Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Apparently the big story in Toronto today is limiting strollers on public transit.

Now I understand that sometimes you might get on a bus and have to wade through a few strollers to get a spot to stand but really does that necessitate limiting the number of strollers on public transit?

To me the fact that someone even asked this question is just sad and shows how much of a me-preoccupied society we have become.

Suck it up, people with strollers, have as much right to be on public transit as anyone else. No they do not deserve to be made to pay extra fare, no they shouldn't be limited in their travelling time, no they shouldn't be limited in number on public transit. And if you have to ask why then you are more self-centered and clueless than I imagined.

Its actually a common sense thing. Can another stroller fit? OK then well let them get on. If they cant then no don't let them get on.

I encourage no I dare the TTC to come up with a cohesive plan, a plan that makes sense, on limiting strollers on buses given the numerous makes, models and especially sizes of strollers these days. I mean its alright to say damn these strollers are bigger than they used to be so limit them but its not the parents fault that manufacturers are making strollers so big so why make them pay for it.

Look public transit is there to serve not only people who think they are entitled to use it as their own personal limo and get offended when someone they don't want sits next to them (yes you people who don't want to sit next to a brother on the train know who I'm talking to) but its there to serve the needy and those with no other means of travel.

Inconveniencing persons with strollers is not a very clever solution to space problems.