Wednesday, May 09, 2012


So a brother takes a little hiatus from Blogger and comes back to find they throw out baby with bath water and he cant find his way around the new updated Blogger console which from my first glimpse looks dreadfully spartan and uninviting.


Hmm maybe I should take this time to transfer over to WordPress instead of having to deal with maco google asking me for phone number and connecting my blog to google etc etc. When did everything get to be so intrusive? Cant a brother just have a little privacy on his public blog? (catch the irony there did we?)

And its the same deal over at Facebook. Why I have to connect Yahoo news and my newspaper readings to Facebook so that everybody can see when I read the latest article about Rhi Rhi walking bout half naked (which believe it or not seems to be a headline somewhere almost every week) or how a man jump into a vat a acid to save he coworker (he musse mad or he coworker owe he money!)? Cant I just read these stories in private? I mean I know is online and the Internet companies and the FBI an dem can track every keystroke but why I have to share everything wid every everybody online? Cant I at least have the delusion of privacy?

If I want to share an article wid 6000 of my close personal Facebook friends cant I just link it instead a y'all seeing what I read right away? Is like people peering over ya shoulder while ya reading on public transit. Facebook, Blogger allya too blinking malicious!

An why I got to link a phone number to my blogger account for? Allya already have my email address. Wha I ain't want blogger call me. Is already enuff telemarketers duz call me every single day offering me estimates on new windows and doors and duct cleaning for mi house or begging me to support blind, diabetic, homeless children wid Alzheimers who may need an organ transplant an who want to go to a hockey game and need used clothing. (That by the way was a mashup of some of the agencies that do call me regularly)

I aint nuh more of all a dat ya hear.

Oh shoot I just went to post and they want me share mi location. Talk about invading mi privacy.

Eh eh but mi just realize is 3 months since last mi post. Is how come allya aint check in to see if me alright though? Ah mean I coulda been in a ditch half dead an nun a wunnah aint even check fi mi! lawd! Is how allya treat me though? Cuhdear !!

Anyways, big up to anyone who still checking in on me. I still here. Hopefully will try an post a few things if anybody still out there reading. And if an article is written but nobody reads it has it actually really been written? Ponder that.


Guyana-Gyal said...

I had nuff problems finding my way around at first too. Now, not so many. But I still prefer the older version, it's friendly and nicer looking!

Diedra B said...

I've noticed those things on facebook. . . part of the reason I've temporarily de-activated. A man at my church keeps watching girl fight videos. I don't know if he knows we know. But then again, maybe he's just keeping it real.

I have my blog set up to show me who posted recently so I know when you post.
Welcome, for now.

I never thought of the telemarketing as a possibility. I have not shared my number and have no plans to do so.