Friday, November 04, 2005

Music Fridays

No Time. I want to post but just don't have the time or energy at the moment. Had another Music Fridays post all in my head too but alas its not to be.

So quick quick thing before I jet. I started before work and its not Saturday yet so its still music Fridays lol.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAfter abandoning their format of having two Strictly the Best volumes, one with more of the faster dancehall vibes and the other with more of the slower culture stuff, last year it looks like VP records is going to return with two volumes, volumes 33 and 34, this year.

I'm glad cause last years really sucked. It just wasn't a well put together cd considering how solid the Strictly the Best series used to be.

Oh and one of the wickedest things about the Strictly the Best series is the album covers. Every year it features a dancehall scene and they are always pretty nice.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOn another note has anyone noticed that the T dot rnb scene is blazing these days? Well at least in terms of cd releases. Underground legends like Jully Black, Melanie Durant and Divine Brown have dropped albums all within the last few months as have Andrea Lewis and Toya Alexis. Y'all remember Toya Alexis right. Sistren from Ajax who did two reality shows (first the one that produced Sugar Jones and then Canadian Idol) and didn't go anywhere. Yo she was straight up robbed on Canadian idol first season but then the kids who were voting were voting for the pretty boys while is why that hack Ryan Malcolm won that year. Needless to say I haven't watched the show since.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway can T dot and Canada support that many rnb divas? Their albums are selling mighty cheap even in HMV. Can they even go aluminum? How about copper? Don't get me wrong all the sisters are talented. I've only heard the Divine Brown and Jully Black (my favorite) albums and they are on par with the US output but like everything in the music business it usually comes down to promotion. Are these singers being promoted? I mean I didn't even know Toya Alexis had an album until I went into a record store the other day and just sort of saw it on the shelves.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTalent is one thing, marketing is another. I'm happy that these ladies have all been able to drop some product on the market and I wish them well but I would really hate to see their efforts flop because of poor marketing. Next thing you know their careers would be over and through no fault of theirs.

I mean T dot's hip hop artists have done their thing for a while now. Back in the day we had Maestro and Michie now its Kardi and K-os and to some extent big Sauk, Choclair, Brassmunk and quite a few others. Its booming actually.Image hosted by Photobucket.comEverytime I'm on Yonge or Bloor street some kid doing the hip hop entrepreneurial bit comes up to me trying to get me to check out his music. Maybe these ladies need to do their own bit of hip hop promotions for their rnb releases.

Anyway big up to the T dot rnb ladies and I hope y'all have some success with your albums. Like I said I've only heard the Jully Black and the Divine Brown so far and I like what I've heard. Actually Jully reminds me of Mary before she got happy. You know that grimy street singing feel.

Divine Brown has a rich soulful voice and her "Old Skool love" track sounds like a throwback to the 60s. Anyone remember R Kelly's Turn back the Hands of Time which you would swear was recorded in like 1965 well that's the same type of vibe Divine has on Old Skool Love. Didn't realize there was a video until I peeped the site.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comToya can just flat out sing. I haven't heard any of this stuff but I know home girl has some serious pipes. Melanie Durrant (I think she's west indian, probably Trini) has sort of an artsy vibe from going on that one single she did way back with Mr Com to the Sense and Andrea Lewis' first single just sounds like fun. By the way I swear I have met her somewhere and I'm not just saying that because I remember her from tv cause I've never watched Degrassie ever. Oh wait a minute she's only 19. Ok too young for who I'm thinking of but I swear I've met like her older twin or something back in the day.

Oh and finally catching up with some comments from last week it wasn't my intention to just throw in the bit about Rhianna or to not mention her for so long. Problem was I've got a half finished blog somewhere from a few months back where I mentioned her and it just never got posted. Yea it was another one of those attempts to teach y'all some bajan like the Two Words post but I just wasn't feeling it. I may have to do a week of half finished blogs. Hey Chappell did it in Season two why not.

11:50 and I'm home free. Cut it close but made it.

Till next music Friday.


obifromsouthlondon said...

damn son! been waiting for this all friday (time diff and all).

you should see them album covers plastered all over the london underground stations. sizzling. English people dont know were to look lol.

saw sauk and choc at a P.A four years ago. what they saying these days?

have a good one jdida

BajanQueen said...

I will have to check out strictly the best volumes....


4panist said...

I think that the Toronto massive does represent. I really like the divine brown album alot. Call me patriotic but I think its important to support the Canadian artist (if the quality is good) so go out there and see what you can find...and don't buy it used. Its less than 10 dollars so let the artists get something 'nuh man! (sorry, been hanging around trini's and its affecting my speech)

~b*b~ said...

very nice jd - toronto rnb talent needs more props. me and hubby won tickets to the canadian idol final that year so we actually were there live when that isht went down...what a heartbreak.

p.s. can tell you neva watch the show 'cause it called "degrassi" without the e (lol)

Lene said...

the only albums i will buy are canadian ones. i saw toya alexis at this open mic night, and she blew me away. that girl can damn well sing. i love jully black, and she's coming to my school again too. divine and melanie are bananas too! one thing toronto doesnt flop on is good r&b music. not so much from the dudes (i.e., latest glenn lewis), but the women are killin it.

Groove said...

Yayyyyyy for Canada. There is alot talent on the east coast too.

I don't want to drop any names but there are a few coming out soon.

Brotha Buck said...

Dang, I'm out of the loop cause I havent heard of any of them. Thanks!

nahmix said...

they sound like some chicks worth checking out!

Rose said...

Those sound like something I wouldn't mind listening to. I may just check them out.

Luke Cage said...

I've got to cosign with Brotha Buck on this one man. I'm not familiar with one artist in that list. That one sista looked like she could be Mary J. Blige's sister though.

Dude, did you say "Their albums are selling mighty cheap even in HMV. Can they even go aluminum? How about copper?" -lmao!!!

Daaag. You've got to be selling your albums mighty cheap for the sales to register in the low metals table.

Luke Cage said...

I have to cosign with Brotha Buck man. I don't recognize none of the talent. But dude, did you say that: "Their albums are selling mighty cheap even in HMV. Can they even go aluminum? How about copper?" -lmao

Daaag - You've got to be selling albums way below the mason dixon line when your record sales register in the metals category.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Lewis (Starrfox just mentioned him) is getting more and more internationally recognized in the easy-listening circuit--so, he's Canadian then. Whoever does the "Strictly The Best" album covers is as under-done as the guy who came up with the Nike "swoosh" symbol! There's real artistic talent on those covers. Stay stress-free!

Mr. Righteous said...

Look out for a dude call "The Voice" the name says it all, dont know if he released anything yet but its going to be worth hearing.

Anonymous said...

When I had Much Music (way back in the day), I used to fiend for Jully Black sightings. I fuck with ol' girl hard. There's this one Kardi joint with her on the hook that was my shit.

solitaire said...

I have to agree with you on the Jully Black. I have her in my iPod and it's very happy.
The others I don't know about...heard of Melanie Durant, may give her a listen.

my girl Jully Black said...

randomly came on this post while searching the internet.

It's interesting to see that even though people didn't get pushed when they where starting out how well people did to find there niche.