Sunday, December 05, 2004

Not too bad

Well first off thanks to all those who wished me a happy birthday. Respect! What can I say, it was a rather quiet day, just went out to an special art exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario came home and watched mess up vs the Celtics.

Yesterday I had my first pan recital (end of beginner class) on Tenor. It went suprisingly well.....Considering that I didn't know the bridge of the ending an hour anda half before the thing started, lol. Anyway it was a really easy song (since we're beginners) Oba Di Oba Da by the Beetles.

6D C Bflat A C C(roll)
6Eflat D C Bflat (roll)
6F Eflat D Eflat F G
G F Eflat 2D Eflat D C Eflat D C Bflat(roll)

((low) Bflat D F) x2 (oba di Oba da)
low Bflat D F roll Bflat roll
F Eflat D Eflat D C roll Bflat roll

DD E F G (F G Bflat) Eflat G (low Bflat) D
background gets on with their thing come in on big G
DD E F G (F G Bflat) Eflat G
Bflat DDD Eflat D C roll

GG BLat Bflat G Bflat (rest 2)
G F Eflat D C Bflat Bflat

Anyway still rather tired from yesterday so I'll tell you about the rest of the day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nutten wrong with quiet celebration sometimes rude dude.

Bwoy, I used to be able to read music way back when...used to play recorder and violin! Forget how to read long time. I can still play recorder by ear tho. Dr. D.

Melody said...

Cheers to U on your recital going well; that must have been a great birthday present for yu--even more so, if yu caught it on tape. Maybe some day De Piggy coulda see it!

Jazz said...

Congrats! I am so proud!

You know what's next, right? YOU'RE GONNA GET A RECORD DEAL!! YOU'RE ABOUT TO BLOW UP!

(teehee, couldn't resist)

4panist said...

Now did you have all those notes memorized or did you have to think about it before you wrote it down??

WIGIT said...

Congratulations on the recital.