Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bolt again

Big up Usain on another sprint double.

Today I faced a bit of a dilemna. No flash or whatever on mi work computer so I couldnt watch the 200m finals at my desk. Luckily in roaming I found the Olympic tvs in Metro hall and came up with a plan. So see mi at 330 leaving the office to rush over to Metro Hall to get a good seat to watch Usain. Work pun pause!

And ya would believe that as I get there this man from work mi was waiting to hear from since all 9 o'clock that morning decide to call me cell phone. Well ya know I had to put him on pause til the race dun run! apparently I was getting really bad reception and de call was breaking up and I couldnt hear him. Cause I wasnt missing that final at all boy.

So I get there early, stake out a seat and watch the crowd fill up by the time the race start. And everybody cheering for Bolt! Nuh lie de man ave charisma! Ya no see how the lil young man/track assistant that was carrying the box with the clothes face light up when Bolt gave him a pound (not de currency) before the race start. De boy face did grinning from ear to ear like he win de lottery!

And what a race. Even in winning Bolt looks like he can do so much better. Wins with so much ease!

So yes congrats to Usain and the whole Jamican crew and to the other caribbean nationals including my Grenadian boy Kirani james for mashing up London!

And I dont know why Carl Lewis dont keep his mouth shut. Its painful to see one black man a try to pull down another one cause him not from the same country. Carl I sure you wouldn't have all this negative talk if Bolt was an American.

The thing I had to say is growing up in Barbados we used to just get the American Olymnpic coverage so I remember clearly the coverage of the 84 Olympics when Carl was chasing those 4 gold medals. Man I was cheering for him so loudly. I mean even in 88 when he get beat by Ben Johnson I was so happy when Ben get disqualify then cause the US propaganda machine had Carl Lewis raised to icon level in my eyes.

and then I grew up and saw the US media hardship sob stories  that they do for every single athlete for the amount of BS and propaganda they really are but mi did still like Carl a bit. Until now. Just finding everytime he says something negative about Bolt or Jamaica it just takes him down a peg in my eyes.

Hope this post makes sense I'm usually crap writing after 11 at night.


Diedra B said...

did you see the sob story they did about John Orozco? I just don't understand why if someone is not white they have to make a big deal out of them "struggling". The young man does not even live in new york city anymore and yet they showed footage of him doing a pullup on the bars of a walk signal. . . as if there are no gyms in the Bronx where you can practice gymnastics. Even my high school had gymnastics equipment. Sorry for such a long comment.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You know what woulda crack me up with laugh? If the man who you wuz waiting for to call was there watching too, haha.

Carl Lewis surprise me, man. You think he's doing this mind-game thing? That if he plant the idea in people head...

VirginiaC said...

Hope you're getting better reception now on your phone....wink, wink....
All the athletes should be applauded for the heart and soul that they put into their performances...very proud of them.

Andrea Downer said...

lol URE Funny! Love ure dry sense of humour.. Like how u described Bolt's running,, unforced, natural.

Thanks for the Love. I am Jamaican! :)

Jdid said...

Diedra from what I saw I would have sworn he still lived in the Bronx! Did you see the one about the long jumper girl who had a hard upbringing was assaulted by her mothers boyfriend as a kid. talk about totally not necessary to give all that personal info