Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer of the Gun part deux

Knew I'd have posted about Toronto's crazy gun violence a few years ago. Just found it here.

Well 7 years later it appears that we are experiencing another summer of the gun. Last Monday, 19 or more people got shot here in Scarborough at a blocko on Danzig street including a 2 year old kid. A 14 year old girl and 23 year old man were both killed. Both innocent bystanders it appears.

Of course as is typical somehow the Mayor and the Conservative government found a way to blame it on immigrants and started this whole silly discourse on exiling or deporting gangsters when mind you no one has actually claimed or been able to prove that the shooters were immigrants.

But this seems to be the typical play worldwide so why be surprised. Seems like no one is willing to step up and deal with the facts to be honest. All we get is a lot of rhetoric on how safe the city is which may be somewhat true but in light of events like this one and the shooting at the Eaton Centre about two months ago and the execution style murder on College street last month one really has to take into consideration how safe the actual denizens of this city feel.Which at this moment is not so much.

Its funny though some of the same things I said 7 years ago still apply today. I just feel like we've really done nothing in the interim to deal with gun crimes and the gangstas are getting more brazen and prolific in their shootings and a lot less accurate at hitting their real targets. Its enough to make one want to stay home or buy a bullet proof vest.