Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skin sweet

Mosquitoes love me!

I mean mosquitoes love me more than everybody else in my household which can be literally a real pain when you're in Barbados being eaten alive by dem tings.

I remember growing up I stopped wearing any sort of short pants at home at some stage of life because of the threat of being eaten alive. It got to the point that unless you see me at the beach you would never see my legs at all. People start say I have skinny legs and that's why I don't show them or that I have robot legs. They dont understand how if I even show pieca ankle the mosquitoes duz mek mi miserable.

And now everytime I go back home for a visit as soon as I hit the door the mosquitoes does greet me with bites galore. It don't even matter how much flitting or spraying we do they duz come back looking for me. My mudda say is cause my skin sweet. I ain't know if that true but I do know the mosquitoes like to pick pun me bad bad bad.

And now they don't let no long pants stop them ya know, they move onto my arms, my neck, my ears man one even bite me on mi head top. Lawd you know what mosquito bite feel like on ya scalp? Is not easy ya know. 
Boy, it get so bad I considering putting on a burka and hijab to deal with these things.

Anyway I let them get they little couple of weeks of biting cause the more I protest it just seem like the more they annoy me.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

CBC Barbados

“Wha kinda Chinee foolishness this is CBC showing tonight? Ya cann even undastan wha duh saying. Chupse!”

This has been bugging me for a while.

Having been away from living in Barbados for so long, for me it’s always difficult to judge various bajan institutions without the added bias of my years living abroad somehow working its way into my analysis.

I can sometimes find myself criticizing stuff because its not like what I have grown accustomed to, living in a so-called first world country, which really isn’t fair to Barbados. So given that I know that I have a bias I usually keep most of my thoughts to myself and grit and bear it through terrible customer service or try not to comment on some of the convoluted bureaucratic situations I have found myself in in Barbados and just chalk it up to well this is how it is in Barbados.

However coming home at least once or so every year or two over the past 20 years (and recently I think I’ve made about 7 trips in 3 ½ years now) and watching a certain institution deteriorate I believe in all honesty and without bias I can say that the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) TV 8 station is absolutely terrible.