Thursday, December 23, 2004

Two days before Christmas

Sing we Noel, Calypso Noel
Sing we Noel, sing sing sing sing
Sing we Noel, calypso Noel
sing we Noel sing

Cant believe I forgot to include that song in my last post. Also cant believe I didn't mention all the shelling of green peas and the preparation of sorrel. Oh well. Like I said I rush that post out.

Ok I know I promised I'd continue the story I started on Tuesday but I just haven't had the time. I think I'll probably do that for next week or this weekend sometime and let you know all about those Church Christmas programs. Hopefully someone out there will still be in the Christmas spirit.

Forgot to change my voice mail to say I'm off work and just checked this morning and saw that I have 2 messages to deal with. Being on call sucks but dem fellas gine have to wait cause it doesn't sound urgent.

We had our first major snowfall of the year yesterday and its still snowing all like now. Someone help , I'm buried under this stuff. Seriously I heard that about 15 inches fall.

Yesterday I did some last minute mall shopping. Some interesting observations. The mall hummed, like it had its own frequency. I guess it was because of the load of folk that were there. Anyway it wasn't as bad as it could have been. All in all despite the talk about how good sales have been this year for retailers I don't see it in terms of the number of people I've seen when shopping. Not that I'm complaining but somehow the figures don't add up. Or maybe I'm shopping at times when others are shopping. Oh well , I aint going to complain if I actually have a little room to breathe in the mall.

Also what's with some of these sales attendants in the female clothing stores these days. Some of them duz be half naked an ting these days. Went in one store yesterday and this girl was assisting me and she was wearing this low cut top and low rise jeans and all I seeing is bare bare skin. Looked around the store and noticed she wasn't an anomaly, all the rest of girls was in the same state of undress with them bellies out, their breast push up and some bottom showing too. Not that I'm going to complain but really. So wait they feel dat gine mek me spend more money or what? LOL. All the talk though I think you might see me have to go back to that store regular to 'shop'. :-)

Oh and the music in some stores is terrible. Techno versions of Jingle Bells just doesn't cut it. Also music that's inappropriate. Like I went in one store and they were playing Sean Paul and then G Unit. The Sean Paul isn't that bad but the G unit every other word was bleeped out. Now as a man that listens to alot of hip hop I'm probably being hypocritical but to me there is an appropriate time and place for this music. The mall at Christmas crawling with kiddie is not it.

Anyway today is sort of a lazy day. Some laundry, some preparation for Christmas, a bit of cleaning and off course a mammoth undertaking of snow shovelling sometime this afternoon when the snow finally stops oh and I guess at some point I'll have to call in and answer those guys at work but I'm also trying to relax some so I am planning on trying to watch all of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editions sometime between today and tomorrow evening. Lawd ave mercy is like 14 -15 hrs of TV.

Anyway since I assume that everyone is going to for the most part be busy for Christmas in the next few days I probably wont post too much and I'll take this time to extend a Christmas greeting to all my blogger friends and my readers in lands far and near. Have yourselves a merry merry Christmas but don't overdo :-) and remember keep the Christ in Christmas.

And one of you guys in the Caribbean send me a bottle a sunshine, two bottles a sea water and a pound a sand.


Abeni said...

Lord of the Rings? Ewwwwwwwwwww.Shovelling snow is better! Yeah,I know the style of dress well,low rise jeans and short top.So why you copmplaining again:)

Melody said...

De sales girls them really seem aggressive, Jdid. When I was shoppin, ah got de feelin they'd do anyfing ta make a sale--ANYFING!! And that ain't great! Enjoy your TV time and Christmas, in general.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too Jdid. Well, we are north of you and whereas it appears that we have had more snow overnight, I don't think we got as hard a hit as you guys did in TO. Of course, we had more snow to begin with.

I'll be sending Kidlet No 2 out to shovel in a few minutes...isn't that the reason they are on holidays now!

Anonymous said...

Is green gungo (pigeon) peas you shelling out sah? If so, nice. Best rice and peas dat.

Bwoy the snow ting deh sound like shyte! I nuh envy you.

Yeah, one of the nicities of shopping is seeing the lovelies ;-) (No wonder mi damn credit cyard a bun up!)

I send off the requested package ane enclosed some Appleton VX. If it nuh reach in time blame the Crismas mail.

Merry Chrustmas to you rude bwoy! Dr. D.

Jdid said...

Abeni I aint complaining just observing
All the best to you as wel Melody
Yep Dr the green gungo peas. This year I bought the frozen ones. should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Marry Christmas, Happy New Year to you!
Mad Bull

Scratchie said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. God's blessings to you.
P.S. Fedex refused the package. They said it contained an illegalitem, the product of illegal sand mining :-)

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family.