Monday, December 06, 2004

Still Dreaming

Been a while since I had one that I actually remembered but here goes.

As usual I'm not sure where it all starts but I remember having this overwhelming feeling that I needed to be at work. Now in this dream my workplace looked like it was upstairs of the Headmaster's office at my old high school. LOL

Anyway so I remember having this feeling but I was only clearly cognisant of it when I was sitting behind an old wooden desk in a classroom. Again a classroom that looked like the ones I had at high school. However instead of high school students in their uniforms in walked university students (looked like 2nd or 3rd years ) and then a young University Professor I've actually had for a course or two came in. Only instead of teaching his usual science class he was teaching history. So I sat there acutely aware that I wanted to leave but afraid to move and disrupt the class. The teacher kept walking around and asking questions and I was thinking to myself these students are rather dumb that they cant answer any of these questions.

So after a while I just decide well its now or never so I started to pull my stuff together. Thought I only had a knap-sack with me but then realized I also had a half empty maroon suitcase and that a green tie with yellow globes and a black pair of underwear were on the ground. Anyway somehow I just ignored what was around me and I gathered my stuff, including what was on the floor, and left the room.

So now I'm on the outside and the place turns into my old residence building from University except that the office where I work is still the same spot (high school headmaster's office) but its directly attached to this building.

So for some strange reason I didn't want to walk directly into that office so I detour through the girl's residence which is like at the furthest point from where I'm going. Oh now I only have a leather knapsack with me as the suitcase has disappeared. So now I'm jetting through the building's lobby (and it was filled with children probably couldn't see as high as I be....Sorry random Nas line thrown in just for no reason) and climbing the stairs. For some reason I want to get to the 7th floor but everytime I go up one flight of stairs or another the door is locked and I'm walking in a very long fast rhythmic looping like stride (sort of like how some cartoon characters run)through another half empty lobby. Oh and I can see the outside of the building from the lobby. At various points as I run/walk the strap of my knapsack keeps getting caught behind me and pulling me back. Its as if the strap is too long and is trailing along the ground or flapping in the air or something but when I look at it , it appears normal.

Anyway this goes on for a bit impeding my progress until I'm sure that the whole place is a maze so I'm suddenly in the main lobby and know how to get out of the building so I leave going out the door by the library.

Outside I finally decide hey why not head straight for the office. Duhh! So I do. As I'm passing a driveway by the building I see this guy I went to high school with sitting in a jet black sports car with his younger brother (who also went to high school with us) and there are three pretty good looking girls in the car. I say hi and continue my walk (not sure if it was the looping walk again but I did have the whole knapsack catching on something incident outside again) but its only after I've walked a bit further up the street that they acknowledge my greeting. I would have usually stopped seeing it was someone I know but this guy has a reputation for being a bit shady (as opposed to mine which is of being shifty) so I try to avoid him as much as possible.

My eyes are focused on the white limestone blocks of the office I'm heading to and I'm thinking its only a two story building so why was I trying to get to the 7th story in that other part of the building as if those floors connected. Weird.

Anyway that's when I woke up.


Jazz said...

what in the hell did you eat before you went to sleep?

Jdid said...

lol, i aint sure

Melody said...

That dream is a rough riddle, Jdid. Could there be a Freudian interpretation? I'll take the liberty of offerin this Fried-ham explantation: Maroon suitcase & yellow globes could be a subconscious shout-out to the emblem-colours of de number one school in Jamaica; yu good-an' a celebrate how yu young an' green (tie); de black brief an' de black car--Piggy won't trouble them deh! Irie. :-)

Abeni said...

Lol,he had seconds of whatever he ate

Jdid said...

an de suitcase was maroon, abeni ya think windies gine call muh up fa a tour spot :-)

Scratchie said...

Serious case of indigestion going on here. Try not to eat such heavy food too late OK?...:))

Natty said...

Here is my interpretation of your dream:First off- people who remember colors in their dreams should pay particular attention the these colors in their daily activities. Keep your eyes open for those colors, and when you see them, try to see if there's anything significant about the people you are with when you see them , or the surroundings. It's sounds cheesy BUT there is a message for you to receive and these colors will help you open your eyes to it.
Are you planning or have you thought about a trip abroad? You've been thinking about your childhood.
What's going on at work? Are you feeling like you should be further along or promoted? I got the sense that you feel like you're not where you'd like to be or that you feel that you have more potential and skills to offer your employer.
If not work, then possibly in your relationship- you're not where you thought you'd be. Seems like you feel that someone or something is holding you back, from the next step up (whatever you feel that should be). You may not see this just yet. However, I believe that you will see this soon.
You are a very focused and persistent person.
And you are stubborn Jdid.!
So- what did you think- accurate? way off?

Jdid said...

whoa natty that was deep.

lets see. I'll keep an eye on the colors....but I 100% sure (like dem baby mamas on maury) that the maroon suitcase mean I getting a west indies callup. Muh phone on standby :-). allya betta get wunnah autographs now before i famous. lol

seriously though, Not really thinking of any trips abroad although in detail but wishing to be out of this snow right now. Job yes yes yes but dont most people feel that way about their jobs? relationships, la la la la la , i aint got nuttin ta say :-)

stubborn hellll yea, persistent yep, focused umm used to be not really anymore.

Natty said...

Not everyone feels that way bout their jobs- I love mine and where I fit into my job picture.
I still feel that you are focused-and you will probably get a call from someone from the WI, possibly a trip ...
Let me know how that turns out.

Anonymous said...

I agree wid Natty about something holding you back and your subconscious telling you about it in the dream. I don't know about the colours but Natty's thoughts seem okay on that subject to me too.

I don't believe you ate anything too weird I often have these kinds of weird dreams too.


4panist said...

Wow, that dream interpretation sounds so professional. I'm gonna have to keep track of my dreams then post them on Jdid's blog since I'm to lazy to keep one myself. By the way, the burgundy-cricket link sounds just about right.

Anonymous said...

I see you been 'read' by Natty....hey, she is a medium my yute...listen to she!

Anyway, my humble interpretation is that the climbing of the several staircases and having your backpack hinder you, represents the hurdles and struggles we all have to go through in order to succeed in life. The 'success' here is marked by the bredrin you see in the flashy sports car with the lovely ladies inna it!

Dream on dude. Hard as life can be it does have its sweet moments! :-)) BTW, me 'aint no medium so I coulda wrong still..... Dr. D.

Natty said...

Dr D.- Good insight.