Friday, August 03, 2012


Ok will make this short (or try to).

The Olympics are on. Interestingly enough for those who have been following this blog since its inception you would have known that it was the 2004 Olympics which first got me into the Blogsphere but thats not what I wish to speak on.

No, I want to speak on this Gabby Douglas controversy. Who is Gabby Douglas you may be asking? Well she is the African American young lady who just won the All round gymnastics individual gold medal. Congrats to her!

But somehow instead of focusing on her being the first black woman to win the gold in this event stupid stupid eediat people have been chatting a whole bunch of nonsense about the girls hair.

I could go on about these twits but basically to me this is a matter of folk not seeing the forest for the trees or perhaps rather folks who are too focused on style over substance.

Stupid small minded people.

And honestly aint nothing wrong with the childs hair, its very simply done. Is what them want she to do, have some big fancy hair-did or some sorta perm or a big set a donkey hair on she head to have sweat rolling down she face when she doing the uneven bars and the floor routine or hair flying round during the floor routine?

No look, focus on the fact that this young lady has amazing God given talent and that her achievement is tremendous not only because of her color but also if you know anything about gymnastics you know that its usually dominated by the Eastern block countries so for a north american to win gold is a really big deal.

And these people complaining. Do they not realize how trivial and stupid they are making the whole black race look? Sorry wasnt trying to bring the collective consciousness into it, and this is pretty much an unedited steady stream of thought while I wait for lunch, but man these comments just make other folks think all black people are all a bunch of fools who like to pull down those who are actually achieving something.

Oh and this whole thing started on twitter. Dont get me going about twitter. I think there was a reason they used to limit the twitter comments to 140 characters. Its simply for people with very little to say who cant articulate themselves properly. Ok thats a generalization but it does seem as if Twitter is built primarily for those who shoot from the hip and really dont use an internal filter before they open their mouth or in this case tweet. Everything that pop into ya head dont be worth saying ya kno!

Anyway congrats to Gabby, and I hope she goes on to inspire hoards of young people of all colors to get involved in gymnastics. Enjoy your success, and your new found fame.

My friend Geoffrey Philp just did a nice little poem for Gabby if you are interested as well. Click here.


Abeni said...

Tell them yes...I plan to blog on it but laziness is a crime:)

Abeni said...

Tell them Jdid..I plan to do a blog on it too but laziness is a sin

VirginiaC said...

Jdid, this is so totally "unreal". That young lady has worked hard and put in many hours of sacrifice by both herself and her family, and now that she is the best in the world, the haters think the title and its benefits are too good for her. They want to knock her down...just like the crabs in the barrel analogy.
I believe in the youth....Go Gabby Go!!! You did good girl.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Which has left me baffled...what's wrong with her hair? I didn't even notice her hair, she was so cute and tiny and amazing.

Bet it's women making the negative comments about her hair!