Thursday, December 30, 2004


lawd ave mercy I been chipping since Christmas aint even had time to blog.

First off the computer mash up again. Think I figured out what the main problem was this time though (something rather simple if I'm right) and I'm trying to solve it. Still it took a good few hours to finally get anything working this morning so I tired. If it crash again though I think I playing football with the harddrive. LOL

Then I was just rather busy otherwise. Doing shopping for things around the house and trying to do some personal shopping too with all the sales on after Christmas. Only thing is I really aint see what all the hoopla was about because most of the socalled sales weren't anything special.

Anyway with all the hustle and bustle plus spending nuff time infront the tv watching the tragedy that hit Indonesia and Sri Lanka and them places I haven't had the time to be really introspective about the past year.

Still I think tonight I just relaxing. Going and read a nice book now and get a nap and think about life and the new year and accomplishments and all that sort of thing.

If the computer still working tomorrow I will blog about the coming of the new year/passing of the old. If it aint well Happy New Year to everyone from now.


o said...

Happy New Year, friend!

I didn't find any deals either... well just a few (you know how we women are, ha ha!) Got a few nice sweaters for 10 bucks a piece. Other than that, no sales anywhere. People dem too rip off.

Melody said...

Jdid, your computer have yu away. De after-Christmas sale them seem like more hype than anyfing else. Happy new year to you too!

Abeni said...

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good approach JDid. All de best rude bwoy! Dr. D.

Scratchie said...

Keeping it simple JDid. The best way to go sometimes.
Enjoy the New Year!!!