Friday, December 17, 2004

what more can I say

its friday!

Not much to say today actually. Computer sort of working so tomorrow hopefully you will see a post from me God willing.

Saw a dude on the bus today that looked just like Lil Jon; shades, hat and teeth. Had an overwhelming urge to say 'yeahhhhhhh' OK!! Also saw this one dude on the bus today who I'm not sure was in his right mind. You know one time you could actually say that someone was crazy because they were talking to themselves?( Trust me ya kno how many people look at me talking to myself and tell me my head bad. ) Well now with small cellphones and the invisible headpieces you're not sure if the conversation is with the voices in their ear or the voices in their head.

LOL, anyway keping it really short today. Will try to give you some jokes tomorrow.


Abeni said...

You know how many times I does get tricked thinking somebody talking to they self only to realise is an ear piece or sompn.Goo dluck wid the PC still

Melody said...

Craziness becomin a prerequisite for modern livin, Jdid, enjoy de weekend.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the weekend. I here passing some time before going street tonight.

Agree with Melody....madness abounds in regular living nowadays. Dr. D.