Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dreaming on

This one has the potential to be long. Actually I'll just make it two.

Last night, this morning, I dreamt that I was running. Not being chased this time but just running like I was in training for some event. Well lets see, I can remember as far back as being in some sort of jail and trying to convince my cellmates that we were better off standing united than quarrelling amongst ourselves. Next thing I know the dream switched and I was on the Bay pasture running along with possibly my cellmates. Not really sure who they were but there were quite a few people there. So there I was not running but not as in seeking to escape, but running for fitness or training. Not sure how it tied into the jail scene but its a dream its not supposed to make sense.

Went home changed clothes continued running some more , ran through some familiar streets then down Beckles road which seemed normal at first but when I got down by YMPC (home of Fidel, Matrix, former home of Campbell, Big Bird, Collis King for you cricket fans) I realized that I had passed a whole series of orange cones in the street and there was a big length of thick barbed wire stretched across the road which I nearly tripped over. Actually the plan had been to just cross Beckles road and go into the other side of the area and continue running but for some reason, intuition or just plain fear, I decided it was better to stay on the side I knew better.

Anyway, I tried to turn through the street above (do you guys know the concept of above and below?) YMPC but there was a huge truck about 20m up the road blocking the street. Oh yea I should let you know I was running down Beckles Road towards Bay street at the time so now you can get your bearings although when I say 'above' I'm still referencing from the beach going up. So really 'above' should be 'below' if you reference from the direction I'm running in but if you were to ask a local then 'above' would be the way I referenced it. Confused yet ? Good. You got to love Caribbean directions right?

So on this street above YMPC there is a older lady standing there debating how to get pass the truck but she couldn't find a way. I'm not sure what decision she made in the end as I quickly left and just decided I'd take the street below YMPC (the one where the Blind Workshop is located with Bailey's Clinic at the corner). I proceeded down this street which opened up in great condition but around the curve by the Blind Workshop it suddenly exhibited great upheaval. The nicely paved street disappeared and all that remained on the left of the street was a thin, not entirely flat stony path above a gully whilst the rest of the streets width was a mossy, very uneven surface filled with weeds and huge broken stones. It looked like a bomb had hit that part of the street. For some reason I decided to scramble over the huge stones still running at points.

Further down the path I encountered houses and there I saw Q an acquaintance from primary school. He too appeared to have been running as he sat on his step drinking bottled water and sweating. Now in the real world I know Q lives or lived in the opposite direction to where I was headed by that's the real world. So I sat for a minute and caught up with Q and asked how his family was doing and what had become of some of our other acquaintances.

To be continued


Abeni said...

You real haunted

obifromsouthlondon said...

dude quit that ish you be smoking b4 bedtime lol. when I dream of running I get up angry cos I'm always the victim. dream please can I chase someone with a big stick just once. wassup with the above thing. that's mad backwards fe real.