Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Day 2 No computer

Tried to fix it myself last night. No luck. Going to have to call in the experts. Oh well, for the many years I've owned one of these devices I've never had any real major issues that I couldn't solve. Guess its just probability catching up to me.

Anyway at least there is work...for now so until next Tuesday you guys can still get a few lines out of me.

This morning saw some wonderful road rage between a cyclist and a car. I don't know who are more annoying in Toronto these days cyclists or motorists. I think its cyclists though. I find them annoyances to both pedestrians and motorists.

Anyway on a lighter note quick update on the house. Nope haven't finished the unpacking but at least some rooms livable.

Oh and I need an electrician. Almost everything that's left to be done aside from emptying boxes is somehow related to electricity. First off I have a chandelier that I will have to remove and replace with another ceiling fixture. Why? Well because it hangs down quite a ways (almost to my chest actually come to think of it) and has a pointy tip and since I aint the most coordinated person is only a matter of time before it juck me in my head...again. Actually this morning I went into that room to open the windows, turned around and bram! get hit in the face by the chandelier. Health risk! Seriously I don't think the guys who lived here previously were that short so I wonder how they lived with that without serious injuries.

Now I was trying to minimize the need for an electrician for some other lighting stuff. Actually I guess I'll learn all the electrical stuff at some point but for now I don't want to kill myself so I'll take it slowly. Anyway to avoid all the bigtime hardwiring I search and search and find some lights for one room that didn't need to be hardwired. Simple stick it up on the wall and plug it in. Cant get no simpler can it? Nuh uh! Got home, opened the package, look inside wires everywhere. White wire, red wire, blue wire, black wire. Its like United Colors of Benneton wires up in there. Now its my feeling that if something say plug-in there shouldn't be no holy heap of wires for you to have to sort out first. Right? Ok. Plus the directions it came with are worthless. Remember back in the days you would buy something to set up and it would give you proper directions like Step One: Attach back to front using screws A through F at marked locations. Step two: Use hammer with the force equivalent to 100psi to beat kill the nails. Step Three: Attach screws with long pointy screwdriver. And they would give you a separate diagram for each step with little arrows and words in English. Remember that? Well I realize those days now with the Ikeas, Home Depots and Ronas all they give you is a diagram basically showing you the finished product looks. Its like the men say "looka star this is how it supposed ta look when it dun. I aint got nuh time fa you so deal wid de case and doan bother me cause I busy" Meanwhile all the words in Swedish or German or something so that you cant even pronounce furtherless understand. And this time the box got in bout 10 different types a screws and nails and all sorta fancy attachments and you aint got a clue where anything going. I aint joking ya know. I put together a few projects since we move already and its only by the grace a God that I manage to figure out what happening.

LOL. Anyways we put up Christmas lights on Sunday. Actually who is this we I talking bout cause I aint drive a stroke to help. It was all the wife and no I aint shame to say so. Wha happen wid wunnah doah? Wha she gotta pull she weight too? Dis aint nuh one man show! :-)

Why anyway she keep harassing me about going up on a roof to hang up Christmas lights. This is last Sunday when snow fall all Saturday and a bit on Sunday. Me a man who can barely stand up straight on the flat ground when snow fall she want climb up pun people roof like I favor mountain goat when the whole place covered down in snow. Ya lie! Nope, that aint wukin atall... and y'all wonder why I suspicious the woman trying to bump me off. Anyway she do the lights herself but I notice she aint went near the roof at all. :-)


Melody said...

But Jdid, yu drive a hard bargain, man--yu sure YOU nah try bump off de wife? ;-) Good luck wif de computer.

Shana said...

LOL . . .shame on your for accusing your wife of having ulterior motives. . .lol

Abeni said...

Lol,smart wife not to endanger herself

Anonymous said...

Bwoy, JDid, doh start me up wid dem tings you buy and haffi put together from scratch in de box. I always vex and ask why I caan get de one dem have assembled....."No Sir, that one is for display only!" Cho!

Rope een the computer guy. We need to get we bajan stories.

How much you life insurance policy value??? :-))) Dr. D.