Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bolt again

Big up Usain on another sprint double.

Today I faced a bit of a dilemna. No flash or whatever on mi work computer so I couldnt watch the 200m finals at my desk. Luckily in roaming I found the Olympic tvs in Metro hall and came up with a plan. So see mi at 330 leaving the office to rush over to Metro Hall to get a good seat to watch Usain. Work pun pause!

Friday, August 03, 2012


Ok will make this short (or try to).

The Olympics are on. Interestingly enough for those who have been following this blog since its inception you would have known that it was the 2004 Olympics which first got me into the Blogsphere but thats not what I wish to speak on.

No, I want to speak on this Gabby Douglas controversy. Who is Gabby Douglas you may be asking? Well she is the African American young lady who just won the All round gymnastics individual gold medal. Congrats to her!