Thursday, March 30, 2006

Be-weave it or not!

daddy don't you know that things go in cycles
The way that Bobby Brown is just ampin like Michael

Q-Tip - Excursions

Realized I was on the whole kids thing this week (And I have another post about young people to post) so I"m going to switch it up.

Is it me or is the hair weave undergoing a serious revival these days? I mean a few years back weave was on the run. Natural hair, the dreads, the afros, the braids, the twists were running things up in the T-dot but lately I've noticed that the weave has made a comeback.

Its un-be-weaveable! Long long weave too I might add. Add that to the big shades and the shin high boots and tight tight jeans that the ladies wearing today and everyone starting to look like Lil' Kim ...with and without the boob job. Lawd ave mercy!

Ok well maybe I lie, the weave was never on the out completely, it was just on the low and wasn't as obvious as before. From the days of completely obvious weave we entered an age where the weave was undercover. Yea keep it on the hush. The weave was around its just it played the d.l. The weave tried to look natural. Natural weave, curly weave, weave parading as real hair. Undercover weave. Damn brothers was shook. How you expect us to tell if its a weave if it looks natural? We're not that detail oriented. I mean if it obvious obvious a fella might still spend nuff time wondering if its real or not so when it can pass for real hair then you got us completely lost.

And so the weave went unnoticed for years and existed along with the natural hair and the braids and sometimes posed as the natural hair and the braids. The weave was passing. It was an era of peace and tranquility.

But not any longer. The weave has risen again with much fuss and flurry! De Gal dem looking like dancehall queens again. The obvious weave, the shoulder length, jet black straight straight weave. Say it loud, I got a weave and I'm proud. That's right sister its your hair if you paid for it dammit!

But I not dissing the weave, to each them own and well more power to you for the weave if that's your thing. I'm just commenting that I'm seeing more and more obvious weaves these days. Don't call it a comeback but maybe it is. This whole fashion thing goes in cycles, the fro was big in the 70s and made a comeback a few years back, bell bottoms did the same and hey maybe its the time that the weave does the same thing. More power to it. I aint complaining as long as I aint have to buy nuhbody no horsehair. Ya can buy it yaself though.

Seriously though have you guys noticed more weaves than previously or am I just imagining things.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Signs of the times

"Me nuh kno how the yout get so"
Lil Rick

Where to start? Three stories converge in my mind tonight and they are all to do with young people. I think I'm getting old now because I'm starting to think like my parents did when it comes to the younger generations or maybe this new parenting thing has got a brother a bit more sensitive about this subject. Well maybe its a bit of both but lets see if I can string together something coherent here tonight.

Story 1: A 12 year old girl at an all ages party in the club district in Toronto got stabbed last Friday night or rather Saturday morning at around 2 am.

First off the girl who stabbed her was also around 12 years old which is rather disturbing but then I still remember the Boot Camp Click concert I went to back in '97 when this 14-15 old girl tried to come inside with a 9 inch blade in her bag. I mean one of them Crocodile Dundee knives ya kno! Like she name Shylock and she coming to cut a pound a flesh from a fella. And the Police actually didn't take it from her when they found it, they found it rather entertaining actually and told her to go leave it in the car she came in and then they would let her in. (Now of course if that was me with the knife I would be on the ground with about 8 bullets in my tail but that's another story) I remember this clearly cause I was right behind her in line to get in the club. Unbelievable!

But I digress. The bigger story is why is your 12 year old daughter at a club at 2 in the morning? I'm sorry I know they grow up really quickly these days but at 2 in the morning any decent little girl should be in their bed sleeping and any responsible parents should make sure that this is what is happening. 12 is too old to be going to big man area for all age fetes. All age fetes mean that she is probably partying with some kids who are up to maybe 20 year old or more, that just not right.

For the parent, its not like say right after school where you cant watch them and maybe they can get into trouble. Its after midnight you should know where your kids are and it should just be one place. Home! No way should this kid be downtown in an area where quite a number of big people have been injured in the last few months. That's just ridiculous.

Story 2: So I'm standing at the subway station waiting for a bus this evening around 7 pm. I'm just hanging around in my own zone not really taking in the hustle of everyone trying to get to their destinations. Then this short 16-17 year old dude and his shorter girlfriend in her Catholic school mini skirt walk over to where I was standing and basically invade my space. Its not like the station was crowded but for some reason he stood too close to me and she was on his arm like a yo-yo and swung directly into my path so I moved away to give them space. Fine! I didn't move too far though, its evening, its been a long day, I'm standing near to my bus bay and I just cant be bothered with these yout anyway.

All of a sudden and remember they are in touching distance of me, like I wouldn't even have to stretch out to reach them, the yout and the young girl start a kissing frenzy and this as I mentioned was basically very close to me. I'm trying not to look but they are between me and where my bus arrives and I damn sure aint moving cause I was there first and I aint looking no where else cause I looking for my bus but still its a little disturbing.

Then I really take a look at the girl, cause I'm thinking to myself what sort of training or broughtupsy she have to be kissing big man in subway station in front of so many people. Yea she's short but that don't mean anything, her skirt is as usual with these uniformed girls shorter than they should be for school , but when I look at her face I'm seeing 13 year old maybe 14 at the most. Young should be innocent girl.

I'm sorry but your 13-14 year old daughter should not be making out wid any man in public just so. These yout no have shame at all then. That nuh right!

Story 3: Well they say you shouldn't close the barn door after the horse had bolted but I guess someone has to try something. A father was in court in Barbados on Monday for chaining his 15 year old son outside in the back yard as discipline. Apparently the son was on drugs, ranting and raving and disobeyed some instruction from the dad. He left home and when the dad found him he brought him home and chained him up in the back yard by his foot. Somebody like they was having Roots flashbacks or something so. Pretty extreme but then again at least that sounds better to me than the parents who complain that their kids are beating them or they are afraid of their kids.

Ok so I cant rightly condone the father's methods (at least not in a public forum) and I believe its a case of bad parenting not solely because of the chaining but because the behavior of the child was allowed to deteriorate to the point where the father would think that chaining was the only viable option left. That shows that things were definitely out of hand if drastic measures like that were necessary because according to the Grandmother they tried everything previously so maybe this was just a last ditch effort to straighten out the youth.

As an aside apparently somehow it seemed to have worked though since the boy is reported as saying "It's all my fault." "I learnt something from it – that I ain't want to go to prison."

Still the part of the story that popped off the page more than the rest was the reported statements of the presiding Judge to the father: "If you want to talk about tough love, all you had to do was let him get a week at Dodds."(Dodds being the juvenile detention centre in Barbados). I'm sorry but lets see if my ONLY choices are chain child in back yard or let him get a criminal record and go to jail with a bunch of deviant characters who will teach him God knows what and do God knows who to him I think I'm choosing back yard. The worst thing that could happen to him in the back yard is that a centipede bite him or the rain fall and he catch pneumonia while the worst thing that can happen in jail is well you know what Idon'tt even want to encourage those thoughts here.

Actually even if I was the child in question and they ask which punishment I would prefer I think I would choose back yard over jail.

To be clear though if in such a position as a parent chainingwouldn'tt be my first choice or second or third either but its got to be better than prison. "Prison a no bed a roses." I personally think if tough love is to be shared out its better not to come in an institution with bars on it.

So there you have my stories; stabbing, kissing, chaining. What do they have in common? Just signs of the times I guess, signs of the times.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I'd rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect

Time's up - O.C

There is a lot wrong with the world as it stands today or maybe I'm just well on my way to becoming a dinosaur who hasn't adjusted to the subtle nuances of today's world. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure; things dun changed.... and not necessarily for the better.

The debate goes on and on as to why things have changed. Some blame the faster pace we live at, others Hollywood's influence, others today's music and still others the decline of the family structure and organized religion. Whatever it is, one thing is for certain society is not what it used to be.

Somehow along the way things which were taught by parents were no longer taught or maybe they were and the children just ignored the teachings. Manners and simple courtesies seem to have become extinct and behavior in public places has gotten to a stage where anything goes and anyone who disagrees is labeled not liberal enough or a prude.

Worst of all it seems like respect for your fellow man has vanished.

Back in the day there were just certain types of behavior that one didn't engage in when in certain venues or around certain persons. Not because said behavior was illegal or anything and I'm not saying that these behaviors were not indulged in at all just that there was a certain place and a certain time for them and there was a place and a time when they were not displayed. It was a matter of respect ...combined with the prospect of a degree of shame, I suppose, at being called out if one crossed those invisible lines and did what wasn't considered proper when and where one wasn't supposed to. Those barriers no longer exist.

These thoughts occurred to me today when I was on my way home and heard this guy swearing up a storm in what seemed to just be a regular conversation with a friend. I'm not big on the whole swearing thing myself but I figure to each his own and if that's the way you communicate well so be it. My problem with the public display was that it took place in the presence of other person's children who through no fault of their own were in close proximity. Here's your taste of the real world today little lads and lasses I guess.

No its not the first time I've witnessed such and probably wont be the last but it just struck me that even the most foul mouthed characters I knew as a youth would restrain or attempt to restrain themselves when in the presence of children and women. We all still knew that they were foul mouthed but at the same time they tried to give us a reprieve, shield us so to speak from that language and other negatives in society because of a certain respect for women and children.

Maybe I should be saying they were being hypocritical and what is done in the dark should be done in the light as well but I still think there was/is some merit in shielding young ones from certain behavior.

Anyway I didn't come here with the intent to preach and I fear I have so I'll leave it there.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hospital or Pigsty?

Well this morning I woke up and as soon as I went downstairs I hear the wife complaining about some fella on Breakfast TV that say he get unfair in the Caribbean after breaking his hip. He claimed that the hospital facilities did piss poor (literally) and the like and he real vex.

Anyway I just dismissed that cause you know once something aint North American to certain people up here is pure criticism. That was until I started getting emails this morning about how if I see the people up here in Toronto dissing Barbados. I didn't even sure what was happening but then I read this story.

Lawd have his mercy, I had to ask if the fellas send the man to a hospital or a pig sty cause the fella family say: "There was urine on the floor for at least an hour near where I was" and "The bed railing they're probably 50-year-old pieces of wood tied up with gauze to the bed. There was basically birds coming into the room.

Well boy all I can say is its a crying shame. Thing is I aint know if I can defend the fellas home or not. I still feel in my heart that this fella exaggerating the truth and the media lapping it up cause we preceived as a poor third world country where everybody duz walk 'bout barefoot, live in a mud shack and duz beg tourists for toffees at de airport cause you know that is how everybody duz see all third world countries. But I mean even when I was a yout and my family was in the QEH hospital I never see no wooden railings so either things gone real backwards or well I don't know what to say. I mean wooden railings tie up with guaze? I vex then cause nuhbody home aint even inform me that we hire Mcgyver as the hospital director down there?

And as for the birds, close the window nuh man. I had to say the hospital fellas musse did think he was baby Jesus or something cause I swear the man describing a manger that them put he in. Birds is just one step short of animals. Next thing I would read is 'In the Evening Betsy the black belly sheep nuzzled gently at my toes while Suzie the brown cow ask me to size roun (size roun is bajan for give me some space in the bed)"

No man I really feel things were not as nice as they would like but I really don't think they were as bad as described. Or were they? Lawd ave mercy. Somebody home better respond and let muh know.

Mind you as my friends back home like to remind me we got a private hospital in Barbados that gets top marks so if he was so fully insured I don't see why they aint send him there instead of sending him to the public one where the service sometimes is questionable. Yea I would give him that one, sometimes the actual service at the QEH aint the nicest but at least I feel confident that the doctors there know what they doing unlike some I meet up here. Cause up here everybody specialized. You go to the Dr up here and tell him that your toe hurting you and he referring you to a toe specialist. Then you go to the toe specialist and say "man my lil toe hurting me" and he duz look at ya and say "oh sorry I can't help ya, I is only a big toe specialist let me refer ya to a lil toe specialist" and by the time ya get an appointment wid the lil toe man your toe nail drop off and ya whole foot gangrene.

But back to the poor fella that break his hip. I surprised I aint hear that he drop in a pothole on Roebuck street and that is what cause he to break his hip but who fault it is that the Canadian healthcare sucks and they couldn't find a bed for him up here? Cha! He should be glad that when he went to the QEH they aint send him in the Casualty, make him wait 12hrs and then send he home wid two Panadol.

Anyway I shouldn't make light of the situation. I feel sorry for the old guy. Plus this is a serious accusation (causing me to blog at work) so I hope the fellows in Bim aware of what happening and if something wrong at the hospital they'll fix it cause World Cup just around the corner and for all the talk about encouraging tourists if one of them get injured and get bad treatment at the QEH we going to get real bad publicity and no tourists.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.

You realize you're getting old when you link up with someone and realize oh man its been 15 almost 16 years since last I saw you ........yet it really doesnt seem that long. Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slippery son of a, that time. Oh yea he waits for no man too.

But really 15 and a half years thats like a lifetime when I think about it yet it still seems sort of fresh like yesterday. Perostrokia, Mandela's release, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the first Gulf War are still fresh in my mind too and they were about 15 and a half years ago but hell I remember Lech Walesa and Solidarity, the Falklands war when HMS Sheffield got sunk by French made Exocet missiles and West Indies cricket when we were good so what does that say about me. Either good memory or I'm old.

Well whatever, I'm not one to complain, I actually dig the grey in my hair, life is about getting older. The minute you stop getting older is the minute you die. Its just life. Life and Time, time and life, time life, time for life, time to get a life even. Time just ticking just tocking. Ya dont stop!

15 years though. Thats even B.C. Before Canada, before I left home, before I started to roam, before I lost my dome, before I wrote poems before ...... before, before life got complicated, I got frustrated filled with hatred , before I lost my way, before I became Jdid.

And yo things change now unno see sey life hard. 15 years is a long time. Computer revolutions, dot coms, internets, ipods, dvds, SARs, 9/11, fab fives, wu tang clan, biggie-tupac, jay z, laffy friggin taffy. What the!

Why is it that everything and everyone I remember seems so much smaller when I see them again after a few years. Is it that I've gotten bigger, think I've gotten bigger or just keep memories that are larger than life? Back to life, like Soul II Soul, life its for the living, its what you make it, it sucks sometimes, it runs hand in hand with that time dude. Life and Time, time and life, twice in a lifetime, life lines , in life's prime, life's fine sometimes, life of mine.

Time. Its been 15 years since I last saw you, 3 years since I've been home, 8 years since I've been to the US, countless eons or so it seems since I've been in Canada, 6 years since marriage, 9 years since university, 7 years since sitting to watch my last live test match, 1 year since my last hip hop concert, 3 years since my last Raptors game, 8 - 9 years since I last played basketball, 5 years since I've last been east, 9 years since my last grandparent died, 8 years since I died, 8 years since I've last cried, 14 years since I last felt like I knew what I was doing.

In this illusion, I'm dis-illusioned, its this confusing, is this amusing?

15 years like whoa thats a long time still, you've mellowed ...alot but it was good to see you again.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dear Mr spammer


How are you today? Ok lets just cut to the chase. Every day ya sending me these emails that got me worried.

I dont know who you got spying on me or who giving you false info but contrary to what you think currently I have no need of Viagara or Cialis, I do not need a more powerful enlargement or to heighten sensation. Also I would like to know who tell you that I need to enhance my anotomy? Wunnah got secret cameras on me or what? Ya mekkin a fella feel real self conscious when he go in the bathroom these days.

And where you get this information that de wife complaining in the bedroom? See dat is just pure misinformation. Looka de woman duz complain in the kitchen and the living room too. In fact de woman duz complain all ova de house but wunnah stressing this she complaining in de bedroom thing to mek I man look small (no pun intended). Dat not right ya kno!

Oh and another thing. NO I do not need to enhance my breast size.

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pregnancy, Delivery, Fatherhood

Quite a few folks have been checking back asking about Jdid jr. All is well, he's settling in and its only been two weeks so there isn't that much to report unless I become all gushy about his raising his head, or staring at us or losing his umbilical cord or something of the sort but that's not my style.

However I do have a few short thoughts on the whole thing, from pregnancy until present so I'll try to share them in a few small to the point paragraphs (yea like I can actually do short paragraphs).

- Baby class Part 1 - The wife took me to some pre-natal classes to get up-to-date with things since I man was/am generally clueless. I mean originally I thought baby class was a class to teach you baby talk so you could communicate with the chile. You know like goo goo ga ga translates to "I'm hungry" and ga ga goo goo means "I'm wet change me nuh man" and goo goo goo ga goo goo means "ya ugly man, you aint my real daddy". Of course a chupse is still a chupse.

- Baby Classes Part II - If I have to hear the word placenta one more time and its not Biggie singing "The What" someone is getting hurt.................

- Baby class Part III - The birthing films they show are extremely graphic. Mind you before showing them they told us it was not as graphic as the stuff on the Learning Channel. They so lied! After the first one the teacher had to look at the wife and say 'Where is your husband and who is this white man sitting in his seat" . True true, that was how pale I was after watching the film. nuh lie!

- Prior to the baby's arrival I was sporting a beard. A family member saw me the Thursday prior to the baby's arrival and told me to shave cause I frightening the baby from coming. True to form Sunday morning I shaved and he was here Sunday night. If I had known this would have happened I would have held out to see who would blink first. I wouldn't have shaved all like now and I'm willing to bet he'd have to arrive before I cut my beard.

- For all the things we were prepared for and techniques and maneuvers and the like things were thankfully relatively simple (Amen!) and we (hear me like I do something) the wife had a pretty easy delivery. With that said I just wanted it in writing that the yoga preparation class she dragged me to wins the award hands down for biggest waste of a Friday night that could have been spent liming with the boys.

- True to form the wife interrupt my plans for the NBA all star game by having the baby that day. Gee some women will do anything for attention aint it. Well at least I didn't ignore her till the game was finished. "Contractions, chupse woman ya best behave yaself till Lebron win this game!"

- On the way to the hospital, actually just outside the hospital there is sign for some fund raising campaign they are having. The sign says "Bigger, Better, Faster". Hear me now in the car to the wife "hmmm bigger, better faster. Well let that too be your motto". The other folk thought it was funny. Mind you I don't think she heard me with all the pain she was in...although I believe subconsciously it helped. Way to go, must be the first time the wife ever listen to me.

- After the birthing films mentioned above I had no intention of being anywhere in the nether region when the baby arrived. Oh hell no I man was staying at the head. I didn't bring my smelling salts and I wasn't looking to faint and embarrass myself. However I must say that's not what happened and I was actually there holding hands, legs and assisting with breathing, telling lies through my teeth to the wife to get her to push "one more push girl, one more it almost finish", and watched the whole thing from start to finish. Pretty interesting actually and no way near as disturbing as watching the films.

- I even got to cut the umbilical cord. Damn those things are huge, I always imagined something thin and string like, its big like a rope used for tying out cattle.

- The wife is being hailed up as some sort of modern day superwoman. First child, no C-Section, no epidural, short labour, all natural baby. Everytime the story is relayed to some other female I can see this mixture of respect and amazement in their eyes. Its as if she saved people from a burning building or something. She's reaching iconic status. I wouldn't be surprised if some women out there are nominating her for sainthood or the mayor appear at my door with the keys to the city the way this story is going. All I have to say though is she should be giving me a lot of props cause if she did marry a fella wid a big head she would be singing a different story all like now.

- Baby furniture. Either they give you way too much info, or way too little. Its either hold rod in hand, place rod through slot b, (turn page) hold nut in other hand, attach nut to rod which could all be done in one line rather than 5 diagrams. Thats the too much info case the opposite is when they give you these illegible diagrams with more arrows than an NFL playbook.

- Babies. Is it just me or are babies like the most environmentally unfriendly people out there or what? I mean lets examine this whole eat, crap, sleep thing. Well lets just examine the crap part. You've got your choices, disposable or reusable diapers. Disposable you are just adding ridiculous amount of stuff to the compost or landfill. Reusable you are continually washing, using up our precious water resources or adding phosphates to the environment. Its a no win situation. I propose a disposable diaper made of mulch and grass which you can just throw in your backyard as fertilizer for the lawn. Mind you the lawn will probably smell like a landfill in a couple of days and the neighbors will not be pleased but you're sure to have the greenest lawn on the block by the time the child is 3 months old. What? I'm just trying to look out for my fellow man in these environmentally serious times.

- I now have a new vocabulary of baby related items like "onesies", "stomach time", and "swaddle". Aye Carumba!

- Vaseline is now my new best friend. Seriously I does got this child greasier than a piece of KFC.

- Damn how did two black people get a chile so light skinned eh? All the wife telling me is he look like me and he only so light cause he "strike back". I aint know what she talking about cause the only strike back I know is Empire Strikes back and I hope she aint trying to tell me Darth Vader is he father. Anyways watch for me on Maury coming next month. Just kidding apparently I was a very light baby at birth too.

- So far he's not been overly disruptive to my sleep (except last night when I woke up at 2 and didn't get back to sleep till around 6.

- Baby car seats. The come in different weight ranges and with the laws being that under a certain weight kids must mandatorily be in a car seat or booster chair it means over the course of the first couple years of the baby's life you have to buy about 20 of those things. Nice scam!

- Maybe I mentioned this before but everyone has baby advice. Note to everyone Jdid isn't big on advice. Not that I feel I know everything (I know nothing for the record) and wont listen, its just kind of weird getting advice from folks who previously have said like 2 words to you ever.

- The baby hasn't chupsed yet. I think he read the last blog and decided that it wasn't in his best interest to do that outside of the womb.

- Sorry no baby photos on the blog. The way I see it I really aint the type who feels comfortable with my own picture on the net so why put up the baby's. Plus a lot of crazy photo crap been happening lately too so yea sorry but I can describe him to you: He red, he getting fat and he has a big heap of curly hair on his head.

- Friends and family keep bringing gifts which is great but some of the gifts are "brand name" clothing. Looka wunnah setting a dangerous precedent for the yout cause I aint buying he no brand name clothing. Not that I didn't have brand name clothing when I was growing up cause as a yout I used ta rock GITAMUH like there was no tomorrow. Wait ya never hear bout GITAMUH? Yo that's was one of the roughest brands out there. I'm sure some of y'all must remember it. Like when cousin Leroy last chile outgrow he clothes and them get gi-ta-muh (give to (me) muh). Y'all understand now? I talking about hand me downs. Oh gosh man like wunnah aint gettin the joke yet.

- I have given up diaper changing for lent. How ya mean if I can do that. And why not? They say give up something for lent, why it cant be diaper changing? The wife say no but who is she to get between me and my religion. I firing the diaper thing for lent, the baby could either hold it in or he could change them himself.

- Random thought. are babies in nudist colonies allowed to wear diapers? hmmm

thursday morning addendum: You've heard of symathetic pregnancies where dudes get morning sickness or grow breasts when their significant others are pregnant well the first few days after the baby came home I had symathetic baby eating syndrome. Everytime the yout start eating I was rushing to the pantry for some sort of snack or meal. Go figure.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Give me a break

After this post you can say I'm not an animal person if you but I don't care.

All week long everytime I turn on the television I've seen a newstory about this police horse who was deliberately hit by a van as a suspect fled the scene. The horse was badly injured and had to be put down.

Ok its a touching story and I'm sure those that worked with the animal feel a sense of loss but dammit this horse is getting more television time than actual human beings who have been killed in this city.

Then I read today that there were 1200 persons at the memorial service for the horse. Damn!!

Don't get me wrong, I love animals and I feel a way that one of God's innocent creatures is dead but see me I aint going to no horse funeral.

I wont say its just a horse but yes that's what it is, it is just a horse. Human beings get murdered, get hit by cars on the daily and they don't get this kind of press. They may get two days of coverage until the next tragedy but certainly not daily reports since February 24th up til now. Whose life is more valuable here that's all I'm asking? Is it wrong for me to think that something is askew with our thinking when an animal gets more mourners than a human being.

And don't say more folks knew the horse, the only reason that's true is because he got more coverage.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

eediat ting dat!

Heard about this story? This French man allegedly drugged at least 20 of his daughter's tennis opponents so that she could win games (all unbeknownst to the daughter of course). The father, a former military guy, would put this anti-anxiety drug in the opposing player's water causing them to get drowsy and have heavy legs.

Of course that's bad but what's worse is that one of the guy's he drugged (he also drugged some of his son's opponents as well) ended up driving home while still under the influence of the drugs, apparently fell asleep at the wheel, crashed his car and died.


So now dude is up facing twenty years in jail and has admitted to drugging his kids' opponents. I think he should at least be charged with manslaughter for the guy who died as well.

Sometimes parents just go too far (I hope I don't go off the deep end like that) and we've all heard stories in Canada about the hockey parents who end up fighting with opposing players, parents of opposing players or refs. The typical response is its only a game and that behavior should be inexcusable and that's correct but when you look at these situations closely and ask why you've got to factor in the big business that sports is these days.

These parents probably see their kids going pro and making money. The parents themselves see their kids as this large investment that needs to pay off so they go crazy if anything stands in their way. Its still inexcusable and extremely dumb (eediat ting dat!) though.

The parents probably feel like they have more invested than the kids because sometimes the kids are just there to have fun while the parents are overly emotional and ready to do anything necessary to see their kids excel. Pretty sad aint it?

In this case the dude is claiming he felt like he was being judged by his kids performances. I guess he never figured that now they would probably be judged by his as well.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Black History Month

Last year, last February to be exact I really, really wanted to do a black history month post. It wasn't my wish to drop any serious black history info though moreso it was just more of a why black history month type of post but I figured maybe it would be misconstrued and I shelved it. However this year is another year.

No I'm not questioning the need for having a month where the history of black folks is celebrated here in North America (that would be another post), my issue is more like is Black history month as it stands actually serving the purpose for which it was created. Are we really receiving a better understanding, shining the spotlight or gaining knowledge on black issues, history etc during this month.

To me the answer is no. Black history month has gotten all ho hum. The thrill is indeed gone.....well at least up here in the T-dot.

And since I cant speak for the U.S experience my frame of reference has to be the one in which I'm situated ..... Canada namely the T-dot and I'd say Black history month needs to be revamped or something up in this here place because its sorely lacking these days.

Now I'm not sure how black history month is going/went in the U.S but I think maybe one of the issues with it here in Canada is that its an idea which just hasn't been transferred well. And one of the reasons for that is that while it may be true to some extent that all blacks are alike, or at least that's how we are perceived, we have a whole lot of differences that are just not taken into account in this whole black history month thing.

I read skimmed this article in the Toronto Star on Saturday and it sort of agreed with my take on black folk here in Toronto.

I mean lets face it Canada is not the U.S. There is more of a bonding, a common history to the majority of blacks in the U.S. Even with the many immigrants that country has had over the years one must realize that the US started with an already large black population due to slavery. Plus over there, folks just get assimilated, everyone stands for the red, white and blue.

Here in Canada its just not the same. First of all we started with a smaller 'indigenous' black community (by that I mean those who were brought here as slaves). Differences tend to stand out more. We can be black but we're also Ghanaian, or Scotian or Bajan or Trini or Somalian (and of course if any of us ever screw up we all immediately become Jamaican) most of us are either direct immigrants or first and second generation Canadians. We live here but are we really all about the Maple Leaf like those in the US are about the Stars and Stripes?

Image hosting by PhotobucketNo. We (the blacks in Canada) generally have a stronger link to the history of our home countries, (and don't be fooled into thinking all of our home countries are alike because they may be an island in the Caribbean or on the African continent they are not) the history of the Norman Manleys, Errol Barrows, Eric Williamses (and I'm not talking about the disgruntled Raptors player), Jomo Kenyattas than we do to that of the Abrahams and Mary Ann Shadds.

What I'm saying is that in Canada it seems as if the differences seem to mean as much as the similarities to us black folks. We are all black but somehow that banner doesn't encompass us all as easily as it does in the US. Well until it comes to dealing with "the man" or "the system" and the like because then all differences aside we are all black.

Attempts are made during black history month to get into the history of black Canadians and to 'big up' the achievements of contemporary blacks but they don't seem to have any punch, just a bunch of fizzle. Take for instance the annual black history month poster. Great idea to showcase a few of our community's finest but does this really work. The poster just sits there, no real explanation. No one really highlights the contributions of those individuals, sometimes its difficult for me to even figure out who they are.

Anyway I still think Black history month is necessary in North America if done correctly to at least give some of the black youth a sense of worth. Its a bit different for persons like me who grew up with black leaders, lawyers, doctors, police and the like in the Caribbean. I already know that we can achieve anything, sky's the limit, never had issues with identity or self worth but this generation growing up in Canada well they do need some help.

Yes I believe every day should be a black history day but if we're celebrating an official month I think more effort has to be put into really putting together something to make the kids proud of what their ancestors achieved. Maybe we need to incorporate some of those black figures from the countries of our ancestors into the celebration and show what we are truly capable of achieving.

Maybe we just need to promote this black history month thing more. I really don't know.