Friday, October 08, 2004

The Big P

So I was chatting about the Tiger Woods blog with my wife and she told me that I don't know anything at all about women. Not one thing she say. She told me that my entire post flawed because I miss out on some things.

For one ,she say that what I say may be partially true but the one thing I am forgetting is that sometimes women are looking for the man with "The Big P". Look! Before I go any further get ya mind out of the gutter now cause my wife is a decent Christian lady so get that out ya mind one time now. Alright?

But seriously when she had first tell me that my mouth open wide wide and I was in shock repeating to myself "The Big P?" Cause all of a sudden I thought either (a) she got an outside man that I aint know bout (b) she want a divorce cause she got an outside man or (c) I have to start investing in some of those herbal enhancements, supplements, or something of the sort. Lawd ave mercy!

Anyway I think she see the look on my face and she rolled her eyes, chupse and tell me "no ya idiot, the Big P...... Potential!". So I said ok I know that was what you were talking about because I had to play it off like that was what I was thinking all along.

So she went on to explain that I was a bit mistaken. Sometimes the fellow doesn't have to be rich, rich or big up, big up sometimes a fellow can get a chance from a woman based on his potential although some women I aint calling no names say that they done with that potential business.Right Jammy :-)

Now, whenever I hear the words potential one person always comes to mind. Carl Hooper the former West Indies captain and batsman. Why? Well from 1986 when he started out playing Shell Shield I was hearing about how much potential this man had as a batsman and I remember watching him play real sweet in England in 1995 and we were still talking about his batting potential. And he was playing up to a few years ago for West Indies and I was still hearing the word potential bandied around with regards to his play. But you know what? The man never fulfill his potential. Maybe he was bogged down by all the talk of his potential and it got to his head and he couldn't handle the pressure. I'm not sure about what happened but what I'm sure of is that the man could have been great but he did not fulfill his potential.

However back to what I was talking about. The big P..... Potential. Now to me this "big P" thing is entirely fascinating because its like women plan ahead. Its like investing in stocks and bonds. Buy low, sell high, make a profit! Guys don't usually think that way. We don't usually see a woman and say well she fairly ugly now but she got potential to be good-looking so I will tag along with her for now so I can reap the sweets later. Or I never walk past a fellow and hear him telling his buddy well she aint got no breasts now ....but she got Double D potential. Never know one fellow who say so yet! We go in with a what you see is what you get attitude. Nothing so don't cross our minds when we checking out a woman so I have to give the ladies kudos for being about the investing and the long term.

Actually that is where alot of gender disagreements start. Why, because woman see potential and want men to change to fit this potential while men just see what is there at the moment and expect things to remain the same but this is an argument for another blog.

Another thing about potenial is that whenever I hear the word I still think that it is short hand or woman code for "potential to make money". So when I hear a woman say that a fella got potential I read that as saying 'he gien got pieca change in his pocket later on.' Its just sounds to me like the woman is thinking "let me get in on the ground floor while this man still struggling and is unaware of his worth and with any luck and some nudging on my part cause woman love to nudge, just like if I had bought Microsoft in the 80s the stock on this guy will go up and I will get in on the riches."

Now I've been told by women that such is not what this potential thing means but when I hear it that is what I usually think. They say that it might mean that a fella might clean up nicely and make himself presentable as a mate, or it might mean that he might be a nice man to be the father of your kids because he wont run out on you or he wont cheat or he will take real good care of you and even if he don't end up as no big up, big up he will still make enough to make you comfortable and you can fall in love with him.

Now I can or could live with this Potential explanation except for for one thing. I see many respectable fellows going to school studying hard and trying to make something of themselves and women passing them by like they got SARS or leprosy or something contagious. Then you turn the corner and all the rude boy, drug dealer, bad boy, felons in waiting types have four and five women running round them. Trailer Load a girls like Shabba say. So what is the meaning of this? Explain that one to me. What potential does these bad boys have besides the potential to get locked up? How come a fellow that could be the next Einstein and potentially genetically engineer a piece of cement to taste like chicken and solve all the world's food problems and win a Nobel prize cant get a woman but a man that knocking around the corner looking musty and getting chased by the police for 25 crimes can have 300 women?

So I ask and my wife say if she had look at my potential before she marry me she would have realized that I had potential to be a "good pieca idiot" and she woulda leff me out. She say she think that unfortunately I really living up to my potential because I clearly clueless when it comes to women. She say I aint consider the "Danger Factor" of the bad boys. So my head hurting me now, too much information to deal with and factor in, I done with that.

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