Tuesday, February 07, 2012

GroundHog day

I absolutely love the movie Groundhog day but ya know I never understand this foolishness about the groundhog seeing his shadow or not and that determining whether winter lasting long or short.

Firss ting, so lemma get this straight if he see he shadow that mean is more winter in we tail but if he doan see he shadow then we good for early spring? Wha dat doan mek nuh sorta sense to me! Who decide on that order a tings and not the odda way around cause I wudda figure if I see my shadow um overcast so chance a rain so rain mean spring so spring coming but dey have it de odda way.

And Who tell them that groundhogs mek good prognosticators of the weather though? And who is to the say the groundhog not going to decide to play a trick on we? cause I know if I did Mr Groundhog that would be what I would do. I would be like ok ah bored wid dis weather ting ya kno. lemma mek allya feel it going be a early spring. As if I care. Looka I going back in mi hole an hol a snooze soon as dem tv camera leff hayso.

Second ting, one time it seem they only had one groundhog: the fella Phil from Puxatawny. Now all a sudden is like plenty plenty groundhog say well if Phil cud be a star and be on tv every year I feel I should get in on this ting and mek a lil name fi meself. So ya have groundhog popping up in every little small town wid tv cameras surrounding him talking bout I going to tell allya what the weather have in store. And all dem different groundhogs giving you different readings ya know. One fella see he shadow and say long winter, anudda wun say short winter, anudda fella say boy I aint suh sure ya kno cause um look like eidda numba cud play. I tell ya this thing like it turn bare pappy show fi true!

But to tell the truth I cann be too hard on dem groundhogs cause we got nuff weathermen bout this place that cant even predict if ice gine form in ya freezer furthermore wha kinda weather we gine get when the day come. And dem fellas got computer and satellite and windguage and all sorta big igrant looking weather measuring contraptions and when ya hear the shout dey telling you boy today gine be nice and sunny an as soon as you walk through the door with no umbrella of course rain start pelt bucket a drop pun ya head and in two steps ya soak through to ya bividees..

Meanwhile dem groundhogs aint got internet and satellite down in dere holes dey barely guessing and is like dey doing a better job than the weathermen so yea I guess I cant blame dem fi trying to get the spotlight.

I still doan feel dey know what they doing though but I wud live wid dat fa now.


Diedra B said...

thanks for the laugh man.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You ain't see nothing yet, the things we use to predict every event here, haha.

Ardean said...

I just remember as a kid, groundhog day used to be such a big deal. But ya, now that I'm older, I don't get it.

Leigh Lopez said...

great post!