Friday, January 21, 2005

Remedies and other stuff

Well my weekend's shot. Still sick, missed another day of work. Maybe could have forced it and gone in today but its freaking -30 outside and I'm still achy. The work doesn't get sick and it'll be there when I return so I'm trying to regain my strength today. And to paraphrase my better half 'THEY DON'T PAY ME ENOUGH FOR THIS !!!." Word is born

Still I kind of vex cause that means I have to miss this month's domino tournament tomorrow. Was looking forward to going in and liking some six. Was feeling well confident and looking to do big things in '05. Oh well, there's always next month.

Weird cold/flu I have right now. Well actually all my cold/flu illnesses always follow the same pattern. Sore throat, then fever then achiness and the rest of the symptoms jump in. The achiness is still here, a bit of fever still there but the other symptoms seem not to be appearing. A bit worrying that.

Plus this is the first time I've been sick where I actually have an appetite. Been eating down the house almost since the sore throat disappeared.

Yesterday I slept like maybe 12 hrs. Slept from about 8 till 10 then from 1 till 5 then from 7 to 11, then from 1 till this morning. All slept out now so I was watching Exit Wounds trying to relax this morning. I remembert when I watched this movie the first time thinking it was rather silly but it didn't seem half bad today. Must be the drugs. Oh and didn't realize that my man Drag-On was in that one too. He's in the follow up which is Cradle to the Grave. Its not really a sequel but its basically the same cast, DMX, Tom Arnold, Anthony Anderson etc.

Anyway I wasn't going to really blog today so this will be short-ish. I was just thinking about all the home remedies I've heard of growing up in the Caribbean so I was wondering if anyone had any unique ones to share.

Stuff like honey and lemon, or honey, lime and rum, cerasee tea, garlic and honey, coffee and lime, (hmm I think I see a trend here), aloes, salt apparently good for a sore throat, ginger tea, plain ginger to suck on for the sore throat as well. So let me see what you guys can come up with.

I'm going back to bed. Have a good day.


Campfyah said...

Cuddear, just rest up and take in de wha yuh want some Cearsse, bush tea, buckleys, codliver oil or what..just ley muh know and see how ah cud hook yuh up. Semm like dis 24/48hr bug is worldwide, cause I know quite a few people dat down and out.

Lordee wunna getting some vicious weather doh. Stay warm yuh hear.

Abeni said...

Blackfish oil.Don't taste as nasty as codliver oil but revolting just the same.

Melody said...

Sleep off de sickness indeed, Jdid, 'cause work can't done. A supposedly potent remedy is rum & bitters or rum & herbs--can't rememba de names ov all de likkle stick them that people used to tie up an' put inna de rum, but anyway ah guess de active ingredient is de rum--an' even if rum don't mek yu betta, it just might mek yu happy, soh if yu have rum . . .

Jdid said...

yea camp the place cold as wha an tomorrow is snow
abeni never heard of blackfish oil but I forot to mention shark oil. thats worst than codliver oil. then there was canadian healing oil which you could drink or rub with
melody rum it is, seems to be the active ingredient. lol

Anonymous said...

ah too! sorry to hear that. feel better!

obifromsouthlondon said...

yes blaad it's that time of the year init? flu tings. OK remedy that works. Herbal tea made with a certain good herb. My girlie's nephew (he's only 7) swears by it. was given a cup full in J.A last year and apparently his fever broke. Wonder if that counts as a local herbal remedy or substance/child abuse? we'll leave that to the moral police.

Heads up son. get better and blog on. you got ish to write.

ok smile time. Listened to a kardinal offical tune yesterday (cant remember the name) and he was screaming "T-Dot". thought about this blog for a minute :-)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, rude yute.

Bull... Mad Bull

Jdid said...

yea obi you're probably talking about bakardi slang from kardinal.

Kardinal rock the pary, yo T dot drinking Bacardi
Kardi drinkin Bacardi, yo T dot rocking the party

obifromsouthlondon said...

yep thats the one. ruff tune.