Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Musical Memories I

I reminisce for a spell, or shall I say think back.

Do you link music to specific memories or places like I do? Today was one of those days for me where I just kept hearing tunes that reminded me of different memories and times long gone.

Started off the day listening to an old reggae/ska cd that I just discovered amongst my collection yesterday. I had no idea what was on it as it didn't have any label or track titles so when I finally played it I was pleasantly surprised. One of the first tracks I heard was 'Reason to love';

'Love me for a reason
Let the reason be love'

Now that song is old! Its not the greatest song out there either but there is a big joke in my household about how as a toddler I didn't understand the words to the song and I made up my own gibberish to the words. No I will not tell you what my words were. Some things must remain a secret. LOL

Then at lunch I heard Louie Bega (or it is Vega)'s Mambo No.5 which I wont even bother repeating the words for. All I know is that each time I hear that song it reminds me of my time in Dubai.

Then I was thinking about all the songs that remind me of certain incidents; Brooklyn Zoo by ODB reminds me of this one fete at University where I was going crazy. Why does this particular song remind me of that night? Well because that was the only hip hop song that they played that I had never heard before. I knew of it but hadn't actually heard it before so when the vocals 'I'm a one man army Ason, I never been tooken out, I keep mc's looking out, I drop science like girls be droppin babies enuff to make a nuh go crazy!' came in I put the craziness on pause to listen to the lyrics.

Then Kette Drum by Determine and Beenie reminds me of learning to play dominoes in the basement at the ISC and how sometimes we would lock the door, keeping quiet in the dark, pretending that we had left, and once the person at the desk had gone turn back on the lights and slam more dominoes. Damn you would think I would have learned how to play properly by now.

Summertime by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince reminds me of my first month in North America, hanging out in the D. Fresh by Red Dragon reminds me of waiting specifically for ZR #7 on the Cave Hill route on the way up to summer school at UWI back in my high school days, packed in tighter than sardines with nuff gal in ya lap. Yes boy dem was the days.

Musical Memories


Abeni said...

Yup I definitely link music to memories. Certain songs just take me back to happier times or times that were not so happy.

Jammy said...

Mos Def music does that to me..Like anything from Peaches and Herb reminds me of my older sister...Dionne Warwick...dem peeps....