Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Stray Bullet

Let the trigger finger put the pressure to the mechanism
Which gives a response, for the automatic *bang*
Clip to release projectiles in single
file forcing me to ignite then travel
through the barrel, headed for the light
At the end of a tunnel, with no specific target in sight
Slow the flow like H2O water
Visualize, the scene of a homicide, a slaughter
No remorse for the course I take when you pull it
The results a stray bullet.............
I'm coming for you little girl
Once inside I shatter your world
Swirl, no more dreams no hopes when I spray
You better pray, to the Pope or the Vatican
Before I go rat-tat-a-tat again
I'm mad again brother somebody's mother will be sad again
but, whose blue skies will turn grey
from the attack, of the Mac-11, I'm a stray, bullet

Pharoahe Monche - Stray Bullet

Well Sunday these lyrics almost literally came through for a little girl riding the bus here in Toronto.

Apparently some guys were having a discussion or argument on the bus and one of them get vex, pulled out a gun, and lik off some rounds and hit one other guy three times. As the victim tried to escape the gunman kept shooting and an 11 year old girl who was traveling on the bus with her pregnant mother was shot in the head.

She is currently in hospital where its likely she will lose the sight in one eye.

What the? It just aint safe out there.

What's even worse is that many citizens of Toronto have adapted a 'see and blind, hear and deaf' attitude and although there were 40 persons on the bus very few witnesses have come forward so far. What is our society coming to? Is it fear of repercussions if you bear witness, is it an its not me or my family so I don't care attitude? Is it a anti-informer attitude? I'm trying to figure out why this is happening?

As the mother of the little girl said in a TV interview last night the perpetrator of this senseless act of violence need to 'hang from de neck.' I'd go further I say lik him wid the cat o nine first then hang him actually forget hanging lets take it back to some Biblical style or Islamic law, stone his ass. I may not be without sin but I sure would line up to throw the first big rock.

Too much lawlessness abounds in our society. The deterrents are too slight to stop this behavior. Maybe the shooter was one of the types of youths that I talk about here. They are too quick to pull out the heat like its a video game but this aint Halo, Doom or Grand Theft Auto my yout, is only one life God gi we to live so if ya get shoot game dun.


Abeni said...

I fed up with all the senseless violence.Just last night we had yet another homicide-25 for the year thus far.Must be a record!

Anonymous said...

JDid, sorry to hear 'bout the likkle girl. Agree with your sentiments bout the yute....he fe hol licks 'till he bleed like how they do Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ" and then they can heng him.

Too much in Jamaica we seem to be trying to bruck murder record...I really don't know what this senseless killing is all about! Dr. D.

o said...

I've been reading your thoughts and I'm impressed.
Keep on keepin' on... don't stop writing! Always good to read a brotherman doing his thing. Just the opposite of what the media says... but then again... that's why I'm in it. To change thangs.
Take care.

Jdid said...

alright KJ hol down the fort, we need a stronger voice in the media.