Saturday, October 02, 2004


Isn't it funny how everything goes full circle?

Back in the day it was all about creating the perfect fruit and vegetables and having the biggest chickens and cows. All sorts of research money was poured into increasing the yield of crops and the size of animals. It just looked great to the customers to see these unblemished items, which stored for longer periods, in the supermarket or greengrocer so we strived for perfection. Gene splicing, new steroid laden feeds for animals, improved pesticides, all this and more was done to achieve these outcomes.

And now.......

Now we've gone full circle. Its all about back to being natural. Organic produce its called. Animals fed with natural feeds, fruits and vegetables raised without any pesticides, non genetic engineered foods. Its not all about being so perfect anymore as we realize that the perfection we sought came at a price and some of the food we were producing while great to look at may not have been as good for us as the stuff produced previously.

And so in Toronto the organic keyword has been applied everywhere. Every week new stores spring up offering so called organic foods. So what's the difference between these organic foods and the normal stuff we have become used to in the big city? Well to be honest I haven't really ventured to try the organic stuff here yet but going into the organic fruit and vegetable places I've noticed that the produce there smells stronger and sweeter than the non-organic stuff. It actually reminds me of the buying produce in the market in Bridgetown back in the day.


Campfyah said...

De difference now is dat organic stuff more expensive

4panist said...

I am starting to think its worth it to try the stuff, who is gonna give me a loan for this major investment?

Jdid said...

doan look at me my pockets on E

Campfyah said...

Yuh doan need a loan, just a piece ah land in yuh
back or front yard, and de seeds from whaeva fruits or veggies yuh does a home compose and yuh got fertilizer right started