Sunday, September 16, 2012


Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has been going on for the past two weeks. Now while I'm sure its a boon for the City economically and culturally, I am really happy that it finished on Saturday so I can get my sidewalks back.

I mean I have had to navigate the King St sidewalks near the Bell Lighthouse, the headquarters of TIFF, on my way to the subway station on evenings and let me tell you it hasn't been easy.

What with red carpets and big long lines of ticket holders and a ridiculous amount of gawkers and star watchers it has taken me three times as long to get to the subway station as usual.

But it got me thinking. Why big hardback people duz leff dem house to go and gawk at movie stars though? To me that is just pure lawless behaviour.

I mean one Friday evening I had to navigate a ridiculously large crowd gathred on King St waiting to see de fella cant remember he name but he Canadian and he is a heartthrob. and it get me vex cause here I is just trying to guh home an a big mob a lawless people blocking my path. And for what? To get a lil glimpse or a quick photo of the man as he rushes into the theatre.

Ah mean um aint like he giving way money or doing miracles. Wha even if ya touch de hem of he garment ya not going be miraculously healed so why? Is just plain an simple star worship.

An I never believe in no star worship business ya know. I see a few in my day an I might have said a hi or even a I like ya work but that is it. I aint stopping to stare, I aint lining up to see you and I aint rushing to see you. IF ya happen to pass me then fine but otherwise why I gine outta my way fa you? wha you aint even know me from Adam. Chupse, as my mudda always used to say when I was small "All dem movie stars is de same as you, dem duz put on duh pants one leg at a time."

Mi doan see why I should be rushing to see dem.

lol, boy mi like me run out a tings to say cause I just finish this post and realize I did a very similar one the same time last year.


Diedra B said...

I don't mind stars much myself. As people used to say when I was a child, "Fi dem bread butta pon two side"

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, you did write about it last year, but it funny ALL OVER AGAIN.

Look, I don't know why some newspaper ain't paying you to write from an immigrant point of view. You are so darn funny!

owen said...

lol, people need stuff to do or thier brains would rot.