Friday, December 31, 2004

Out with the old....

Happy New year everyone.

Well I don't usually make resolutions for the new year. Why bother its not like I actually keep them.

I do like to make a few goals though but usually I keep them closely guarded and this years no different. Only specific one I'll share is the need to really do something with my poetry. Not sure what that is exactly (please no performance talk) but my motivation is continually seeing Tupac's old throwaway material getting released years after his death and going to the Modagliani exhibit and seeing exhibits of his sketches on display that I'm sure he didn't want the public to see. Kind of brought home to me that I don't want the wife and inlaws getting rich off my work when I'm dead when I could get a few dollars off of it while I'm alive. fa real! LOL. Ok that was a joke..........partially. But seriously I'd rather hear how much crap my work is while I'm living that get posthumous praise I cant hear. Still not sure if the work is good or not. Usually I'm convinced it isn't but at least I got to do something with it so I can move on. Its got to be done. Could use some help with editing though. Any volunteers? :-)

Hopefully 2005 will be a healthier year for me. I've never had so many injuries and illnesses as I did in 2004 and I pray to God that 2005 is better. I'll try to do my part on that end and I hope he helps out a bit too.

Oh wait don't want to be all gloom today but lets all remember those who have passed away this year from natural causes, illnesses, natural disasters, violent deaths and everything in between. Rest in peace.

Well goodbye 2004. Personally you weren't my favorite year, not to say there wasn't any good but I had lots of trials and tribulations as well and I think those come to mind more when I think of this year. Still although my mental status is questionable I survived. I'm sure lots of folks in Grenada, Caymans, Jamaica, Asia, Florida, Iraq and indeed all over the world will agree with me on that one. But then no one expects life to be a bed of roses. Its better to be down than six feet down is my motto.

Hopefully though 2005 will be a better one for the entire world. I'm not the most optimistic guy out there but for this one day I'll share those sentiments (tomorrow I'll be back to my the world has gone to hell in a handbasket mentality).

In closing though, one good thing about 2004 for me was my discovery of this whole blog thing. Wicked! Yea I know some folk like Dr D been doing this forever but I think 2004 was the year most of us discovered this blogging. Got to say the Internet was starting to get a bit boring for me but I kind of like blogging (when I can actually get past the writers block). Got some interesting ideas from you interesting folks here in blogworld these last few months. Don't know any of you personally besides Wigit and Campfyah but I enjoy everyone's writing and I find it rather inspirational at times so to all of you keep it up.

And to all my blog friends and readers here's wishing you a happy and a prosperous new year. May God continue to keep you all safe.


Abeni said...

All the best in 2005.Was fun interacting

Melody said...

All de best for 2005, Jdid! Ah discovered Bloggin'in de last month of de year, and you're right it's been a great discovery for me too. Yu just give wifey another reason ta bump yu off then. (lol) 'Cause yu remind her how dead poets worth more than live ones. Oink!!

nahmix said...

Glad yoou discovered blogging, your writing is definitely worthwhile. I'm sure you're fierce poet too! Happy New Years and may 2005 bring all your heart desires...Claim it!

Jazz said...


o said...

Happy New Year, my new blogging friend! A small worl' eeh? God is good.
I'll help you edit. I need to do something with this degree. :o)

Tek care!

Anonymous said...

You definitely one of my favourite reads now boss. I been around a while yes, and have thought of quitting several times. Its the interaction that keeps me going.

'04 had its positive moments, but generally it did salt nuh ________ (insert you favourite claat!) Hope '05 is far better for the world at large fe real! Dr. D.

Yamfoot said...

Hope it's a healthy 2005 for you. make sure you do exercise, if you dont already.

And if you want to read how the name yamfoot came about, do a search on my blog that says "Why Yamfoot" and you'll see the explanation.

time to prepare to shake two legs in a couple hours.

WIGIT said...

Happy New Year Jdid.
Wishing you all the best and sending positive vibes your way.

Jdid said...

Thank you very much guys. Solitaire I may have to take you up on that offer. Yammie I read the post...interesting. Melody shhhh now ya spell it out in black n white an I sure not ta see 2006 :-)lol

All the best to everyone