Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Just lose it

Slim Shady
Hotter than a pair a twin babies
in the back of a Mercedes truck
when the temp goes up
to the mid 80s

The Black Entertainment Television (BET) network banned Eminem's new video for his song 'Just lose it'. Why? Well Eminem apparently steps over the line by making fun of Michael Jackson in his new video and as we all know Michael Jackson is to be defended with the most ultimate ferocity by anyone black or anything black owned despite any discretions real, alleged or imagined on his part. After all the Jackson's are said to be the "first family" of North American blacks. Its true I heard that on BET one night. Ok, I will now need a minute to silently cringe before continuing. Those of you feeling to barf go right ahead.

Mind you I haven't seen this video in which Eminem supposedly 'crosses the line' but lets see hmmm Eminem has ridiculed in past videos Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera, Moby, the sacred Elvis and a host of other musicians and persons in the entertainment industry. He has also parodied American vice president Dick Cheney and world's most wanted man Osama Bin Laden and BET played all of these videos without complaint. They were all 'in rotation' without any apologies which means that these videos were seen over and over and over and over and .... You'd get my drift if you ever watch BET.

So now Eminem targets Michael Jackson and has a video where he is dressed as Micheal seated in a bed with young boys playing around him and suddenly he has crossed a line. So lets see, calling fellow artists gay, prostitutes and the like is not crossing the line, dancing around as Osama Bin Laden is not crossing the line but parodying Michael Jackson is? Do you see the line clearly here?

I know I don't.

So why is Michael a topic not to be talked about? Wait a minute, wait a minute, doesn't BET also air a show called Comic View where on any given day any comedian could have two or three Michael Jackson jokes? Oh but those comedians are usually ...And Eminem is ..... Whoops shouldn't say that out too loud now should I.

Ok well I'm not the biggest Eminem fan so far be it for me to defend him. His lyrics are ok but he is starting to repeat himself plus Chino XL did the same types of raps for years, with might I add better punchlines and delivery but never got the props from the mainstream. Then there is his thing with the Source (memo to wack rappers: be like Benzino and start your own magazine) and his alleged dissing of black women. Oh yea like a thousand rappers a day don't use the same words he used. Please! Anyway all that is to say Eminem isn't my favorite rapper by a longshot, not even in my top 25 most likely but I really believe that BET's banning of his song is a double standard.

Why play all his other controversial stuff prior to this and now get all righteous about his Michael parody? Is it pity because the poor Jackson family, (the word poor being dipped in extreme sarcasm before I placed it before Jackson) who have had so much trials and tribulations this year what with Janet's Superbowl exposure and all? Or is it because all blacks must join together and show solidarity with our black no wait a minute light skin? white? no albino no pale brother Michael? Pardon me I feel the need to cringe again.


Abeni said...

Poor Michael indeed(more sarcasm) You turn yourself into a joke and doh expect to get parodied?

Jammy said...

where is your cant side wid de whiteman agisnt your brothre ....ooops my bad I don't see why BET get involved after all Micheal is a white dude.

Xaymacan said...

I can only imagine that it has to do with the outrageous inference that Mike, that ikon of so many of our youths, might be a paedophile. As a people, we are nothing if not dogged in defence of our celebs, particularly the ones that show the community the backs of their hands, viz. OJ. The corollary effect from white liberalism is to ensnare us in a cocoon in which the larger issues facing us are unresolved, but they are with us all the way on the minor ones.