Monday, January 10, 2005

No more blogs for a bit

And so it is also written. In the first month of the new year when the sun shone with a cold light and the frost blanketed the fields as far as the eye could see our hero rested. For his earlier quest for the patch had been successful and although the mighty computer was still prone to failure it appeared as if the worst of the battle had been fought and won.

Forsooth our hero had gone on to fight another battle of a personal nature against the mighty and dreaded block which had in times past become a constant scourge on the land. That battle had been fought like the battles of ancient times as heard first hand or even word of mouth by the tellers of tales of when the times were grim and the clash of steel echoed throughout the breath of the land. When titans met and their steel axes glinted with light brighter than the sun and the sparks from their clashes struck the earth like giant thunderbolts from the heavens. And all mortals lived in fear

This battle was one for the ages as the mighty block subjugated through fear and anger. He had captured our hero whilst he was yet sleeping and bound him tightly with chains of the strongest metals. Once secured our hero was roughly transported to the deepest darkest secret dungeons imaginably from which he could not escape for yea unto a fortnight. Our hero panicked and was afraid that all was forever lost for a darkness clouded his mind affecting his sanity (oh yea like we haven't heard that before). However he never gave up and continually sought to gird his loins with courage. And so it came to past that his struggle was not in vain for not only did he escape the tentacles of his adversary but he fought him in the darkest parts of his mind and banished him (not forever) from that place. And our hero was spent .

And once again the sound of joy was heard throughout the land and it was good for the people rejoiced and a time of plenty was about to be embraced by its inhabitants. Blogs for all they shouted. Hurray!Hurray! And the moet chandon and courvouiser and hynotiq and all the other jiggy drinks flowed like water from the Falls at Niagara and the inhabitants were content (which looks a lot like being drunk from a certain viewpoint).For the hero could now rest and recover his strength and write to his heart content and ideas and blogs overflowed like food in Egypt in the seven years of abundance as foretold by Joseph the one hated on by his bredren because of his coat with the bling bling..

But alas there could be no rest for the hero as the Computer once again succumbed to a pestilence like illness for which the hero had no portion or salve to fully heal. In sooth the hero could temporarily return him to consciousness but no sooner had he been revived he would slip into a deep coma once again. And again there was weeping and moaning throughout the land for the hero was saddened by his friend's illness. Our hero still recovering from the almighty struggle with the Block was powerless as it appeared that the 'Hard Drive' was corrupt and unable to be fully revived.

Hence, our hero decided to seek out technicians and soothsayers, wizards and computer persons who could solve the puzzle of this malady affecting the mighty computer. So he planned a journey over strange hills and deep valleys , across rivers wide and deep, through canyons of skyscrapers and in the paths of iron horses with the computer in tow to the land of the wizards and technicians who would attempt to lay hands with strange incantations like BIOS and drivers and DOS in an attempt to fully heal the computer.

And so it is written that whilst our hero would still continue to visit the land of blogs and comment on such items as he saw fit from time to time, alas he would blog no more until the computer was healed. And as that news filled the land some wept whilst others rejoiced and even more saith "chupse! ya feel I really care one way or the odda. ya mekkin sport!' But alas our hero rode into the sunset with the ailing computer in tow seeking healing. And so it is written and there was silence in the land.


Melody said...

No, Jdid, no!! :-(
And we'd barely begun to sip de jiggy drinks like Chandon! ;-)
De Piggy sayin' a prayer, 'cause ah want your computer to come back on track fast, so you can keep expressin' de unexpected point ov view and I can keep readin' it. More power!

nahmix said...

Well, best wishes for a successful and speedy recovery! :-)

Burke said...

I was wondering what happened to you, but now I know. All the best for a speedy recovery of de computer.

Natty said...

Take care of thy Mighty Computer, in the hopes that it aloweth thou to continue with the skill of Blogging.
(looking forward to perusing more of your blogs)

Abeni said...

Poor u

Scratchie said...


Bwoaaay JDid. I not too sure who need the help more...the computer or the owner :-) The writing is all good still.

I hope your compi finds healing in the hands of the techies and wizards and others.

Jdid said...

doan mind wunnah, I know all wunnah juss want em post so wunnah can laff at me :-)

Seriously though, thanks guys, with any luck I should be up and running in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Let me start again having lost the comment sake of a failure in the supply of electricity! :-((

The doctor of skin otherwise known simply as 'D', decided to pay the land of J the Did a visit from a land far away, where the sun doth shine nuff nuff days per year. See, sake of the machines called computers and the magical inter-netting, such excursions from far away lands can be completed in no time simply via a click on the rodent.

The said doctor was saddened by the words he read written by his comrade from Bim. He felt a sudden compulsion to help. Indeed, he did take an oath to help heal the sick and lame. But, the poor physician of skin became even more overcome by sadness, he was unable to help. In the study of healing, computers and their maladies did not form part of the syllabi covered.

Hence, the best the impotent (for want of a better word) doctor can do is hope that you will be restored to full blogging strength speedily. Failing that, the gods of Caribbean blogging will start to weep and wail, and nuff nuff supplications will be sent up on behalf of the hardened drive of J the Did. We hope to have thou fully recovered speedily my friend. Enough said! Dr. D.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you left us with something we can read over and over! Big up for that, and good luck with your Compi. Its ruff when a loved one gets sick, nuh true?

Mad Bull

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-love your writing. Very witty. I will be waiting for more of it. So I bid you farewell until the morrow.

4panist said...

and there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (spelling?). Good luck to you. Hope the wizards work their magic well. What does it mean exactly to gird up ones loins????