Monday, October 11, 2004

Vulgar Language and Lewd Dressing

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Students of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies who use vulgar language and dress lewdly have been publicly chided by a senior tutor. Dr Bradley Niles warned that the campus was no place for vagabonds, foul-mouthed people or those wearing indecent attire.
It is not a place for vagabonds, people with foul mouths or foul tongues, people who constantly use nasty language on campus, or persons of lewd or indecent manner of dress who have no self-respect and are an embarrassment, he said.

Speaking during the School of Continuing Studies graduation ceremony in the Teaching Complex on Saturday night, Niles said that in his 25 years at the university, he had never encountered the kind of language he heard over the last three to four weeks in the Student Service area.

It is absolutely indecent and vulgar, he said. He then thanked the students from the School of Continuing Studies for their appropriate dress during their programmes.

Speaking to the DAILY NATION, he added that the way he had seen some students dressed served only as an embarrassment to their lecturers and classmates.

I find this rather interesting because as far as I know Universities do not exist in a vacuum and their students are coming from a community or society in which the university resides. So why is this professor trying to hold the University students to a higher standard than that which the society that spawned the students is held to.

don't get me wrong I understand his comments and his wish to have his institution be an example as such to the society. I guess his belief is that if the University gets the best minds then the best minds should behave in a manner befitting their status and potential. That's all fine and good but should the student's behavior not also been seen as only the effects of a society where the standard of dress and behavior have deteriorated. Should we not be addressing the slackness of dress and the speech of society in general?


Abeni said...

We live in a society that increasingly glorifies vulgarity.Added to that the less clothes you wear the "sexier" you supposedly are.There is a lot of pressure to conform as a young person because to be different means something is wrong with you.Unfortunately,a lot of young people want to fit in so they just follow suit.I guess style is personal but I say it should involve some commonsense too.I don't think you would wear a bikini to church or an evening dress to the beach.So the challenge is to dress as appropriately as is possible for the situation you are in.

Campfyah said...

OK so the dress is one thing, but what about the vulguar language...should supposedly upward mobile students use that kind of language, shouldn't they be setting an example for themselves and the ones to follow them. Of course you understand that they are porducts of their communities, but I would hazzard to think that the fact that they are in university to better demselves academically also means, that they want to leave the negative aspects of their communities behind. Are they gong to go into the international broadrooms with that kind of language???? Yea, ,I know some ah de worse cussing yuh does hear is in the broadroom, but should it be?

Jdid said...

good points camp but I think in a sense we have just been fortunate not to have to deal with this before. If you consider the behavior of North American university students I find that they usually duz behave wild and wassy. When I was in school I couldnt walk two blocks without hearing the f word and such language.

What needs to be stressed in all cases though is that these university students are going to be the leaders of tomorrow and they should have decent behavior from now.

Regarding the dress I find that in many settings not just university many people just do not know what appropriate dress is and feel that they can leave home looking like they going feting or they just wake up. Again the proper dress for the occasion should be stressed.