Friday, May 18, 2012


I probably shouldn't be listening in to people's conversations but sometimes they are so funny.

Like yesterday while browsing in a store, I heard this customer and one of the staff chatting about their dislike of fruit. Apparently both of them have a hard time adding fruit to their diet. Which fruit? Any fruit apparently.

They both preferred fruit juice to fruit.
So instead of extolling the benefits of fruit they were just going on about apples and mangoes like they were some sort of unnatural alien concoctions.   Or like medicine that they had to force themselves to ingest at some point during the day cause I got the impression that on some level they still knew that fruit were good for you.

The conversation which I was listening to while trying not to turn around laughing was pretty funny What got me though was when one made the comment: "Yea I just cant get into fruit. Something about the juiciness just weirds me out." 

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Chops said...

"Something about the juiciness just weirds me out." Classic! LOL! It's been sooo long! I finally remember how to read and write, so I'll be following you!!