Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why no photo?

"If you needed a .40-caliber Glock handgun, Jeffrey Tuck was your man.

A sawed-off shotgun? No problem." quoted from the Toronto Star's article on a local gun runner who is facing 12 years in jail.

Also quoted: "Toronto prosecutors yesterday portrayed the clean-cut and seemingly polite Tuck as a major gunrunner who was responsible for fuelling gun violence on city streets."

I'm not saying much here just wondering why the newspapers wont show me a picture of this seemingly mild mannered citizen who was in fact a major criminal? I'm guessing it's cause he doesn't live at Jane and Finch or Malvern or Rexdale or any communities troubled by gun violence over the past year. Probably a 905 (suburban) cat, probably a rich dude, probably not black. There I said it! Maybe I'm thinking too much conspiracy but whenever I see cats portrayed as Joe average, cant believe he's shady types and there is no photo first thing that comes to my head is that dude aint black.

I don't have any proof, I could be dead wrong but hey black men have been draped over the front page for their violent crimes why isn't this dude. Is the gun seller less responsible that the trigger man? Gotcha!

Here's a thought: hand out assists on crimes. If dudes were giving out assists on shootings (an assist is given to the guy passing the ball in basketball or the puck in hockey to the guy who scores) this cat could potentially be the John Stockton of Toronto shootings. (in case you didn't get it John Stockton is the NBA all time assist leader, mind you I could have said Jason Kidd to keep it more current but whatever)

Anyway to me this Tuck guy is a major criminal with his and again I quote "one-stop shopping" and "purchase-to-order" operation selling guns and drugs"

Why cant I see what he looks like? Just cause he appears and I quote again "bookish" doesn't mean he's any less of a criminal.

Oh my bad its called keeping us in the dark. I'm still supposed to believe that these black kids are manufacturing their own glocks and uzis in their apartments and no one outside the community is supplying it. Gotcha!

Yea that's what those photos of black criminals tell us don't they and no I'm not saying that black criminals don't deserve to be shown up for their crimes. I'm just saying fair is fair and if the dude is rich and a gun runner and not black I want to see his photo too.

Well who knows I may be completely wrong, wont be the first time, wont be the last time. Maybe Jeffrey Tuck is black but until I see a photo I wont believe that.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Bajan Poli-tricks

Well most of you wont care about this one way or the other but .......

Over the past few weeks there has been a bit of political turmoil going on in Barbados. No we didn't have any uprising, or coup or civil insurrection or anything of the nature but Clyde Mascoll, the leader of the opposition DLP party resigned his post and then promptly joined the ruling party.

Now it is not a strange proceeding in these days to see members of parliament in various countries (even Canada) switch sides but the leader of the opposition, the top dog, the man in charge of the opposition switching sides? That's pretty much unheard of in my opinion.

Anyway I'm all the way over here in the T.dot so I'm sure I don't have the inside scoop on what actually happened but from reports it appears that Mr Mascoll was about to face a vote of no confidence from his troops in Parliament and before that move could be orchestrated he resigned and promptly switched sides.

Now initially I must say that I was very much in favor of his resignation because it appeared as though he was being bullied by others in his own party out of the top spot. Former Opposition leader David Thompson who stepped down after leading the DLP to another election loss in 1999 was coming back for the position as leader of the Opposition. It seemed a bit unfair to me because Thompson had taken his leave when things seemed at their worse leaving the rebuilding task to Mascoll. Mascoll rallied the troops won a few more seats in the last election and seemed to have the party on an upward swing and now here he was getting the shaft when things started to look a bit brighter. It was sort of like a dude who ditches the wife who saw him through the hard times to pick up with some new lady once things were getting better (and yes I'll resist the opportunity to quote Kayne's Golddigger here).

Still regardless of the situation what is disturbing here, from my exiled perspective, is that the opposition in Barbados has become a toothless opponent for the ruling party.

In order for democracy to work effectively one needs an effective opposition and I believe that Barbados has been without one for quite some time now.

Over the years, Prime Minister Arthur has initiated quite a brilliant coup on his part as his favored 'politics of inclusion' has seen his enemies drawn to his side, putting down their barbs and attacks and joining his party. This has left us with no strong voices in opposition. In true West Indian statesman form Arthur also appears to have the force of character and the charisma of a Barrow, Adams, Manley or Eric Williams which seems to have endeared him to the local populace and in fact some voters vote for his party simply because he is the leader. Arthur's mere presence as BLP head honcho has ensured votes and seats in the house of Parliament for his candidates.

The DLP on the other hand lacks a man of Arthur's standing it appears. Many said they couldn't see Mascoll leading the country so they are glad to see him go. His replacement Thompson was the former golden boy of the party but his election results left his image tarnished and one wonders if he can regain his former luster.

This opposition has lacked effective leadership, with power struggles erupting at some of the most inopportune times. Where they might have the opportunity to shore up their support and capitalize on the government's missteps instead they have become bogged down by ineffectiveness, argument and controversy amongst their ranks not putting up a united front with the small number of members they have in parliament. That's pretty sad because with their strength absent it really doesn't leave the average bajan with much choice at the polls. The country is fast becoming a one party state.

From the inception of Arthur's reign back in the mid 90s promising opposition members like Kerry Simmonds and Hamilton Lashley amongst others have crossed the floor to be at Mr Arthur's side and one wonders how the opposition DLP will handle another prominent defection.

Not that I'm complaining about the job which Mr Arthur is doing in Barbados. I'm neither yea or nay on that and will leave that to the Bajan based to analyze as I really haven't lived in Barbados under his regime that much and I feel myself unqualified to judge his accomplishments. Still he has been in power over 10 years now so that must say something for his achievements although maybe it just says as much for the weak opposition he faces.

Now a third party has entered the fray recently which might actually be a good thing as it appears that the opposition DLP, founded back in the day by Barbados' father of Independence Errol Barrow is pretty much a spent force. One even wonders if they are indeed capable of governing the country in the unlikely event they should be elected.

Another issue is that all of these defections to the ruling party really does nothing to enhance the views of politicians in the eyes of the public. Ok maybe they all aren't money hungry, power starved, looking out for # 1 types but that's the impression that one gets when the floor is crossed so regularly. What happened to loyalty, what happened to standing for something? One day you are regularly cursing the other party, their members, their policies and their principals and the next you are embracing and being embraced by those same former political enemies? (And mind you I am not naive enough to think that political enemies cannot be actual friends in reality) That just doesn't sit right with me. Pure poli-tricks that.

And there is no need to say well what do you expect they are after all politicians. However the action of defection just affects the general populace, especially the youth, and leaves them not really caring as they come to the belief that all are birds of a feather and that the seeming ideological gaps between party manifestos and principals is no longer an actual gap since one can so easily jump ship.

Maybe I'm wrong here. Maybe its just that politicians can change policy and what they stand for at the drop of a dime. Whatever it is it affects the voters when they realize that their choices at the polls really aren't so much a choice as they would. No wonder voter turnouts are so low the world over these days.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well tired

This week was a blur hence the lack of blogs. I've been tired since last weekend and finally crashed last night.

Weather been real up and down +7C one day -18 the next. Enough to make a fella sick. Been doing some getting ready for this baby thing plus work just crazy at the moment so no rest for the wicked I guess. Anyway baby classes done so I may chat about that next week along with the whole TTC drama thing.

Raptors fired their GM. Not sure that was the best move as it seems like he was finally getting over the dumb moves he made last year. Last year he traded Vince for a bag of magic beans, he drafted Rafael Arajoa and gave Rafer Alston too much money which were terrible moves but this year he traded Mike James for Alston, picked up Calderone, send Sow to the D league where he seems to have developed a bit and picked up two decent draft picks. Just because his coach wouldn't double team Kobe and allowed him to pour in 81 last weekend isn't reason to fire the guy.

Ok well maybe that's not the reason but come on, the guy had a plan, we cant become the Detroit Pistons overnight, it takes time to develop a team out of the mess that was left here two years ago.

Makes the Raptors look dumber than usual. The clock is ticking on NBA franchises in Canada is all I'm saying.

Anyway everyone have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

TTC drama part 2

Much love to those who read Part I and left comments, haven't had a time to respond but glad you enjoyed it

In case you missed Part I here it is.

Rufus E Smith: No sir, that's not what I meant. (sighs!) Could you just tell the viewers at home what happened on the train.

Theoplilus Adolphus Bourne: Oh yea, I almost faget bout that. Yea so like I was sayin I get to Kennedy Station and get on the train. Now this marnin was a good marning cause de train din full like usual so I was able to get a seat. Plus we din had nuh delays nor breakdowns like sumtimes. Cause ya know sumtimes soon as ya reach Warden station the train fella duz come over the loudspeaker and say "this train is outta service" an then ya gotta get up and wait pun dat cold cold platform fa anudda train. An ya kno summa dese unmannerly people doan even let ya get a seat when ya get back on always pushing ya at the door an ting so. Boy de people in this city aint got nuh manners ya kno.

But wait you kno wha I juss juss realize?

No sir.

You ever realize that the only time ya duz ever hear dem train fellas properly is when dem tellin ya dat the train out of service? Any other time at all at all, all ya duz hear is like two words and then bare crackily sounds coming through the loud speaker.

I never noticed that sir.

Fa true you sure?

No sir I've never noticed that phenomena.

You sure, sure?

Yes sir.

You sure sure sure?

(Face starting to look upset.) I'm POSITIVE sir

But wait, tell me sumting. You duz ride de train though?

Not usually.

Chupse! Wait so why you aint juss say so instead a trying ta mek me look like a poppit or a liar uh? All you had ta say was I got a big motta car an I duz drive work. Simple so. Instead you got people feel like I hayso mekkin up things an you tryin ta mek me look like I aint got nuh sense. Talking bout you POSITIVE and this an dat. Chupse! See how all wunnah big up people duz treat the poor man. Looka you aint kno if this so n so camera wasn't pointing at me I wudda .............

Just calm down sir, My sincere apologies I didn't mean to offend you.

Ya lucky I in a good mood ya cause you getting me vex!

I'm sorry sir it wasn't my intention. Now sir could we please go back to the story. Tell the viewers what happened on the train.

Alright lemma finish this off quick then.

So like I did saying. So I ketch the train an I sit down, plug in the Ipod and start listening to some serious vibes juss trying to hol a lil breeze before work.

Did you say Ipod?

Wait wha wrong wid you? You deaf or wha? Yes I say Ipod. Wha happen now? I look like I cann own a iPod? Or you tryin ta say dat I look too stupid to be able to work ona dum? Which wun you trying ta say uh?

(starting to sweat) I wasn't implying anything of that nature sir, I apologize profusely if that was the impression that......

Ya betta had cause you, you threading pun real thin ice ya! I warning ya. Looka I will have it known dat I up on all the latest technologies; iPods, mp3s, DVDs, PsPs, beeveedees all dem sorta things man. I in touch an in tune boy. So doan get uppity wid me.

Sorry sir.

Anyway like I was saying I plug in the iPod an was listenin to some serious vibes man.

Serious vibes?

Yes man, ya kno I gettin the feeling that you like you aint got tummuchy tummuchy sense ya kno! Wait how you get this job? You know sumbody dat did work at de station?

Music, man, dat is what I talking about. (clears throat. Starts singing again) 'I'm too experienced to be taken for a stro-o-oooooll! Too experienced for someone to rock 'n' ro-o-o-o-olll!" How ya like dat singing boy? ha ha, I cud still carry a tune. Ya kno boy dem real lucky dem put a age limit on Canadian Idol cause if I did lil younger I wudda mash down that show den.

Ok! Well Sir we are running out of time here so you've got to speed up the story a bit.

Cheese on bread den! You in real nuff rush man. Wha happen you from Rush-ia or wha?

Its not me sir but my producers are telling me to speed things up.

Speed things up? Speed things up? See dat is wha I doan like bout wunnah young people, always in tummuch rush. Dat is why summuch blood pressure, hypertension and heart attack and cancer stirring bout the place. Wunnah neva hear tekkin time aint laziness?

I agree sir, but could we get back to the details of what happened. And just for our viewers, the paramedics have just finished removing the injured passenger and she is on her way to the hospital with what is being reported as a broken nose.

Cuhdear, poor she, she aint had nuh right messing wid de odda girl though.

So continuing sir, what exactly happened here?

Well looka you really wanta kno fa true? Alright well lemma tell ya. Ummm amm but remind me how far I did get cause I like I faget.

You were on the train listening to some 'serious vibes.'

Wait you mocking me now?

No sir, not mocking just repeating what you said.

well um soun like you mocking me an I doan like dat at all.

No sir believe me I was not mocking you.

Alright but I watching you close cause you starting ta ar-ga-vate me.

No need to get upset sir. (changing topic) So you were listening to music on the train.

Yea man serious vibes boy, serious vibes! (clears throat starts singing again) "I'm too exp..."

Sir you sang for us already.

So wait ya saying ya doan like my singing now?

No Sir, not at all you have a lovely voice.

Oh so um is the song you doan like den?

No sir, not at all.

So if um aint the singing um gotta be the voice.

Not at all sir but (pointing to watch) ....

Well if um aint the voice um gotta be the music. Chupse! See I tell ya wunnah young people doan know good music at all den. Dat tune is a classic man, a classic! Looka last week I did home an I hear sum foolish loud ruck tuck music pun the radio and the man on the radio say dat is all the latest thing dat popular. Call um sum sorta ammm ammmm drunk music or sumting so.

You mean crunk sir.

Crunk? Well I thought um was drunk cause listen let me tell you then I would gotta be DRUNK ta listen to dat CRUNK. Dat is bare noise den! Barely confuse a fella head. But anyway ya did want me to tell ya the story.

Yes sir Please continue.


I'm going to stretch it out Part III so stay tuned to the ( maybe not so) stunning conclusion of TTC drama same bat time same bat channel.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Reacting on Instinct

Antonio Davis, of the New York Knicks, got suspended by the NBA for 5 games this past week. His crime was running into the stands during a game which is a definite no no and a very worrying sight for NBA officials especially after the whole Ron Artest debacle at the Palace of Auburn Hills last year.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBut lets look at why Mr Davis ran into the stands. Apparently Davis was running to the aid of his wife Kendra who was up there watching the game. She was in an argument with another fan and from where Antonio was standing on the sidelines of the game it appeared as if a physical altercation was about to take place or his wife was being threatened. Davis ran to his wife's assistance and things de-escalated as security arrived and removed the offending fan. I'm guessing they also de-escalated because no average size fan is ready to scrap with anyone who can call a 6'10" 200+ big black dude to support them in a battle.

Anyway the fan says he wasn't threatening Mrs Davis and she was the one who hit him so he is demanding an apology and is actually suing the couple as well.

Ok its probably going to get more news coverage than it deserves and who knows what the actual truth is. Maybe its somewhere in between Davis' claim and the dude's claim. Davis however has been suspended for five games without pay which is actually a pretty lenient sentence in the NBA for his "crime".

Ok as an aside let me just say I'm not a big Antonio Davis fan. He got big cash in Toronto a few years back, then made a jackass of himself with comments saying he doesn't want to play here because amongst other things he doesn't like his family being in Canada because our schools teach his kids strange things like the metric system. Comments like that showed me homeboy was kinda dumb.

So he was traded away from the Raptors as all spoilt pouting petulant child-like players are eventually (that means you Vince) but I just found his attitude and effort, after his silly comments, really fell off and he put in a half assed effort at best for the Toronto team his last year here.

Anyway this is not about my liking him or not. I understand him being suspended as the NBA rules leave no grey areas for interpretation. He broke the rules, he was punished. However the question is are the rules right?

I just think the NBA rules don't follow a lot of common sense. Why? 9 Times out of 10 any man seeing his wife or another family member in that situation will respond by running to their assistance. Your brother staring down two bullies, you got his back, some jerk messing with your parents you are in there ready to scrap. That's not true?

Is only if the person involved is somebody like Aunt Gertrude second boy that still owe ya money, Cousin Steve that tief all ya matchbox cars from ya when ya was a lil boy or ya inlaws or somebody so that ya might decide I aint getting involved in that but otherwise the average guy is looking to go and support whoever in his family he perceives to be in need of assistance.

Another similarly silly NBA rule is the no tolerance one that says if your teammate gets into a scrap on the floor you cant get off the bench and get involved. In fact if a player takes one step onto the court he is automatically suspended at least one game so anytime some altercation occurs and players on the bench stand up you normally see one or two of the assistant coaches trying to push them back to their seats so they wont violate this rule.

Ok these are your teammates involved in a battle on the court. I'm not arguing for the right for a player in such a situation to run out there and start a full out fist of fury, throwing bows, melee but these are the dudes you spend 7-8 months a year playing with, traveling with, hanging out with becoming a team sometimes even a family. These are your boys! And you are not allowed to even take one step onto the floor when they are in potential trouble? Come on now! Instinct alone will get you up off the bench and taking that step to where the incident is occurring so it seems silly to me to punish someone for that. Zero tolerance gone wrong in my opinion. I mean the players are men not robots, instinct will move them to respond.

Ok so the argument is that the folks getting up from the bench will escalate the altercation which is possible but maybe some of them might be going to intervene to try to pull the combatants apart and cool things down. You could argue that too.

Oh well, NBA commish David Stern knows best. I'm just saying humans have certain instincts to respond .... react to certain situations. Yes human instinct can be wrong but what does it say when right is considered sitting back passively and watching as your family or friends are involved in a situation while wrong is considered going to their assistance.

And no I'm not crying boo hoo for Mr Davis and his 5 game suspension which costs him 700Gs in lost salary (thats 140,000 per game, or 2916 dollars per minute damn!!) which shows you how ridiculously paid he is. I just think the principle behind the rules may be slightly flawed.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A new day dawns

Well in case anyone isn't aware (meaning in case anyone actually cares) Monday is election day in Canada.

The advanced polls say that the Conservative party should win the election handily, or at least with enough seats to form a majority government, meaning we wont have to endure another quick poll in a year or so like this one coming just on the heels of our last election a year ago. Its just a little tough to watch all my hard earned tax dollars go down the drain on nonsensical elections while decent projects fall through for lack of funds.

The Liberals who have ruled Canada since the mid 90s will be on their way to being the opposition much to the chagrin of many.

Well what can one say. I got a few thoughts not necessarily coherent but I'll post them nevertheless.

What I find interesting about this election is how low key the real issues have been. In fact what are the real issues anyways? Is it gun violence, is it health care, gay marriage, is it money for transit, is it child care, is it relations with the US, is it relationships with Quebec (our foreign county within the country)?

It just seems like the focus has been on the fact that the Liberals have been in power for a number of years and are corrupt. Its not like most people, at least in the T-dot, want the Conservatives to win but a prevailing thought is that the Liberals must lose in order to regroup and come again. They have lost their way and hence must be tossed into the wilderness in order to find their compass and true north (holy mixed metaphors batman!). They must wheel an come agin!

Its interesting how folk are voting. Either they are voting Liberal because they are scared of the Conservatives and what they may do to the country (especially after the Mike Harris common sense revolution messed up Ontario) or they are voting Conservative or NDP because they are tired of the Liberal corruption. Is this the way democracy is supposed to work? Its like the whole lesser of two evils debate. All options you're screwed its just who do you think will screw you less. But then that seems to be the choice in most elections these days worldwide. There doesn't seem to be a movement that truly encompasses your ideals or strives to achieve what you really want to see happen so we do risk assessment to see who is the lesser risk.

I also find it amazing that the Reform party now dressed in Conservative clothing have been able to shed their smell. Remember Reform, remember their anti-immigrant, anti-Ontario sentiment from back in the day, well only a few years ago actually before they merged with the former Tory party. Well hey, wasn't Stephen Harper the leader of Reform? Do people remember that? Do you still want him for PM. Or maybe he's changed his spots since those good old days.

I find it hilarious that our current PM Paul Martin is losing/may lose/will lose this election. If he does its all his fault. The bickering between him and former PM Chretien is probably the biggest cause of the fall of the Liberals. Martin, like Luda wanted the number 1 spot but now he basically split the party, dumped the Chretein backers and threw out some of the old guard that helped keep it strong. If he loses it all on him.

I also think it ironic that the NDP helped to bring about this latest election by going against the Liberal minority government in the house of parliament. Memo to Jack Layton in the immortal words of Big Daddy Kane "Put a quarter in ya ....... cause ya played yourself!' After actually having some clout in this regime your party is about to go back to its former role of irrelevant fringe party.

Anyway come Monday night all will be revealed. If you can vote go out and let your voice be heard or your X counted. Vote for whoever you feel will do the best job. If you can and you don't you cant complain if things fall apart.

Monday, January 16, 2006

TTC drama Part I

Remember two weeks ago I told you I saw a fight on the subway? Well took a bit of artistic license with that and here it is TTC drama part I (trapped in the closet aint got nothing on us!)

Its about to be a what! A GIRLFIGHT!

The following takes place around 8:20 am on the Bloor Danforth Line at Castle Frank Station. Tick Tick Tick Tick!

Based on a true story (loosely based that is).

Are we on the air? Oh ok!
Uh ummm, This is Rufus E. Smith reporting to you live from Castle Frank subway Station, just moments ago the scene of a brutal assault which has seen one passenger left in the care of paramedics who just rushed onto the scene. We're here trying to find an eyewitness to the entire episode. (Spotting man in the crowd) Sir, sir can we get a minute of your time? What is your name and did you witness the altercation?

Wait who is you? Time in short supply this marnin wid all this foolishness dat juss happen ya kno cause I trying ta get ta work. Boss man aint gine tek no "subway was delayed" excuse agin. I use dat wun three times this week already...... an I only went work twice.

This is Rufus E Smith reporting live for channel Zero.

Channel Zero? Wha is dat? Wha I neva hear bout wunnah ya kno. Wha numba dat is in Scarborough?

Umm that would be zero sir.

Oh! Ok. Well I still neva hear bout wunnah. I duz watch Breakfast TV wid dat girl Jennifer and the odda wun Tracy, boy two a dem real nice ya know. You shud watch them punna marnin when you aint wukkin fa channel nero. I aint too fond a de one Lisa or Liza or whateva she name but dem odda two real real nice.

Thats channel zero. Sir what is your name and did you happen to see the brutal assault that just took place?

Brutal assault? chupse oh you mean the woman dat get de lash in she face? Chupse! Yea man I see when dat happen. Dat din no brutal assault ya hear! You like you tryin ta stir up controversy an mek up news. Looka I aint tekkin part in nuh mek up news fa wunnah ratings fa channel zerox.

Thats zero sir

Well zerox or zero whatever wunnah name I doan feel wunnah shud be mekkin up news.

We at channel ZERO are not in the habit of either "making up" or fabricating news stories sir. Take that from me, Rufus E Smith. Now sir again what is your name.

I is Theoplius Adolphus Bourne, better known as SweetChile, driver of X246, born October 7th 1959, brother of 7, father of 3. That one in Brampton aint mine ya hear, I did only mess wid she mudda one time an de chile doan look nuttin like me or nunna my family so if ya feel I paying chile support well ya can carry ya .......

Ummm sorry to interrupt you Mr Bourne but since you seemed to have seen the entire episode could you please tell us what occurred?

Episode? Wait you think this is CSI Miami or sumting? You feel I mekkin up episodes fa you ta get ratings and increase advertisements? Looka I duz only tell de truth, the whole truth and nuttin but the truth.

Please continue sir

Wait! I juss notice dat camera light blinking. we on the air fa true?

Yes Sir we are live on air.

Oh shoot! Why you aint tell muh nuttin. (Taking off hat and running hand over head to pat down hair) Well in that case where my manners. lemma say hello ta de wife an ta muh grandmudda Lottie and Auntie Mabel, cousin Charlie and to my bredren Mad Bull, Dr D, Obi, Buck, Amadeo and de resta de fellas and doan let me faget Bajansistren, Kami, Soli, Lene, Bajanqueen and Urban.....

Sir is this necessary?

Oh yea ya right cause nuhbody I know duz watch wunnah poo poo station anyways. chupse!

Sir the story...

Story? man I doan like wha you insinuating ya know. First ya say I giving wunnah episodes now ya sayin I tellin stories. Looka I doan tell nuh stories, my mudda raise me betta dan that. (Starts singing) "Teacher Percy say if ya tell a lie ya going ta hell as soon as ya die!" I is sweetchile not Lion de Liar ya kno.

Alright then sir. I apologize but could you please continue.

Alright well let muh start at the beginning.

Please do.

Well dis marnin I wake up bout 6 o clock roll over an say muh prayers. I think I ketching sum sorta cold though cause I had more yampie in me eye dan usual. Anyway um did real foggy outside like sumting from one a dem horro movies. Friday de 13th, jason, freddy and dem sorta fellas. I doan understand why outside duz gotta be suh dark in the marnin like the sun doan wanta wake up cause the place suh cold or sumting so.

Anyhow I get out muh bed, went in de bath and went downstairs fa breakfast. The wife mek muh favorite .....Bakes. You know anything bout bakes young fella?

Sir I really don't see how this has anything to do with ....

See wha I tell wunnah. Chupse! Man wunnah young people aint know nuttin bout propa food like bakes, and ground provisions and big flour dumplings in soup. All wunnah duz eat is French fries and all dat greasy fast food.

(ignoring Sweetchile) So when did the altercation occur?

Wait wha you interrupting me fa? You in a very much of a rush doah?

Sorry sir.

(cutting eye at Rufus E Smith) So after the bakes and a good cuppa green tea ta wake up the stomach I leff home roun 730, tek the bus down to Kennedy and get on the subway. One time I use-ed ta tek the (Scarborough) RT but nowadays de RT duz got people fa days den. I talkin bout people ram off like a ZR van then! An summa dum like dem duz leff home widout bathing. Wuhloss boy! Talk bout smelling frouzy! Last time I was pun the RT a fella get on an I almost pass out immediately. Lawd ave mercy boy, I almost thought I was a goner. In fact if the ride was anudda two minutes dem wudda had ta call the para amm amm .

The Paramedics?

No de orderlies and dem fellas wid de smelling salts too cause I woulda been unconscious.

I see

Yea man de RT duz be really too crowded pun marnings. Wait you think dem gine gi we a subway in Scarborough?

Umm I'm not sure sir.

You not sure? chupse! Wha I thought wunnah reporter fellas used to know evating. You aint got nuh big up politician friends? Wha you like you aint nuh real reporter, you musse a reporter friend.

I don't see how this is relevant sir. If you could just kindly tell us about what transpired on the subway.

Who ya say perspire? Looka behave yaself, I put on deodorant before I leff home so if anybody on the subway perspire um wasn't me. You musse smelling yaself ya.

No sir, that's not what I meant. (sighs!) Could you just tell the viewers at home what happened on the train.

Stay tuned for part II and possibly III coming soon.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Music: Fan un-appreciation

Its music Friday again.

Over the past few years we have all become familiar with comments from the RIAA and various musical artists featuring complaints about their loss of income due to rampant pirating of music on the internet and in the streets. Bootleg cds, napster, Kazaa, bit torrent downloading and the like have all been alleged as the cause for the decrease in record sales and the shortfall in profit projections in the record industry.

Cant really say I disagree with their analysis and sometimes I do feel sad for a recording artist who has put his soul on wax only to see his music 'leaked' to the internet before its official release date or whose cd is being sold in large amounts on the bootleg market but he can barely go aluminum with his legit album. Poor guys.

isn't that terrible the way how the fans treat the artists? Mind you most cds are overpriced coasters these days anyways.

I'm sure we could argue that point quite a bit but I wanted to focus on something else today. The way the artists treat the fan.

The music fan is truly unappreciated by musical artists these days. I'm basing my argument on just one fact today although there are many others.

Exhibit A. Recording artist "Johnny Got Lucky" releases "Lukewarm the cd" in August. On the strength of previous releases, promotions and a maybe sort of hot first single 'Blah blah blah' his album selling for 14.99 moves quite a bit of product and he makes the top 40 list going maybe even Gold or Platinum. The album is possibly solid and he has a nice group of core fans from previous releases who are willing to buy his stuff as soon as it hits the street. From there, Word of mouth, he say she say and just hearing your boy or girl play it 10 straight times in their car convinces Joe or Jane Average public it may not be such a waste of money and he/she goes out and cops that album. Yea sales skyrocket. Johnny is platinum. People be catching the vapors.

It was all a dream but homeboy is making money and getting popularity. Back then they didn't know him now he's hot they all on him (And no I'm not pointing out Mike Jones). Was it his superior product, well maybe sometimes but it was also due to his hardcore fans and a few others who bought that cd as soon as it dropped and then played it and played it and passed on the word to the others that it was nice. This is what caused the snowball effect that led to that album going platinum.

So what does Johnny do in appreciation of said fans? Johnny releases "Mediocre the cd, Vol 1.5" in December featuring along with the old stuff 4 to 6 new songs or remixes and selling for 18.99. What da?

Ok before anyone says well you don't have to buy the second album, this is very true and I completely agree but I still think that dropping the same album with 5 or 6 new tracks 6 months later is disrespectful to the fans who went out and bought your album before it got big and got you to that platinum status. Shouldn't you be rewarding the people who bought your album the first time out instead of penalizing them for not waiting 6 months to buy it?

And no this isn't aimed at any specific artists, although quite a few come to mind, and I'll be dammed if I'd buy vol 1.5 if I already had version 1 but I still think that this practice is a serious diss to the fans who supported the artist from the get go. Its like trying to gouge your loyal fans twice. isn't it bad enough they bought your overpriced product once already.Thats not right!

But it does lead me to believe that the artist cares nothing about the true fans and is just out to stuff his/her pockets by siphoning off as much of your money as possible without putting in extra work. Maybe its to make up for the illegal downloading but its not right.

p.s: Monday I'm trying out a new story on you guys, its long so i'll give you it in parts. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Baby Shopping

Well time is quickly sneaking up on me with this whole baby thing. If all goes well (fingers and toes crossed) the little one will be here in less than two months.

Ok Jdid, no time to panic.

So I/we've (de wife and I) started doing some baby shopping in preparation for the new arrival. Well its been less like shopping and more like looking cause nothing much has been bought yet. Just some shopping forays to get an idea about what we need and how much it costs.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell what can I say. Its been quite an experience. I've been looking at strollers, playpens ( I thought they had a different function mind you), cribs (unfortunately not the type featured on MTV), car seats and a whole lot of other baby stuff. Its actually quite a bit of info to ingest but so far its been interesting.

Strollers, prams, sorry they call them travel systems if ya please now, in themselves are like a whole course that should be taught to soon to be parents. I mean the range and diversity in colors, number of wheels, size of wheels, weight, adjustments and materials are amazing. Its enough to make me call them baby cars because there seem to be about as many makes and models as your average automobile. I mean they even make three wheel jogging strollers these days. What will they think of next!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd they have interesting names too; the Euro, the Passage, the Spree. Boy when the lady at the store tell me about the Spree, I was thinking Spreewells and saying to myself "boy these days they even making baby prams with spinners!" I aint buying no baby carriage with no spinners though next thing ya know baby talking bout "sitting on dubs" and want me buy him/her bling bling. Imagine if I have a chile like that, looking like lil'John or one of those dudes. Yeaaaahhh! What!! Ok I'm bugging. Sounds like a nice Chappell skit though.

Oh and as an aside why is it in Scarborough town centre all the strollers are locked down while I can go to the Eaton Centre and fool around with any stroller in the said same department stores. I must live in a bad area, people tiefing strollers lawd ave mercy!

Next baby post: Baby classes and why I'm still traumatized! (Coming next week possibly)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Game face

Its always interesting to wonder whats happening within someone's head. Around us everyday many people are dealing with issues and problems that others have no idea about. We are completely clueless to the heartbreak or the finacial woes or the illness of the person next to us at the bank machine or who opened the door for us at the McDonalds or even whats going on with the dude who sits at the desk next to you.

Most Relationships are superficial anyway. No one really cares.

Everyone has a game face, because , well actually because of a whole bunch of reasons. For one society wants us to be strong, for another everyone has a private side and doesnt want their innermost problems out there, and also most of us realize that even if its out there society still expects us to function as if nothing is happening unless its the rare extreme cases like a death or some severe trauma we are dealing with. Its all chalked up rightly or wrongly as all part of life and we cant really argue with that. Plus no one really cares anyway but I said that already.

Wouldnt the world be interesting if people removed their game faces or we could actually read minds.

The ironic thing to me though is that although society expects us to keep on these game faces while pretending that everything is ok if ever a slight crack in that game face appears then we are pestered with appeals to open up and share?

I think thats kind of weird but then again thats just my opinion.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Musical Fridays - Year in Review

2005. What a year in music. Reggaton made a mark, southern fried hip hop ruled the airwaves and Maria Carey went from loony to lovely. So lets do a quick recap of a few musical genres shall we.

RnB - One Thing
Image hosted by Photobucket.comYea Omarion and Marcus Houston, had some nice joints last year but women a run things in the 2005. Amerie hit you with "1 thing", Maria Carey was the comeback artist of the year making us forget Glitter, Ciara did big things with Luda, Bow Wow and Missy and Faith and Mary made appearances.

On the new artist scene there were also a whole heap of young upstarts like Brook Valentino, Tierra Marie and Keisha Cole keeping things hot for 2005 on the ladies side while Lyfe, Trey Songz, Bobby Valentino and Chris Brown held it down for the guys.

Cant leave off a Special shout out to Rhianna (big up the bajans dem!) for bumrushing the scene with Pon the replay and her other joints.

Also as I mentioned in a previous Music Fridays article the Canadian rnb scene was hit this summer with releases from JullyBlack, Divine Brown, Toya Alexis, Melanie Durant and Andrea Lewis.

2005 saw some more popular old school hip hop joints like The Bridge is Over (Rhianna), Best Kept Secret (Faith) and My Melody (Tierra Marie) being appropriated into rnb.

Oh and in other news some yout name Houston juk out he eye for no apparent reason.

Oh and let me not forget R kelly's Trapped in the Closet.

Song of the Year: One Thing - Amerie
My Favorite song: One Thing - Amerie
Album of the Year: The Way it is - Keisha Cole, Emancipation of Mimi - Maria Carey

Dancehall - Welcome to Jamrock!

Out in the streets they call it murrrrder!

Yea Elephant Man hit with the Willie Bounce, Vybz Kartel was everywhere (Up to the Time!!!), Sean Paul retained his popularity and the military rhythm was pure niceness but 2005 was the year culture lyrics made a comeback. Damien Marley did big things with Welcome to Jamrock which crossed genres even spawning sound-alikes and remakes. TOK's Footprints made it to the BET rotation even though the tune is like 5 years old :-). Ok I lie but the American public picked up on that tune about 10 months after its release.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comRichie Spice, Jah Cure, Lutan Fyah, I Wayne, Chezidek, Fantan Mojah and Gyptian all bought the fyah for 2005 with big tunes like "One man cant satisfy her" , "Reflections", "Serious Time" and "Blood Agin". Conscious lyric replaced slackness. A new era has dawned... Perhaps.

Dry Cry and Rise to the Occasion from Sizzla were still hitting hard (although they are pretty old as well) and he signed on with Dame Dash's label so expect him to get some mainstream play this year.

In other news, Buju caught a case. Anyone know what happened in court?

Song of the Year: Welcome to Jamrock - Damien Marley
My Favorite song: Reflections - Jah Cure
Album of the Year: Unknown Language - TOK

Commercial Hip Hop - Back then they din want me, now I'm hot they all on me

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSomeone said the South shall rise again! And it did in 2005. Last year was definitely the coming of age of Southern Hip hop. Did any Rapper in the East or West make music this year that got commercial airplay (besides Lil Kim that is?) Ying Yang Twins, Paul Wall, Young Jeezy, Mike Jones, David Banner, Dem Franchise Boyz, TI, 3-6 Mafia and more. Everywhere you looked it was all about the south. Tennessee, Houston and Atlanta all had more hits than New York who would believe that?

Laffy Taffy set back the whole Southern Movement though.

Ok other folk outside the south held it down. The Game scored in the first quarter with the Documentary (arguably the years best hip hop album BUT NOT A CLASSIC), Kanye West blew up the spot with Golddigger and 50 cents went platinum with the Massacre (I wont comment on that one). Cassidy's I'm a Hustla was the ish too!

In other news, 50 signed Reverend Mase, Mobb Deep and MOP, Juelz Santana was spitting on records all over the place, Foxy Brown went deaf, Lil Kim went to jail, Jay Z and Nas dropped their feud, Puffy forget that duets mean two artists not 5 or 6 on a track and we all wait for Jay Z to return.

Oh and Memphis Bleek dropped another album to the sound of utter silence. Why doesn't Bleek get any props? Bleek aint as bad as people make him out to be, its just too much hype was pinned on him when he got drafted into the Rock. What can I say I'm a Bleek fan (but then I think Rafael Araujo will become a serviceable NBA centre so what do I know.)

News Flash: Nelly still sucks (that one was for Kami)

Song of the Year: Golddigger - Kanye West,
My Favorite song: #1 spot - Ludacris, Dreams - Game, Soul Survivor - Jeezy/Akon
Album of the Year: Documentary - Game , Be - Common

Underground Hip Hop - Solid!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com(Sorry had to make a distinction) These are the guys who get no commercial airplay but gave us quality output for 2005. It was actually a good year for the underground. Main staples like Gza and Muggs, Ghostface and AZ all gave us solid lps. The highlights were probably Little Brother's Ministrel show and the Danger Mouse, MF Doom collabo Mouse and the Mask. They were both good albums but a little disappointing from my standpoint given the anticipation. Justus League (the Little Brother extended crew) did drop some nice stuff with Away Team, Splash and the Little Brother Chitling Curcuit mixtape though. Duckdown Records came back with a triple threat with Buckshot, Sean Price and Smif n Wesson all putting out decent albums.

Common managed to cross over to the mainstream with some help from Kanye West's production and singles like Go and Testify but we still embrace him as one of the underground.

Oh and I discovered this west coast cat Rasco (a few years late but better than never).

In other news, labels reissued classics like crazy this year. OC, Doug E Fresh, King Just, De La, Tribe, Tuff Crew, Boogie Down Productions, Boogie Monsters, Del, Souls of Mischief you name it they reissued it although all a brother is asking for is some Special Ed and some D-Nice. I mean come on is that too much to ask?

Oh and what happened to KRS-one?

Song of the Year: The Corner - Common (wait can I put his album in commercial and the single in underground?)
My Favorite song: The Corner - Common, New York - AZ featuring Ghost and Rae
Album of the Year: Put it on the Line - Ghostface and Trife

Soca, Kaiso, Calypso - 2005 see we coming!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLast year was a great year for soca. From Destra's Fly to KMC's First Experience Carnival 2005 brought some of the wickedest soca tunes in a while. Ah hook like Blackie on the music that was popular last year.

Crop Over 2005 also brought out some good music. I'll confess that I was underwhelmed by the offerings in 2004 but 2005 more than made up for it with Nathalee Shontelle's Colors (blue yellow blue, yellow blue, yellow blue), Allison's Roll it gal and my favorite Waistline Shots by Mr DJ (the A few of my favorite things sample in the beginning is bad!).

In other news Edwin Yearwood put out an album on VP records but it seems to have flown completely under the radar and Rupee never took off like we expected.

Song of the Year: Dead or Alive - Shurwayne Winchester, Roll it gal - Allison Hinds
My Favorite song: Wasitline Shots - Mr DJ,You _ Machel Montana
Album of the Year: I aint got a clue cause I aint hear one full album this year

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Workout Plan

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and
Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this

Ok its not a New Years resolution. That out of the way I've been trying to workout a bit more often or rather start working out again. Yea I've been playing squash all last year despite that one traumatic episode (my best post of 2005 in my opinion) which hindsight says I shouldn't have blogged about since people that know me are still laughing at that one all like now, but I wasn't really working out.

Yes I tried to hit the weights a few times last spring but was unfocused so that didn't actually work out (pun intended).

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLet me explain myself and working out to you all. When I lived downtown, my gym was about 10 minutes away and I could go there in the mornings before work. It was great because I love morning workouts as there were very few people in my gym at that time as opposed to the crowds and mess of going after work. No long lineups for equipment, not a lot of muscle bound morons with bad lifting technique trying to pose off and either intimidate or attract attention. Just a few devoted people who really wanted to work out.

With me working out is like this huge object that I'm always struggling with. When I am working out I love it. I become the ultimate gym rat, I'm focused, I'm disciplined, I have goals, I have programs and I don't stop for anything. The workout momentum the adrenalin and the pheremones or whatever other little minute particles you work up in the gym just keep me going. My plan isn't to become super huge like Arnold or anything just be fit and healthy. I mean I don't kill myself, just go about three times a week (I too small and lose weight too easily to overwork myself), but I have routines and plans and I feel like I am king of the gym.

But Lawd help me if I stop going. When I stop going my bed duz feel too sweet in the morning and it is impossible to get me going again.

Well I'm in the I've stopped and haven't really done anything workout like besides squash and beat the occasional cricket ball around (boy I batting like Lara dese days, the men cant get me out!) in about 6-8 months now stage and its telling on me. Yea squash is nice and keeps me sort of in shape and at least stops me from huffing and puffing too much on the stairs but what little muscle I have has disappeared and y'all know I wasn't the biggest fella to begin with. Lanky I think they describe me as. That is just a nice way of saying boy ya back like it touching ya belly.

So I realized that I needed to go back to the gym a few weeks ago when I was feeling pain from regular activities. Like for instance, I was shovelling snow one morning and my shoulders started to hurt, then just before Christmas I was walking home with a big load of groceries and my arms felt like they were being ripped from the socket. Plus I realize that some shirts I had that was fitting me tight tight in 2004 now got me looking like some of them rapper fellas dat duz wear dem nightgown sized t-shirts. So I said to myself 'boy is time to start working out again'. I mean its not even like I can really blame the gym for my not working out anymore as I've had some free weights knocking around the house since every since. Its just like I said before its a momentum thing and when I stop its just hell to start up again.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo after working up the courage or rather strength to get the ball rolling, last week I finally went to the gym just to get started (Since then I've worked out three more times at home). Now I didn't try to play I was any big superstar at the gym either. Went into the weight room, took up some weights about half the size of what I accustomed to and said well lets just start off and get the muscles acclimatized to the exercises.

Oh as an aside one thing I noticed though is that gyms must use trick mirrors. Was looking in the mirrors in the weight room and I was looking all nice and muscular and then I get home and my mirrors even when I wipe off the dust I din see nuttin so. I like I need to buy one of dem gym mirrors for the house.

Anyway at the gym I was working triceps and biceps and quadraceps (but not the unoceps ask mac fingall if ya doan know) but not trying to kill myself cause I didn't want to pull or strain anything so early in the game. Well even with those precautions let me tell you that next day I was crying. I mean pain cant dun boy! My traps, my lats, my quads, my delts and even down by my belt was hurting me. Lawd ave mercy! Muscles I didn't remember I had and some I never knew I had were in pain. I almost that I had gone to a wrestling match with them WWF fellas or that the wife body slam muh when I was sleeping or something so.

Had to reach for the heat pad and all sorts of thing so and had me walking around limping and crying like a old man. Even up to today my abs are killing me because I started doing ab work with one of those big exercise balls and doing that just inflict more pain on my poor lil body. Poor me!

Oh well, no pain no gain they say.

But wait you know what I realize. I haven't had a good workout plan or schedule since just around the time I started blogging in 2004. Hmm coincidence?

p.s: 845am, First day back to work. just got in but witnessed an interesting altercation (ie people coming to blows) on the train complete with train delay and maybe charge of assualt on the way in. Will blog about it soon.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Eediat Ting dat!

Ah boy! I know I haven't done an "Eediat Ting dat" in a few months but well sometimes things just happen that so neatly fall into this category that well I just cant let them slide.

Not sure if you guys heard about this but the story can be read here. For those who don't want to check the link let me break it down to you as such.

This young guy, Hassan somebody or the other, 16 year old high school student in Florida, left his nice home in the USA a few weeks back and traveled all the way to Iraq on his own.

He had recently studied immersion journalism at school and decided he wanted to go to Iraq and immerse himself to have a better understanding of how the people there lived.

Now mind you although my yout's parents are Iraqi he was born and raised in North America has never been there and speaks not one iota of the local languages.

Did that stop him? Nope my boy buy a plane ticket to Kuwait, hire a taxi to go to Iraq, got turned back at the border, then called his parents who shocked that he was there convinced him to go to Lebanon to stay with some of their friends and then come back to the US. Somehow from Lebanon my boy ended up in Iraq where he spent a few anxious days totally out of place before turning himself into journalists or the army who took him to the US authorities and now he is on his way back to Florida.

Now before I give my take on this let me say that they claim he is an idealistic young fella. He was raised in a fairly rich household and his parents gave him a Infiniti worth 50Gs on his 16th birthday. I guess I could take the clueless rich kid angle here if I wanted then. He apparently was also pretty smart at school.

Anyway rich or not I believe the correct bajan term for this youngster would be 'poppit', 'johnny' or 'good pieca idiot'. That is the only way to describe this young man. Idealistic? Nope that fella head bad! Imagine I'm going to leave my nice little sheltered life in the US with my Infiniti car and my nice house to just on a whim go to Iraq. What was it Elephant man say "Mad sick, head nuh good!" Seriously that boy got issues, he needs medical help swiftly. I mean its not like he aint had internet access in the US. Research the place man. You read reports about bombings, kidnappings and the like in Iraq from numerous sources and you don't speak the language why would you just pick up, not tell anyone where you are headed and go there? Oh you had to see for yourself? You are 16 for crying out loud act your age instead of acting like a 10 year old. Supposed you had gotten kidnapped over there now what would you have to say for yourself?

I read that the parents say when he come back he getting grounded. He waste out my money to fly halfway round the world and all he getting is grounded? He wanted to be immersed in Iraq well if he had West Indian parents he tail would get immerse in some hot lashes when he reach back in Florida.

This kid acted like Iraq was some sort of exotic adventure, a safari of sorts. And they still claim he is smart? I guess it just goes to show as I always heard growing up 'Book smarts aint common sense'. Clearly this lad is lacking in common sense. Eediat ting dat!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year same ish

I mean snow that is. Woke up this morning and the first task of 2006 was to shovel. Doggone it man, I don't know how much more of this I can take. And its just the beginning of January with all of January, February and even March to come. Lawd ave mercy!

Actually I think winter and living in North America is taking its toll on me. Must be the cold and the snow and the lack of sunlight. Plus I've just been seeing a lot of my bredren and sistren from the islands who were living here make that move back recently. Interesting trend. I guess the land of opportunity and success isn't actually working the way its supposed to. Gives one pause for thought though. Maybe its a reverse brain drain or maybe it just proves that the grass aint always greener on the other side. Who knows!

Anyway New Years Eve was spent quietly in front of the TV watching various musical countdowns and reflecting a bit on 2005. Actually I reflected a lot less that I did in past years. Not sure why that is. Actually I probably do but that's a whole other blog which wont get written.

Been off from work for the past two weeks and go back on Wednesday. Let me say that this has been one of the times where vacation was really really welcome. I man was well tired, both mentally and physically, probably a bit run down too. Needed the break to recuperate and as such I really aint do much of anything these holidays. Just sleep and watch TV and a few movies and read and sleep and did I mention sleep, lol.

Lethargy kicked in serious time.

Must have left home like 3 times in the past two weeks but I haven't been bored or anything. Been in an anti-people mood too so Christmas was quiet. Just needed some alone time.

Anyway just wanted to get some not so coherent stuff out of the way for the new year so that's that. Oh wait a minute! Was going to chat about the blog a bit.

Well I'm all of a year and almost a half on this blog and I honestly never thought it would go on this long. Naa I aint quiting yet, well actually wont make any promises but no this aint a goodbye speech. Must say once again that I got mad love for all the folks out there who read this stuff and all those out there in blogland whose works I check. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole blog thing to tell you the truth. So many disparate points of views and so many interesting folks. And considering that I've only physically met like two bloggers so far its really weird how many of you I feel like I know intimately.

Also got to say I'm kinda happy to see the Caribbean 'raised' (cant say based cause a lot a we all over the place now) bloggers grow in numbers. No disrespect to the non-Caribbean people, I love wunnah bad too but I just feel a way to know that the Caribbean blogspere getting stronger.

But wait I sit down here to blog something entirely different and this is the stupidness I write! Oh well tomorrow I will write even more stupidness. :-)

Happy New year once again. Much respect to all who read this.