Monday, December 20, 2004

Retail workers

'I hate my job. I work at bleeping Old Navy and I'm folding clothes till like 11:30 every bleeping day'

Just part of a conversation I heard on the subway on Saturday. I'm actually taking the sentence out of the context it was used in but it got me thinking.

Its hectic for those persons working retail around Christmas. The packed stores filled with customers who want service instantaneously, The hands pawing through the display that you just rearranged two minutes ago and which now looks like a dump heap, the faces which say I have more important things to do so stop holding me up, the tempers that are really short. Its got to be a thankless job on the most part.

So if you are still out in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, giving retail staff cut eye and causing them headaches just stop and think about how rough it must be for them at this time of year. Of course if they giving you any attitude in the store you still have my permission to give them a piece of ya mind :-)

On another note: Followed Dr D's ham recipe on Saturday and the results are excellent. Oh and its -20 Celsius here today with windchill that puts it around - thirty something. I don't want to go to work.


Abeni said...

Winter is the best time of year,why you complaining:)

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how retail work sucks! But, every job has its downside.

The ham lick shot!? Wikid. All now I doh receive payment yet...was the credit cyard declined rude bwoy? Dr. D.

Scratchie said...

I think it must really be ruff on the store clerks. Good that it's only for a time though.

WIGIT said...

I glance up to look at the temperature and it's a balmy 21 degrees in my room (at night). Huh....can't say I miss Toronto weather

Melody said...

I agree that it's tough for them, Jdid, but proprietors often push sales-clerks to be aggressive to customers.

o said...

I worked retail for 7 years. And all I can say is, even though I'm unemployed, I'd NEVER RETURN. NEVER.
People treat you like shiznit. They don't care about you, busting your ass working two jobs to put yourself through university and coming home at 12:30 AM after taking the TTC for two hours to reach a yuh yard, dead hungry, tiyad and COLD and yuh mudda nuh leave nuh supper fe yuh, so yuh gwine a yuh bed grumbling in more ways than one.

Chuh man! And all this "Christmas cheer" is a cussid LIE. People cuss yuh down in stores. They think it's YOUR fault. People full a di devil, I tell ya.

Whenever I'm in a store, I have patience. I call the associate by their names on their tags (Not "hey you, you work here?" No, ASSHOLE, I'm wearing the uniform for FUN!"). They're humans too.

Jdid said...

Abeni, winter is the best time ya mekkin sport, lol.

Dr, the cheque get send aready star, ya no get it yet? i feel the postman teif it. but fa real i feel this ham on my brain cause taday fa right now all i smelling is baking ham in my building an i kno is juss sum sorta mirage of scent, lol.

Scratchie, melody yep its rough for those retail folks. I'm glad I'm not doing that man.

Wigit come back a toronto nuh, i need me family ta spend christmas wid. man -20 aint dat cold, you cud walk bout in a t-shirt an shorts. true true :-)

Solitaire, sorry if I dragged up bad memories and ya mudda wun even leff ya a plate a food, cuhdear den. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cheque in mail? Yow, me nuh tek cheque...not even from a blogging bredrin! It may play rubber ducky pon me! ;-)

Enjoy the ham rude yute. Dr. D.