Monday, October 04, 2004

Bye Carlos

Yesterday was the end of the season for perennial doormats the Toronto Blue Jays. It was also probably the last game that first baseman Carlos Delgado ever plays for that team.

I hope against hope that Delgado will be back in whatever new uniform the Jays decide to change to again next year in a misguided effort to get someone, anyone to buy merchandise from a franchise which has been terrible for almost a decade now, but I know its very unlikely he'll be here next year.

So this is my small tribute to Carlos Delgado aka the best slugger ever to wear a Blue Jays uniform and currently one of the best and most underrated players in Major League Baseball.

Carlos, you made you big league debut just as I was learning this silly game baseball so I learned as I watched you hit those effortless homeruns and you grew on me. You would be a superstar if you played in the US just look at what a trade has done for Shannon Stewart and Shawn Green. You should have won the MVP a few years ago too but again you're playing in Canada so no one knows you.

I don't know you personally but in interviews and in your game you seemed quite humble despite the mega-bucks you were making. Yes, I do hold you personally responsible for Rogers continual raising of my cable tv bill in order to pay your enormous salary and I don't think any athlete is worth what you are making but hey if they were stupid enough to offer you the money why shouldn't you take it.

At bat you appeared to be a natural to me. You made those long home runs look effortless like a six by Viv Richards or Dwayne Smith. 100 RBIs came with ease to you every year, except this one where you missed a good chunk of the season due to injury and still ended up with 99.

I also respect your political stance; your small protest against the Iraqi war by sitting in the dugout at Yankee stadium this year instead of standing when God Bless America was played. Your stance against weapons testing on Vieques off your native Puerto Rico. You are obviously a man of substance so I give you your props.

Anyway before I get mushy I bid you a fond farewell. I'm sure you will still be great next year and maybe you'll get some recognition playing in the US. Oh and unless you turn out to be an idiot like Kobe or Vince I'll remain a fan regardless of where you play.

Thanks for the memories.


Abeni said...

Please doh link Vince with Kobe..Thank you very much:)Somebody sounding sentimental,there is still hope.

bushcoolie said...

Man i ain't know you reside in Canada? Wuh part ah dis stinking country you live in?

I was at the Jays game with my buddy on Friday Night, they played the Yanks!

Personally, i hate baseball, boring as ras$hole, don't mind playing it but watching it is a total waste of time!

Jdid said...

boy i next door to you in Toronto

bushcoolie said...

You in Scarborough or wuh?

Jdid said...

no boy not scarborough dat too far fe me