Tuesday, December 07, 2004


We can count the dough or kick a flow
or chill out watchin videos
actin really silly yo but really doe
all that can end...
Whether at the
bar with superstars
or cruisin in the trooper car
I really don't care
who you are
All I really need is a friend

A Friend - KRS-One

Ok well I had this great witty blog written yesterday about the surprise party my crew threw for me Saturday night but blogger decided to mess up and lost my entire post...not once but twice. Ok who am I kidding it wasn't that witty but still blogger shouldn't have taken me out like that.

Anyway, honestly this week I'm sort of in a pensive type reflective, analytical mood, guess there is a lot of crap on my mind so I'm not sure how many more blogs I'll be writing. Birthdays will do that to ya I guess. Plus this winter snow thing and the end of the year has probably gotten to me a bit as well, plus I'm still sort of sick so all this stuff combined and I'm about ready to hibernate or at least go into a cocoon for a bit. Will I, will I not, we'll see. A so it go. Some days lots to talk about some days don't really feel like sharing.

BUT. To get back to the topic at hand. Some of my boys and some of the girls as well threw me a little surprise party on Saturday. Now honestly I sort of thought something could be up since I'm not the trusting type and I've watched too many war movies to not think that an ambush is lurking around every corner lol but it was a very pleasant surprise.

Actually I think it left me a bit shook to tell you the truth. Not that I was surprised at the actual party (my spidy senses were tingling) so to speak just sort of surprised that my friends would go through the trouble of throwing the party. Its actually rather hard to explain. Should I go on? Yea why not I'm trying to explain it to myself too. I guess I'm more a loner and outsider than anything so even though I'm part of many groups I still feel somewhat not fully part. Plus even though I've been here in T-dot a million years I don't know if I'll fully adjust. Like part of me is still back in Bim, like I'm torn somehow. So I tend to keep my distance, hmm wonder if my official biographer who told me last week that I was becoming somewhat normal is reading this. J holla at ya boy! So anyways it was just sort of really nice to be on the receiving end of a party from my peeps. It actually feels really nice like you know since I've been here no one has really done anything like that for me so I'm sorta humbled a bit. Make sense. naa not to me. Oh well.

Anyway I got to give props to my bredren and sistren and the wife who planned it all and would have managed to keep it completely a surprise if I wasn't a conspiracy theorist who thinks that every action by his wife is one meant to kill him. People I tell ya de wuman is a CIA plant. Wunnah dont watch Alias? The wuman trying to bump me off, is true. If I disappear wunnah call crimestoppers and tell dem me wife do it. LOL

Seriously though I just wanted to acknowledge the folks who arranged the party and showed up at the party. Actually just wanted to acknowledge all my friends, in T dot, the US, yard, Bim, St Vincent, Taiwan, online wheverer you are. Thanks for the birthday greetings and the party and all. Makes a brother feel loved. Sniff sniff. I wud cry now but my tear ducts were welded shut in 91.



Anonymous said...

It's always great to feel loved and appreciated isn't it. I am glad you had a great surprise. Wives are such special beings :-)! I just happen to be one too. :-)

Jazz said...

That is so cool. I'm glad your family made it possible for you to have a FAB B-Day. You deserve it.

Melody said...

Jdid, it's always great when GOOD things happen to remind us that we have true friends around--sometimes, grief rallies them; but De Piggy much prefers when happy times rally them around us.

Abeni said...

I see my boy growing a sensitive side after all.Wow,am impressed:)

o said...

LOL @ your theory on your wife. I believe it... mi will probably be di same way when I find a significant other. LOL! Kidding.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that your crew managed to surprise you. Nutten beats a good lime with bredrins at all.

Make de best of the Xmas in Toronto dude...rope een you peeps and try shake off the bug or whatever it is thats friggin with you! Respec. Dr. D.

WIGIT said...

Glad to hear that you had a good b-day and that the wifey managed to surprise you. Wish I was there to celebrate wid ya.....maybe next year.