Thursday, December 02, 2004

White Men & Married Women

Are the reason that the Democrats lost the U.S election.

Its been a month now so I thought I'd revisit the subject. Actually was going to blog about the incident that I blogged on yesterday but I was reading some stuff on the subway on my way home and seeing its exactly a month after the election I figured it might be poignant.

Just something to think about.

According to an article in the Dec 6th New Yorker magazine if white men could not vote then John Kerry would have won by seven million votes.

There was also a key change in the way married women voted. In 2000 Bush got forty nine percent of the married women votes but in 2004 this increased to fifty five percent. Married women love Bush ...Interesting.

Forty Nine percent of Americans trusted only Bush to be able to handle terrorism (what do they put in the water over there?) and of those 49%, 97% voted for him which already gives him about 47-48% of the electorate. So basically what these stats are saying is that Kerry was always between a rock and a hard place.

Oh well!

Oh, just something I remembered that I wanted to throw in. Growing up in Barbados we had a saying when people were talking foolishness. We would say ya "talkin nuff bush" or "ya talkin a bundle a bush". Maybe we were being prophetic because isn't it ironic now that the President of the US is Bush and he duz really talk nuff nuff foolishness. :-)

4 more years. Lawd ave mercy!


Angry Dog said...

Hmmm, you right bout dat one JDid. I understand the gun-loving, self-righteous, moderately bigoted, religious zealots white American community loving Bush still. After all, he's a gun-loving, self-righteous, moderately bigoted, religious zealot himself! However, the fact that married women like him cause me to wonder if these women don't realize that its the fruit of their wombs that are dying on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan? Next ting you know, you hear seh Bushy tun sex symbol to rass!


Jamille said...

lol. I like your style of writing.

It sure is ironic man. Hahahaha.

o said...

My Trini friend uses the term "Dasheen Bush". She writes for SHARE paper... check she out.. Queen Macoomeh inna de back a de paper deh!

Very interesting fact about if white men didn't vote... VERRRRY interesting. Maybe that right should have been taken away from them, so they can see what it was like for Blacks in the 50s-60s?

HECK...they could have seen what it was like for Blacks in year 2000! LMAO (sad laughter...)

Anonymous said...

My thoughts re the electorate in favour of Bush....most o dem sick! But then again, we knew dat long time!

Lke I kept saying when the election was approaching, I hope dem all did sharpen up dem machete to cut down the Bush (weed....what dem call brush up so)...but clearly de mechete dem did well dull. :-((((

Seems de whole o dem love fe watch the programme they were showing on HBO recently where they go interview the families of those who lost relatives in Iraq. Whole heap a bawling and sadness when dem reading letters, cards, chatting about family events etc. Same sorta ting happened after Sept. 11. But you will hear dem seh it helps them to deal with the reality.... Yeah, by telling your story on national TV for millions to see?? I doh know, is a set of people I don't think I will ever fully understand. Dr. D.

Melody said...

De Piggy hates to admit it, Jdid, but ah can't grieve Kerry's loss anymore. Who can be sure at this point whether his loss was our loss? Ah don't fink it was just gay-rights control & religious conservatism that won it for the shrub; ah fink it might've been weak competition; people wanted to C vehemence in Kerry, & they didn't. Howard Dean--now, HE would've brought some PASSION to the post--even if only bipolar-depressive passion! It defies logic & math; we all seem to have voted against the pesky shrub, but he still won!

Abeni said...

Y'all were very prophetic.Talking bush is a new level of foolishness.