Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skin sweet

Mosquitoes love me!

I mean mosquitoes love me more than everybody else in my household which can be literally a real pain when you're in Barbados being eaten alive by dem tings.

I remember growing up I stopped wearing any sort of short pants at home at some stage of life because of the threat of being eaten alive. It got to the point that unless you see me at the beach you would never see my legs at all. People start say I have skinny legs and that's why I don't show them or that I have robot legs. They dont understand how if I even show pieca ankle the mosquitoes duz mek mi miserable.

And now everytime I go back home for a visit as soon as I hit the door the mosquitoes does greet me with bites galore. It don't even matter how much flitting or spraying we do they duz come back looking for me. My mudda say is cause my skin sweet. I ain't know if that true but I do know the mosquitoes like to pick pun me bad bad bad.

And now they don't let no long pants stop them ya know, they move onto my arms, my neck, my ears man one even bite me on mi head top. Lawd you know what mosquito bite feel like on ya scalp? Is not easy ya know. 
Boy, it get so bad I considering putting on a burka and hijab to deal with these things.

Anyway I let them get they little couple of weeks of biting cause the more I protest it just seem like the more they annoy me.


Guyana-Gyal said...

They remember you! They must be saying, Ow, look we friend come back, leh we go and greet he, look how he nice.

Diedra B said...

I always hear Avon skin so soft keeps some insects away

Jeneille said...

I feel your pain. They never seem to want to leave me alone either!

owen said...

maybe some people blood sweeter than others? :p

Deelze said...

Hello stranger...glad to see you are still here and doing your thing. It is Deelze, aka Bajanqueen from waaaaaay back just stopping by to say "hi"! :) How are things with the family?? I hope well! :)