Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wednesday morning

Made it to work today first time for the week. Still not 100% but got to do what I got to do. Actually made it in on-time too although I missed the bus. I swear the bus drivers plan to have their vehicles at the stop just when I'm two streets away and can see them. They must have spies watching to see when I leave home so that they can aggravate me by having me see them pass by. Punks!

that's ok though because using my knowledge of transit routes I've devised an alternate travel plan by doing the unexpected and going in the opposite direction to work. Thought I was going to have to wait for that next but didn't you. Suckers!

Anyway had some nice tunes to listen to on the way down. The Roots of G funk. Not bad at all. All those little samples that Dr Dre took for his production work on The Chronic, 2001 and even some old NWA stuff. Its always cool to hear the original stuff I think. Some old songs, not necessarily on this album, its like you can hear three or four sections that were sampled by different hip hop artists for different songs. Its like Rap Foundation 101.

Of course I got to work and my whole day went downhill...which is why I'm taking a short break to blog. There is this one project I'm on which comes around every two or three years and is the most unorganized event in the world. I'm just involved at the latter stages so not much input but when my turn comes then people try to rush my part like you wouldn't believe and I just have a really hard time not telling them to piss off.

Last time it went on and on as their revisions kept me busy for months till I seriously thought of quitting. This year everyone involved is new except for me and its the same b.s with new yout trying to make their little names for themselves by keeping things on schedule which cant work. I mean if a man supposed ta send me sumting in October and all like now dem aint send muh an my deadline if given the info mid-October was January they cant seriously think that holds now. Not happening. Then one man a try rush me bout tell the people send in the info. chupse! But if its not ready why should I rush them to give me unfinished stuff to make my life more difficult. He feel I is a half idiot or wha? Let them take there time and give me decent product. Like he never hear garbage in garbage out. I guess its unprofessional to tell someone to F off but boy sometimes I tell ya.

Anyways all dem got ta relax and wait for me ta do my part at my convenience. Black people have too much high blood pressure as it stands. I not adding to the statistics plus wait I was juss sick yesterday. Dem lucky we aint got summa dem bajan doctors up hayso dat wudda gi me two week off wid a mash corn cause dem wun see me fa a good three months from now......chupse


nahmix said...

Slightly hectic morning...I sure understand those and I drive to work every morning!!

Melody said...

Jdid, ah hope yu day improves. (Count to ten.)

Shana said...

My Hump Day isn't going so great either. My sinuses are acting up and all I want to do is go home and go to sleep. Wednesdays SUCK!

Anonymous said...

Chin up Jdid, one can only do what one can do nuh true!
Tell the yute dem to just wait!


Anonymous said...

Yow JDid, drink some sorrel wid a touch o feel betta well quick! ;-)

I guess the same crap happens all over the world with work eh?

It is unprofessional to tell someone to F off at work??? ;-0 LOL!

I waan read you Santa story tomorrow rude yute.
Dr. D.

o said...

But eh eh... a wha de ass wid de red and green iyah... yuh try fe get inna de CHRISTmas spirit? A wha kinda spirit dis? Di only spirit me know of is de HOLY GHOST...

Jdid said...

yea boy trying to not me such a grinch and put a lil christmas colors in the blog. mind you i gotta remember how to change them back when christmas dun lol

Doc, Santa story gine be friday it look like cause i got a funny one fa tomorrow. decide from now till christmas no more drama juss jokes well maybe a bit a drama but mainly lightheated stuff