Monday, December 27, 2004

Dubai - June 23rd 1999

I still having problems with my thoughts but I was just talking to a friend of mine and he told me that I was one of the original bloggers from back in the day because in 1999 when I was in Dubai I used to send out these mass emails to all my friends detailing some of the stuff that I was seeing around me over there. I never thought of it that way but I have all of my old emails saved from back then and I decided to go take a look and post you one or two in the next few days. Some of them are pretty funny and they bring back some good memories so indulge me for a few as I take you back into time to a time when I was as just as mad as I am today. :-) The emails were fairly long so I will try and just edit them down a bit for you.

oh let me set the scene. Think I got to Dubai at the beginning of June 1999 to work on a 3 years contract (which I ended up cutting to 6 months, long long story) so this was after being there maybe two or at most three weeks.

Not try to diss the muslims or anything so but where ever ya go ya duz find a idiot. I realize that some of these people like they not too right in their heads.

Now check this out. I on the road last night on a pedestrian overpass doing some work with some other guys when this couple in traditional Muslim garb walked past us. Now the woman was covered up from head to toe in the loose fitting black outfit that those Muslim women wear with her face cover up and all you can see is her eyes.

Anyway she actually didn't look that bad cause I figure out how to tell what kind of figure the women got even with all that loose fitting foolishness them wearing (necessity is de mudda of invention I tell ya) and I realize that the woman like she
had a few curves.

Still all you could really see is her eyes. Couldn't even see the sandals she was wearing. So we're all on the overpass above the highway and the guy in the couple got to the middle of the overpass and then called over one of us to take a picture of first the woman and then him and then the both of them together. Guess they were tourists to Dubai.

Now I don't know if it was just me or not but what was the point of taking the picture of a woman and all you can see is her eyes. You cant tell her from none of the other
Muslim women, chupse!! I mean ya could replace her with a mannequin in the same outfit and nobody aint gine know the difference. (actually dat gives me sum ideas fa de group photo of my harem hmmmm). I mean, come on now. Even the two Muslim fellas with me were thinking the same thing. An wunnah duz call me foolish. LOL

I mean you could imagine this same fellow 40 years from now with his grandchildren looking at these pictures. "look kids here is a picture of your grandma when we were visiting Dubai, wasn't she something to look at in those days? She looks just like
your mother don't you think, ya cant see the family resemblance?" ........................

On a serious note doah, de fellas tryin ta mek muh understand de traditional woman dress.............

Plus the fellas tell me that the Muslim women wear real pretty clothes under the black thing that them got covering them. Hello!!!!!!! Is it just me or does it matter what they wearing under that. I mean that aint no help to me because all I seeing is the big loose fitting black silk thing. That aint no help to a brother. I mean lets be honest now, if I speaking as a fella, and I got to use my imagination to figure out what a woman wearing under that thing I aint going to waste no imagination wid nuh pretty dresses. Helllll no! I going ta be imagining other things. Dat aint true? But doan worry though I got my pick up lines covered. Just wait I might be the first bajan fella to go up to a woman an tell her that the first ting that attract muh ta she was she eyes an actually mean it.


Melody said...

Are yu goin' to do a post about why yu cut de 3-year contract to 6 months? Surprise, Jdid, ladies have often imagined what Scots wear under their kilts just like you imagined what else those covered-up women wore.

Jdid said...

melody no need for a whole post on that. I found the company i was working for to be unprofessional and after one day when my boss ignore me except fa lettin out a big chupse at me when i walk past him and said good morning (ya eva hear white canadian people chupse, i was shock) I said its time to go.

Abeni said...

The excitement must be the unknown cos under the shifts could be a perfect body:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting little post. I'm interested in reading more like these. Tell me (if you know), do they wear that stuff around the house at home too?

Dem mussi crazy fi real!

Mad Bull

Anonymous said...

Had two girls from Dubai doing the Derm course I did in London. They never lack fe at Harrods, Selfridges. They didn't wear the regulation garb but sometime they cover dem face. Pleeeenty clothes. I caan remember them repeating outfits.

You e-mail sound very similar to your posts now! :-)) I guess you is the same JDid! Dr. D.