Monday, January 24, 2005

Winter Wonderland

Just a rather quick hail to everyone.

Still not 100%, this flu thing had me rather quiet this weekend. Got to go to work today though as I've got another one day course to attend. Oh well such is life.

Toronto was a winter wonderland this weekend. Snow cann dun! They said 15cms but to my estimation it seemed like alot more than that especially the one time I was outside and the snow was halfway up my leg in some parts.

Oh BET had a Fresh Prince marathon on Saturday. I watched a bit and surprised the wife with how many episodes I can actually quote from. Wonder if bloggerSolitaire a diehard fan of the show watched? Got to ask a question since I just saw the end of this episode but was Nia Long on the show before she had the reoccuring Lisa role?

what's going on? Well work's hectic. I'm still sick and I've got lots on my mind as usual oh plus time seems to be flying at a ridiculous rate these days.

Oh watched the new show last night NUmb3ers. Kinda cool. The ultimate nerdy detective show. Using mathematics to solve crime. How geeky is that? And I absolutely thought it was a brilliant concept at least from last nights episode. Oh well, I'm a wanta be geek but I got attitude. Gonna start me up a hip hop group called Geeks with Attitude (GWA). Our first single "Coming straight outta math class". Lyrics to follow. lol.

I got a few ideas for blogs just got to sort them out in my mind this week. That said I'm always curious as to what I can and what I cant write or what will my readers read into this or if I say this will they see me as bonafied crazy and send the padded vans. Oh well. Got a few weirdo theories in my head....not exactly conspiracy theories but just Jdid's thoughts on certain things in life like relationships etc. Trying to be a kinder gentler Jdid this week. Yea right!

Oh great blog post to read last week was this one by Xquizzyt1. For me it brought back some memories which since I mentioned it I'll now have to share maybe later this week.

Oh Johnny Carson died, Raptors won at home again, Barbados lost in cricket (guess every dog has his day), New England and Philli won (go Philli!). Hope everyone has a great day. Tomorrow hopefully I'll have something more to chat on.


Melody said...

GWA coulda work! (lol) Coke-bokkle glasses an' gangsta hoodies plus suspenders over them. Feel betta soon, luv, but after your Betti post, ah somehow can't imagine a kinder, gentler Jdid. ;-)

Anonymous said...

GWA....well, everybody who blogs have attitude of some it could work. Jus dat some more geeky than others. (Me well non-geek)

Well, you watched Fresh Prince marathon, I took een nuff episode of City Confidential this weekend on A&E. Dem have some seriously weird but gripping stories man.

Keep the blog ideas coming, kill the flu and stay warm yute! Dr. D.

Abeni said...

You giving me strong competition in the sickness stakes! When I hear about that snow am so happy I live in the tropics:)

o said...

I was watching yesterday's game... saw Fiancee Terrell on the sidelines.
Letz just hope he's in the game, all healed up nice and quickly, eeem? heh heh. My man gotta brang home that cheddar by WORKIN'!