; childhood friend or someone associated to your chilhood.
Interesting that you dream (& remember) allot about your schooling years.
I stick to my previous interpretation/feeling: you've got a trip coming up soon, going to visit some loved ones in a loved place.