Monday, December 13, 2010

Manners vs Weather

Yea I been MIA but I still around just busy. Hope allya my 3 or 4 devoted readers are well. :-)

Well people we here in Toronto getting lash wid de cold these past few days. I mean every since last week with just a little respite over the weekend it been cold cold cold. I mean winter aint even officially start yet and we all down in windchill of -24 Celcius which is weather usually reserved for the bitterly cold days of late January and early February.

So thank God for layers cause without layers I would dun have frostbite and freeze to death already. See me walking bout looking like the goodyear blimp but doan feel no way fashion takes a backseat to warmth in these cold days.

But I notice a thing on the way in to work the last few days. The colder or worse the weather, the more unmannerly, piggish the people on the streets commuting to work duz get. Doan matter if dem driving on the bus or subway or walking is like everybody like dem put on dem hog suit when dem get up in de marnin. Lawd ave mercy, a fella near lik muh down pushing to get to the train this morning an he aint even say sorry, beg ya pardon, my dog my cat nuttin so. Just bram push guhlong. Chupse!

Anyways since people nowadays duz get all sorta big money to study and prove all sorta stupid things that anybody wid common sense know since birth I figure I should apply for some grant money to study this hoggish phenomenon. I gine start writing up something pretty pretty wid big words like positive correlation and statistical analysis and covariance an effect and hand it in an see if dem gi muh two coppers to do my study.

I mean it sometimes seem like dem duz gi muney to people to do studies like if ya stan out in the hot sun too long ya stand a chance a ketching heatstroke and rain duz only fall from the sky not come out the ground, stupid stupid things so. So why not let me do my lil study to find conclusive proof bout this unmannerly people thing.

A mean an if I juss so happen to use some a de money for a trip to the Caribbean during winter I could always say that I comparing and contrasting the niceness factor of people in the Caribbean warmth to the unmannerly hogs up hay in the cold. Ya feel I in the caribbean pun vacation no man I juss being through wid my study. Juss cause I would be deyso sipping a pretty drink wid an umbrella sprawl out in the sun doan get vex an think I aint wukkin or that I enjoying pieca sun. No man this is hard wuk I would be doing doan grudge de I. I just being thorough in trying to prove mi hypothesis.

Oh well if only!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.


“It is now official Government policy to spread the entrepreneurial culture to a wider cross section of Barbadians in an effort to create wealth and employment.

“We cannot achieve this goal if the vast majority of Barbadians continue to acquire more and more free education to find a job, and forever thereafter focus on consumption rather than wealth creation.”

Ok, I might be mis-interpreting these comments by the new Bajan Prime Minister or maybe because of the way its written not getting the full story here but this is kind of a strange comment to make in my opinion.

It would suggest (to me) that advanced education and entrepreneurship somehow cannot coexist and to be successful at one we have to leave off the other and to be honest it sounds like something usually said by those prevalent anti-intellectual American types who favor brawn and pulling oneself up by one's bootstraps over brains. You know the types who favor Palin over Obama. Yea dem sorta people.

I mean in my opinion everyone cannot be an entrepreneur, neither can everyone be an academic or go to university Society needs both and there has to be some balance although quite a lot of overlap occurs too.

At the same time lets not sell the pie in the sky dream that anyone with an idea and an entrepreneurial spirit will be successful just like that. Besides hard work, many of these guys can benefit from some training or advanced classes to help them run a successful business. Its not like an idea is all you need to be a successful small business. You might be able to start up with just an idea but without a plan you aren't going to get very far. And included in that plan you have to know how to market yourself and your product, how to deal with the public, how to find staff, how to handle money etc etc. And while you can learn some of this on the job and don't need schooling its not like having a little extra class time here and there would go for naught.

Look in my opinion one of the biggest challenge to entrepreneurship taking off in Barbados is the traditional bajan mindset. Most bajan parents still stress growing up and finding a good job over growing up and starting your own business. We want letters to our names, go and learn accounting or medicine or law or something so. We're not really business orientated or hustlers at heart like some of our Caribbean comrades so to increase entrepreneurship in Barbados you really have to change how kids are taught from early.

Another challenge is start up capital. Is alright to talk about promoting entrepreneurship but help them to get access to start up capital. Its not cheap or easy to do business in Barbados.

The other thing I wonder here is if this is an attempt by government to subliminally change people's mindset to get them to not go to Cave Hill in such numbers. I understand that free education for the numbers that go to UWI must put an enormous burden on the government's coffers but I don't think the way to lessen this is to discourage higher education which is what these comments seem to be doing.

If its too much of a burden or you think some folks are abusing the system or the benefits are not worth the outlay of funds do like other countries and make people pay for the education but don't lament its freeness as a deterrent to an entrepreneurial spirit since comments like the above by our head would suggest we done away with the book learning nonsense and all go open a little beach side stall.

Sorry, that last comment was extremely facetious and knocks the valuable and vast range of services and products that entrepreneurs could produce in our society but my point is that the statements made would make it seem as if entrepreneurship is anti-university study and university study is anti-entrepreneurial. Why must the two concepts be at odds with one another?

Like I said to someone earlier today being an entrepreneur is not like on tv where a light bulb goes off in your head, you sketch a few notes or designs on a napkin, go in the bank show them the napkin and the manager comes out with a big grin on his face an a suitcase full of money for you. Then you go out and build up something and the cash comes flowing in. No in the real world besides idea, you also need a plan and I fail to see how having some additional education under your belt would harm that plan.

Yes I do understand the point that most bajan university grads are looking for ready made jobs but implying in that statement that not going on to higher education will increase entrepreneurship is silly. The change has to be made by changing the way people think while they continue to study.

If not we'll end up in the same predicament as black America with everyone wanting to hustle but no one wanting to learn and society will be still unbalanced.

There has to be a way to encourage both ideas here and acknowledge that there can be overlap without sacrificing one for the other. They aren't mutually exclusive ideals in my opinion, you just have to work to bring out their synergy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Barbados budget just came down and its pretty brutal. VAT going up, fees, bus fares all sorts of other taxes going up, taxes added. Lashes galore! Going to be a tight Christmas.

Well people, sadly things tight all over the world not just in Bim and with tourism our main money earner not doing that great these days, belts got to be tightened cause ya can only borrow for so long before ya got to pay back right? Unfortunately some of these belt tightening measures will disproportionally hit the most needy in our society like the poor and the pensioners but well star, I don't know what ya can really do about that besides hope that some of these measures temporary.

What I do always find interesting come budget time is how the party in opposition always finds a way to blame the current party when such belt tightening measures are necessary as indeed they do seem to be in this circumstance with the globe still deeply mired in recession. I guess that's the meaning of opposition but in particular today I find some of the comments about waste by the opposition BLP commentators to be rather disingenuous.

The numerous projects at Ilaro Court; the opening of the housing estate at Marchfield, St Philip; the three reshuffles, which necessitated change in stationery, labels and the like; the more than $10 million in summer camps between 2008 and 2009; the launch of the constituency councils; the subsidy to JetBlue and the recent female boxing championship were among the things on the list of “cardinal errors” Forde said the Government made.

Eh eh but allya really believe Bajans have short memories nuh? And maybe they do but umm we can't talk waste in Barbados without referring to the colossal waste of funds used for World Cup 2007.

And yes I tell wunnah from evasince (back when people used to read this blog) that hosting the world cup was going to hurt we financially. Ya doan believe me looka this post from 2006. And that was even before I hear that about half billion dollars spend in Barbados on world cup. And what did we benefit from that massive outlay of funds? And how much a those funds are still owed back to the people we borrowed from?

And who was running government then? Exactly!

So doan get tie up that the new government spend a few dollars for children summer camps to keep the youts off the road, occupied and out of the road this past year when the previous regime spent bigger dollars that haven't really benefited the country.

Folk get tied up in thinking that these financial predicaments that we find ourselves in usually occur rather quickly but if one really studies it, these things occur by a series of mistakes or bad fiscal moves over a longer period of time. How long the whole American mortgage drama was happening before the whole US housing market implode? Same thing here with Barbados, its not like things were great yesterday or last year and we woke up this morning struggling cause of one spending spree. Barbados was borrowing and spending for a long time beyond its means and its just now that it catching up to us.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

No help

No help for Caricom countries hit by Tropical Storm Tomas without benefits to Trinidad and Tobago.

This was made clear by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday.

She said Trinidad and Tobago stands ready to assist its Caricom neighbours but she stipulated that any aid would only come after discussions with her Cabinet colleagues as well as the Opposition Leader, and must in some measure benefit the country.

Well well well.

Ok well I really aint want to put myself in Trini people business but I must say this statement sounding real callous from allya prime minister.

First off y'all done know that Tomas was heading your side an is only God's grace that he mek a turn an head for Barbados and the Windward islands so instead of St Vincent and St Lucia in need of aid it could be you today if things din work out the way they did.

Second and this sort of relate to the first point. Dont get tie up cause allya lil bigger and got few more natural resources than some a we. In the eyes of the world, all we in the Caribbean is barely dots on a map. Is in we best interest to look out for one anudda as a whole. You dont have to see no visible benefit to help but if ya able help out cause helping we is the same thing as helping yaself cause the only way to get ahead is to get ahead as a region. That is like the left arm hurting but the fingers saying I aint rubbing that cause I healthy an um aint relate to me.

And that statement that ya mek Mrs PM sound real callous when ya know how Tomas catspraddle some a we. Cuhdear some a we still widout water and electricity and homeless an you gine say something so. Plus ya is a regional head not no man in the street you should never say nuttin so.

What happened to love or your fellow man and being a good samaratian. Well actually I guess you are being like the parable of the good samartian cause it was the Levite and the priest that should have been neighborly that leff the poor fella skin out for stangers to help. Same way wid you. Nuh benefit to helping so we gine got to look to strangers for.

Alright then, that is how um gine be. Well we would know how we stan in the future.

Monday, November 01, 2010

All bluster no action

And no I'm not talking about Tropical storm Tomas which hit my island Barbados on Saturday morning. Tomas in fact was quite a bit of action as many roofs were blown off, trees uprooted and structures damaged in Barbados.

Thankfully no loss of life there though and I believe minimal lost of life in St Lucia and St Vincent which Tomas pounded with an even harder fist than it did Barbados.

Anyway to God we give thanks that the damage and destruction were not worse. We still aren't 100% up and running yet in Barbados as I speak as the cleanup continues but looks like the cleanup crews are doing a great job restoring power and water services as they go.

No those guys are full of action, kudos, or to put it in my speech, big up to all the light n power and water works and other cleanup staff. respect! But no, my title refers to a lack of action we see in Barbados following disasters.

For instance, two or was it three years ago we had that Arch Cot cave in where a family lost there lives as their house collapsed. Politicians and people of all walks of life complained. How could this happen? How did they get permission to build on this unstable land? We should do something, we should make sure the building codes are followed or updated or both. Lot of bluster, no action, all is forgotten.

This year just a few months ago, tragedy struck in Tudor street when several young women were burned to death in a fire after criminals robbed a store in the city. We condemned the criminals but also said wait a minute how come this place aint had no back door? If they had a back door these women would not have perished in the fire. We should do something, we should make sure the fire codes and building codes are updated or followed if they exist. A bit of bluster, a lot of long talk but then the criminals got caught and all our fury turned to them and codes and laws were again forgotten.

Now this weekend comes Tropical Storm Tomas blowing in like a badjohn or Mr Wolf of Riding Hood fame huffing and puffing. Plenty people lost roofs as the Storm blew by and since we haven't had a storm of this magnitude probably not before I was born (which fa all ya that wanta know is a long time ago in a galaxy far far away) the comments start about why did all these roofs get taken off and whether folk are following the building code. I expect much more uproar on this as the cleanup is finished up but again it will be plenty complaints about updating and or following the building code but two months later it will all be again forgotten.

And such is life in Barbados all bluster no action then forget, wait for the next disaster and repeat cycle.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bad man forward

Bad man pull up! screech!!!!

Police Officer Feris D. Jones, 50, the hero off-duty cop who on Saturday went gun-to-gun with an accused Brooklyn beauty shop robber. Called a "battlefield promotion," her elevation and presentation of a gold shield is a rare distinction.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg honored Jones for her poise and marksmanship in a ceremony at City Hall's Blue Room.

Jones is a humble heroine. "Call me 'Jonesy'," the 20-year NYPD veteran told PIX 11 News. During the could-of-been deadly duel, "Jonesy" shot the gun out of the teenage suspect's hand and shot the handle off the beauty shop door, slowing his escape.

Big up to officer Jones! Oh and she is a bajan too so double big up!

To the would be robber, one teenager Winston Cox you know why this happen right? You try to rob a beauty salon. Are you crazy son?

Looka let me break it down for you this way. Now I aint no expert nor nuttin on beauty salons and them things but from what I gather from the women in my life I hear dat usually black women duz gotta wait long long long at beauty salons. I mean appointment one time an 5 hours later you still deyso. So now I can juss imagine a whole heap a black women in this place Saturday waiting cause the appointment was 930 but is 130 now and the hair still aint get wash or something so and dem deyso fuming, really to throw a lash in the next body that aggravate them.....

An in walks you, Coxy boy wid you gun talking bout you gine rob people. Oh hells no! Ya lucky is only one gunshot ya get an um wasnt serious cause if dem women did ketch ya at all, god couldnt help ya boy.

An ya know officer Jones was probably especially cruel too like girl I hayso wasting my whole mornin in this chair trying to get my hair did an now this pieca poppit trying to rob me. Chupse! Looka I aint got nuh time fa this foolishness. pow! You feel you is a man come to rob big women! pow pow ! hold this gunshot in ya so n so den!

I hope that fella learn he lesson.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Ok, is only two days gone and all we bajans still in mourning but I got a certain beef with the whole Bajan Prime Minister David Thompson illness dying thing. Sorry if its not in keeping with the mourning motif but just need to say it anyways.

Look, I keep hearing from the time it was said that he was sick, comments made by various people (and no it wasnt silly online comments) some who I thought were rather smart folk that seem to suggest that his focus on being prime minister led to his demise. Stuff like oh he was so keen on being PM and he work so hard to get there and then bram he dead. Now I aint saying a majority a people saying so, quite far from it, but I'm just saying I've heard those silly comments maybe one time to often and they seem to me to be ridiculously suggesting that there is a correlation, some sort of cause and effect between the two things, his aim to be PM and his death.

Its not blatant but its subliminally one of those lowered expectation things. Like see he strived for a goal and then because he reached that goal it kill he or he dead cause he was too focused on being PM. I think this is the most nonsense I have ever heard and its a bad precedent and example to be sending to the youth cause the flip side they gine read is just guhlong, play the tail or at least not strive hard for goals cause in the long run it going kill ya. Which is total absolute b.s

Is it possible that he might have missed symptoms of his illness because of work commitments? Yes. But its not like saying well if he had said I just want to be a regular dude he wouldnt have died of cancer at age 48 which is basically what these comments suggest to me.

Instead of saying look see how the man strive for a goal and was determined to reach it and to somehow put his best foot forward for his country and assist in its development and such we subliminally pushing this alternative thinking that working hard and being single minded in a goal is extremely extremely bad and will kill you so is best to just chill, drink some drinks or smoke some weed and aimlessly wander though life.

This is not the type of thing we should be trying to tell the yout dem.

I mean not to say that being single minded to the exclusion of all else is great either but I'm pretty sure thats not what Thompson was like. When its your time its your time, it doan matter if you a bum or a PM so why not strive to be the best that you can be?

At the end of the day, David Thompson could say I wrote my name on history's page. He may not have achieved all that he would have liked but he tried hard, he fought to achieve a goal and to assist his country and he has left his name and a legacy. When you look at it that way how can it be a negative to strive to be all you can be?

I hope the youth take note of his work and strive to make their mark like he did.

There I done. Back to mourning.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Just got the news that Barbados PM David Thompson has died this morning following a lenthly battle with cancer. My condolences to his family and the nation. Every one has their appointed hour but some go earlier than we would like.

My prayers also go out to the new PM Mr Fruendel Stuart and his cabinet as he embarks on steering Barbados' course. Is not an easy road bredren by any means especially in the present economic climate but stay the course.

Friday, October 01, 2010


Sorry to come off like the old curmudgeon that I am surely becoming but I was discussing two stories with some friends this week and came to the conclusion that kids nowadays don't know the meaning of the word boundaries or don't have a good idea where they should be set.

The stories were the suicide of the Rutgers student whose sexcapades had been put online by his roommate and the sexual assault of a teenager at a party in Vancouver where photos ended up on Facebook. In both cases stuff ie videos, photos etc that shouldn't have been put online somehow found their way there.

Now these are two separate stories and in both cases the persons who placed the offending articles are before the court system and rightly so as their actions have led to a lot of pain and in the case of the Rutgers student death. My argument though is that even if the acts were committed deliberately in an effort to embarrass or ridicule the victims I think that they may be cases where the culprits just didn't know the law or where moral boundaries should lie. Some will argue that the perpetrators were just callous, heartless criminals but I think there is a possibility that naivety and cluelessness played at least a small part in the acts.

Take the Vancouver case. Kids nowadays share so much information on Facebook/twitter/Youtube/text messages etc etc (too much most of the time) that I believe that the accused probably thought that he was being cute by putting up the photos that he did on Facebook. I'm assuming he didn't realize a crime (the assault) was being committed and that it was also a crime to post photos of stuff like that online.

Same thing with the roommate who posted video of his roommate's intimate moments. I don't believe he thought he was doing anything wrong. I mean he probably knew it was wrong to tape his roommates exploits but then to share them online he probably just thought whatever. Morally wrong but funny yes not criminally wrong he probably didn't know until he got charged after the murder.

I know growing up we were taught (sometimes at the end of a belt) that ignorance of the law is no excuse which I interpret to mean that even if it wasn't explicitly spelled out in the rules or you didn't know the rules, you still should have had some moral understanding that your actions were wrong or that you were crossing boundaries. I think that's lacking in many of today's youth.

I think some of these kids are not only completely ignorant of the law but in a society that seems to push sharing everything regardless of how personal, they really don't see anything wrong with certain morally questionable actions that previous generations would have balked at.

Interestingly enough it appears as if in the Rutgers case even the now dead roommate didn't realize that a crime was being perpetrated against him. He knew something was a bit wrong with his roommate trying to tape him doing his thing but as evidenced from some online questions that he asked he didn't realize he was at that point actually the victim of a crime.

The kids these days are ignorant of the law and lack the ability to make a moral judgment in this society.

Technology has made the ability to take and share a photo or video extremely easy. No statement is truer these days than this one from Rockwell's 1984 hit: "I always feel like somebody's watching me, and I have no privacy." Remember we used to be scared of big brother watching us? Well now there is no need to worry about big brother because little brother and sister have you in dead their sights as well and you really cant get away from the intrusions that they propagate against you in public and sometimes as in this case in private.

Whats the reason? Well first off the technology is readily available to do it.

Also probably starting from childhood we're rushing our kids to adulthood. More responsibility, involving them in big people situations from young and not setting boundaries there and not teaching them the proper morals. This carries over to the teenage years and adulthood where anything goes.

And sadly this is the norm now rather than the exception. Reality TV/blogs/live streaming show every detail of our lives and combined with our shaky moral ground stuff like these stories may happen more and more.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monkey business

Organizers of this year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi have had their share of problems, not the least of which are wild animals said to be infesting the stadiums and housing areas.

Athletes and other visitors may take comfort in the fact that organizers have hired a well-trained team to keep the area safe ... although they may be slightly alarmed to learn that they are being protected by a team of monkeys.

According to the UK's Daily Telegraph, a team of trained langur monkeys has been brought in to scare off wild animals, including wild dogs, snakes and other monkeys. Langur monkeys are said to be very intelligent but also aggressive and territorial, making them very effective in keeping other animals away from a given area.

Taken from The LA Times here.

Uh huh! Wunnah see dat right? Well I sure to the organizers um sound like a good idea, something cheap and inexpensive to get rid a de vermin that coming in the housing areas but to me that sound like bare truble in de making.

See how dem say the monkeys aggressive and territorial? Well wha is to stop dem said same monkeys from being territorial against humans? Didnt think of that did they?

I betcha before these games dun ya gine hear some athlete get attack by the same security monkeys. Especially if ya get on a dem igrant jock type athletes that aint kno nuttin bout monkeys or feel dem cud mek mock sport wid de monkeys. Wait deyso an see. Mark my words ya, um aint gine be pretty.

I juss hope sumbody ketch um pun video.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Banton

Ah here waiting to see what verdict the jury will bring back in the Buju Banton case. Been waiting since all Friday when they were rumors he was found not guilty and released but that was false and now it look like they all deadlock over the fate of the dreadlock seen.

Actually breaking news is new trial set for December hmm.

Anyways Karel have a nice little article about buju and what to learn from his trials over at Outlish which worth a read but I have a lil something to say.

Now before I say what I have to say though let me start by saying mi love Buju to the max. Ask anybody he is by far and aways my favorite dancehall/reggae singer. Now I came of age in the Lovingdeer/Shabba Rankin doan bend down, peeny peeny pun you era but when Buju hit with tunes like love black woman and the like that sealed it for me. Then later on tunes like Deportees, Murderer, Easy Road, Untold Stories, Til I'm laid to rest, Tribal War etc just blew me away. Actually I will argue that Til Shiloh is undoubtedly the definite dancehall/reggae album of the last two decades but then considering that many albums of the dancehall genre arent that good that dont say that much so let me say that stacked against any album of any genre in the last two decades Til Shiloh will be in my top 5. The Banton is a lyrical champion my yout!

And so seeing as I have so much respect and admiration for the man's work and find so much of it inspirational (one day things must get better) it is hard for me to say this and nuff people wont agree but say it I shall.

Buju ya deserve jail!

Wunnah hear me good? Buju ya deserve pieca jail fa true.

An no I aint arguing bout whether ya guilty or not or whether its fair for you to be in jail I just saying ya deserve jail. Why? Well ya show a real lack of common sense by getting yaself into this situation. This is the ultimate in igrance and I would have thought a big man like you would know better.

Is not only that ya cavorting with the wrong crowd which is a no no but ya act like eddiat and see the man come round ya wid cocaine so an stand up and let the man set ya up easy so (if that is the true story). Ya was complacent and ya should know better. I mean first off ya well know that nuff people dey in America naa like you. Nuff a dem still vex bout Boom Bye Bye and complain ya homophobic and would like nothing better than to be rid of ya so ya shoulda walk easy and know ya place star. If I was you once I land in America I would be acting like a veritable choir boy. I din looking fa anytime crime related at all at all, man I din even jaywalking then. Straight and narrow my yout. Like an arrow!

It aint like ya was back a yard where the man dem might gi ya some respect. The man dem in the US naa like ya. Ya shoulda well know at some point somebody woulda try to mess ya up but yet ya went an fall fa this setup. Ya shoulda never put yaself in this situation.

Eediat you a eeediat my yout!

Look from the time the man come roun you wid cocaine talk, you shoulda shift he, driva move off doan stop atall, leff him there one time. Or tell him you not into that business. Tell him you a studio gangsta, tell him story an lie that ya used to do dat but no more, tell he whatever but dont get involve in that at all. Dont be trying no show off business, dont let them get ya in trouble so. Even if ya shady remember is you self say tief never love fi see tief wid long bag. Doan get tie up in foolishness man. Stupid stupid stupid!

An this is why I feel ya deserve jail. Cause ya really aint had no right in this situation at all. Big man like you shoulda know better by far.

But even though I say ya deserve it cuhdear I still hope ya get off though. I mean nuff odda people do worse hat you an walk so dem could gi you a ease too. Free the Banton! I hope this will show ya to be more careful in the future but ya is still an eediat.

Running Scared

Looks like barring some significant occurrence in the next few weeks Rob Ford is set to be the new mayor of Toronto. Yea I talked about him here in case anyone read it. And man are some Torontonians, including the newspapers running scared over Ford as mayor.

You see basically Ford has nothing going for himself except he has always been an anti City Hall maverick, complaining about wanton spending and using his own money to run his council office etc. Turns out that in a recession, and after the horrid last term we had from our outgoing mayor these traits are enough to give him thirty something percent of the expected vote and in a fractured mayoral race basically the win.

Oh it also doesn't hurt that Ford is running somewhere on the political right while the other 10 or so dudes fighting it out are running on the left and centre and splitting those votes. Also doesn't hurt that Fords campaign is based on cutting things that cost money and holding down property tax. Also doesn't hurt that his chief rival Smitherman is well Smitherman. Also doesn't hurt that he's pandered to the old white anti-immigrant vote in some of his speeches either. Low taxes, keep out pesky foreigners, hey its not just the U.S where that rhetoric will win you some votes.

But what does Ford stand for besides cutting things? Doesn't seem like there is much to his campaign besides that, but then again his opponents don't really stand for anything either. It has been if anything a race of the mediocre with no one candidate really capturing the excitement of the populace. Ford like some of the better more successful politicians seems to be in the right place at the right time with the right backlash against city hall to win by default here. Sad it is, but so it a go!

Unless we see some alliances and coalitions start happening just to keep Ford out of the winners circle well I guess it will be 4 years of Ford. Can only image the backroom meetings that are currently happening as the other candidates try to keep him away from the prize.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ah doan kno

Well de news outta Barbados aint suh good these days. Prime Minister David Thompson battling pancreatic cancer. Wuhloss!

Now allwe did know he was sick and going to New York for treatment but is only last week that his physican came out and told us what was wrong with him. Poor fella, I wish he well and I saying muh prayers that he will be healed even though the medical people and the internet say that this cancer is a cruel wun that hard to shake off. But like I duz say doan count out the man yet cause he still living and where there is life there is hope.

Two things got me bout this situation though. One was that when we hear the man was sick and going for treatment leaving his deputy in charge that was all bajans knew aside from we lil speculations yet fa some reason or the other people from odda islands did know fa sure fa sure what wrong wid de man. I aint even joking bout that ya! I see people from odda islands online months ago saying with most certainty what the man had (an dem was right too) and even a trini woman dat de wife know come one day early this summer an straight off tell she hey I hear ya PM got such and such.

So I wanta know how dem dpeople from odda islands did know wid such certainty bout the man illness and we bajans din know? IS them gi he um, well I doan think that possible but still. So I eliminate the outta de question options and come up wid the certain reasoning that um cud only be espionage. Dem odda island spying pun we man! God knows what other a we secrets dem know, all like now they might even know who kill Pele (for the uninitiated that was an infamous murder unsolved murder case in Barbados when I was growing up). So bajan authorities looka wunnah better check Ilaro court fa bugs and listening devices ya. I telling wunnah dese people spying pun we business.

The second thing I got to talk bout is how people act when the PM wouldnt say conclusively what was wrong wid he. Man some a everybody was vex and arguing we got a right to know the man personal business. Well see me I din agree wid dat and to be honest wid all the talk I see now that the man tell we he affliction, I glad he din say nuttin nuh earlier. Cause now they know looka people already got the man mark off fa de grave and talking bout he successor and ting so. Dat is disrespectful man! Ya shun treat nuhbody that sick so. Suppose you did sick you wanta hear you spouse talking bout who she next man/woman gine be? No man, dat wud hurt ya cruel cruel and wun help ya recovery process at all. Same way here so ease off the successor talk while the man alive.

Man allya should be shame a yaselves doah. I mean I understand having contingencies but cheese on bread the man still alive and got he full mental capacities wha wunnah trying to rush he to the grave and replace he before he dead already.

Like I say I hope he recover and when he do I hope all wunnah feel real bad fa all this successor talk business. I dun.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So Premier Mcguinty wants the school boards to allow cellphones in class arguing that teachers can show students how to use smart phones to access information on the internet.

To this I simply ask is which cellphone company you promoting Mr Premier? Rogers, Bell, Telus and the rest duz already mek tummuch money off all we. Smartphones don't grow on trees ya kno! And besides phone duz need contract, and de stupid smartphone specially duz need smarter and more expensive data plan pun top a contract to do anything smart-ish which duz leff ya pockets smarting and ya duz cann even afford two Smarties when the day dun.

Ya want we now to have to buy cellphones for the children now on top a books, on top a computers, on top of every lil fund raising thing every two minutes at the school? cuhdear man. Dem cell companies aint mekkin enuff profit off we. Play you smart deyso den.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So they, the powers that be, keep saying that the recession is getting better, that things are looking up. But me, I beg to differ cause even though I don't have no figures and no all compassing idea of what is happening all around the nation common sense tell me that this recession still going full bore.

Every time I walk by certain streets I see more and more businesses closed. A few weeks back three days in a row I close different lunch spots in different areas only to get there and see the store fronts closed. Yes blame me I is a blight on restaurants (and tv shows too but that is another story.)

Then there are the amount of people I know who telling me they cant find jobs, specially recent grads in certain fields. People who say we been looking for almost a year and things brown like grass when the heat wave hit we this past summer. I mean how um duz feel when you go an wuk ya behind off at university, borrowing dollars and spending money to further education so that you could have a better life an then you finish school and skkkrrrrzzz jobs scarce scarce like seeing black people in de winter.

So what really going on. The official story is the worse dun pass but at ground level um aint really looking so ya kno.

An ya know I juss had to laff although um aint funny cause I now realize I post something similar so just last year too. So things like dem aint getting nuh better. hmmmm

Monday, September 06, 2010


SIX PEOPLE perished last night in a blaze that could go down as one of Barbados’ worst human tragedies.

A fire believed to have started by two men who robbed the Campus Trendz store in Tudor Street, The City, engulfed the two-storey building along the busy shopping street, trapping the hapless victims within the inferno...........

According to police, the two robbers, in view of shocked customers, threw an incendiary device into Campus Trendz just before 7 p.m., after taking an undisclosed amount of cash.

I spent parts of the last two days thinking about what I could say in response to this tragic event and to be honest I was coming up totally blank.

The shock of six young lives cut short, the absolute devastation that the families of the deceased must feel and the grief shared by bajans at home and abroad means to me that nothing that I really have to say, to me seemed significant enough to actually share. I'm not sure the feelings I have can be put into words truthfully.

Six young females all between the ages of 18 and 24 snuffed out suddenly in such a senseless manner. May they rest in peace.

What can be said though, what thoughts do I have. Its all a jumble in my head.

For one I wonder what is going through the black hearts of the criminals who did this? It was not enough to rob the business but they had to firebomb it as well. It wasn't as if the workers refused to hand over the money either, they had what they came for why attempt to burn down the business and take lives as well?

I truly hope the correct culprits are found and made to pay for this crime.

For another, I think if only we followed a fire code back home and businesses had to have alternate exits the 6 who died would have been rattled somewhat over the incident but still alive at this moment. Its time that the Barbados government do something about this. There are potentially tens if not hundreds of businesses who are in this same predicament and I hope that this tragedy, while we cant bring back the lives lost, will serve as a catalyst to spur our authorities into action to make sure that businesses are brought up to some fire code or standard where this can never ever happen again.

Third, I've seen comments online and in the local bajan press alluding to the possibility that the murderers were not bajan or that even if they were it is foreign influences that have caused us to become like this. When something like this happens the shock of the situation usually leads us to believe that outside forces are the reason for such an event happening in our community. We'd like to believe that everyone in our community is an upstanding citizen with pure intentions. Alas this is never so. I dont know if the perpetrators are local or foreign or what influenced this act but all I do know is that we have recently seen some senseless violence perpetrated in various Caribbean countries; beheadings in St Vincent, murders and outrageous violent crimes against small children in Trinidad etc. The time has come to realize and accept that our small islands aren't what they were 20-30 years ago. Like Biggie says "Things dun changed". Accept that and then maybe we can move in the right direction to fixing what is wrong. Its not likely that things will return to what they were but there are things we can do to fix these things.

One of my friends says we only have ourselves to blame because we have sat back and allowed our morals and our rules and regulations to be infringed upon while we sit back and just watch and did nothing. I agree with this to some extent but at the same time I believe that most of us realize that things aren't the same as they were and there is some fear in confronting the crime and criminals, hell there is even some fear in confronting small children who you could have once corrected for wrongdoing further less big adults committing wrongdoings.

I don't have a simple solution, I'm not sure anyone does. Maybe it starts with the children, maybe it involves education, maybe it involves finding useful outlets and employment for idle hands, maybe it involves full enforcement of the law and respect for our lawmakers, maybe it involves instilling a renewed sense of community in our youth, maybe it involves the church, maybe it involves communication across age and gender divides and political and social status affiliations.......... maybe it involves all of those things or none and maybe that's all too grandiose and Utopian and its really much simpler. Like I said I don't know.

The fact is though, lives were lost in a senseless incident, lives that didn't need to be lost. One of the most tragic events in the history of Barbados has taken place and I would be remiss, actually we all would be if we didn't stop and take stock of where our nation is, the direction its heading in and what we can do to make things better.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Two people were arrested Wednesday afternoon and a third terrorism suspect– one who moonwalked across a Montreal stage during an audition for Canadian Idol – was detained early Thursday, the Star has learned.

There's a video of his horrid or should I say rather terr(or)-ible audition. lol

Poor guy, did the rejection of Canadian Idol send him off the deep end? If I cant be the bomb I'm going to have to plant a bomb? Cuhdear! poor fella

Or maybe the Canadian idol was part of his cover. How ingenious! Like who's going to suspect a moonwalker of conspiracy to commit terror acts? Conspiracy to pop and lock or drop it like its hot perhaps but building bombs naaa.

If only he had gone one step further with his cover and gone on reality tv. Now that would be the ideal cover. Yes Jersey Shore people I got my eyes on wunnah so especially dat short wun Snooki. I feel she an all wunnah up to sumting cause nuhbody atall can be really really that stupid.

Oh well but back to the moonwalking singing terrorist (which by the way might make a great musical somewhere) who duz pick the names of these operations for the RCMP? Project Samosa? I mean seriously, thats the name of this operation to find the terrorists. Really! Wha dat soun like a plan to guh an buy some food cross by ya local Indian restaurant.

Damn, not only is it a dumb name but isnt it also somewhat racist? yuck! Anyways looka I better keep mi mout shut doah fa all I know Operation "fish cakes n bakes" got me in dem sights. I gone!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Local Politricks

Can I just say I love Canadian poli-tricks! Well the poli-trick-sions anyways. I dont know why the general public so apathetic towards politricks here I mean at the very least its always good for some comedy and lil drama like how Harper and the Tories almost get catspraddle by a census of all things. In de States politricksions duz get tek out by sex scandals hay men duz get tek out by statistics lol. If dat doan prove that Canada different to America nuttin does (and I doan mean different like Chris Bosh say we smell different eitha cause I aint know wha he mean by dat, he betta watch he frowsy self ya. lol)

Anyways just when I thought that all the poppits was out of the Toronto mayoral race and some of you might remember early this year I post bout how the fella Giambrone get clean bowl wid a sex scandal in comes Rob Ford who apparently is leading the race to be the new Mayor of Toronto. Wuhloss!

Now Ford apparently got a whole history of putting he foot in he mout and every few days some comment or the odda he mek duz rile up everyone and got the other candidates attacking he cruel, cruel, cruel. The last thing was he mek some stupid comment at a debate bout refugees and he aint want nuh more in Toronto or someting so.

Now the malicious media gone yesterday an dig up some old news that de same Ford fella apparently had been arrested in 1999 in Florida for drug possession cause dey find a lil joint in he back pocket. Hear Mr Ford now as to why he din disclose this to the public: apparently he had forgotten that he had been arrested for de weed cause that same time the police did also arrest he for refusing to take a breathalizer test.

So in essence the man whole argument is looka people stop confusing me wunna aint realize I did too drunk that night to remember that I get arrest for weed. This has got to be in the top 10 of best excuses ever!

And these is the sorts a people I supposed to vote for to lead my city nuh? Lawd come fa ya wirl nuh!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Ya know one thing I doan like bout work email is the dreaded cc:

Now I mean I know there are certain things where you want someone to know that you on the case and checking in on matters or they ask you to cc them on the item so they can read the response etc but in alot of cases cc's are just used by some arrogant s.o.b in an attempt to try to show up somebody else cause they will attempt to cc like 10 people on a matter and most of them have no clue what the conversation is about anyways and could care less. Whats with that?

Yea I guess is good to document or start a paper trail but most a de time all the people you cc'ing aint necessary an plus the email dese days duz got time stamp and dat stamp an ting so you can always back up ya claims if somebody say ya aint do something. All the cc'ing is just somewhat childish.

And this is different from the personal email issue which is if you having a personal conversation wid someone they aint have no right forwarding your email to somebody else. Allya too lazy to cut n paste if ya wanta involve somebody else in part a de conversation or wha? Chupse.

Anyway that is why ya duz gotta watch what ya saying anytime ya online be um work or personal cause you feel you talking to one body an next ting the whole office or 6 or 7 people you aint kno involved.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

6 years

Yea been 6 years since I started this blog. Thats like 150 in human years I'm certain. Think I peaked somewhere in year 3 and after that its been all downhill with a few retirements along the way.

I wont say how long it'll last and I'll try to be more regular but somewhere along the way you lose the zest for the frequent writing of the blog (especially when you get the feeling that no one's reading) or things that you would have expounded more on just seem a bit blase. Still its been a good run and very informative in terms of what seems to attract interest especially considering that most of the other bloggers ran for twitter a while ago.

So big up to all you who still read have read, have commented have linked and those who follow and have never commented ever ever ever and especially to those one of two who have been following from like day one like Abeni, Poeza, 4panist and my boy P. big up!

Oh and big up to all my fellow Caribbean bloggers both at home and in the diaspora especially, Abeni, Mad Bull, Will, Stunner, Luke Cage, Empath, Gods Child, Guyana Gyal and the rest too numerous to name. Respect and I'm a try to keep up with you guys cause you set the bar high. Bless!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Fake Cancer

They all thought she was dying of cancer — and they all handed her cash.

Ashley Anne Kirilow, a 23-year-old Burlington native, admits she faked cancer, ran a bogus charity and collected thousands of dollars from hundreds of people.

She shaved her head and eyebrows, plucked her eyelashes and starved herself to look like a chemotherapy patient. She told anyone she met she had been disowned by drug-addicted parents, or that they were dead.

You have to read this story for yourself here and here. Young girl fakes terminal cancer collects a few thousand dollars fraudulently and then afterwards blames it on her miserable childhood.

What a bunch of baloney! The woman is a tief and a criminal!

I must say one of my recent pet peeves is this whole blame your childhood for your mistakes as an adult motif that permeates western society. Must have something to do with the psycho babble that gets passed around as counseling and therapy.

Look some people just wicked aint a damn thing to do with childhood misery or blaming parents. Now if you and all ya siblings turn out wicked and bad well then maybe I can buy the parent angle but if you one, you alone out of many, turn out to be a bad seed uh uh dont be blaming nobody but yourself.

And what type of mind state do you have to be in to fake cancer and even pluck out all ya eyebrows and stop eating to look emaciated to go through with this type of fraud. Ya got to be a sick sick individual to do something so.

And this will only make society even more wary about donating to people with legitimate illnesses and causes so shame shame shame on this girl.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Who Gabby tink he is

Barbados’ newly crowned calypso monarch has been charged less than 24 hours after allegedly beating a media personality.

Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter is expected to appear in court sometime this week, accused of assaulting television and radio host, Anthony ‘Admiral’ Nelson last night, backstage the Cohobblopot show.

Well imagine mi surprise when I see this in mi email this marnin. Gabby one a we bajan top calypso exponents and 9 time calypso monarch as well as former cultural ambassador (we like we duz choose a very lotta igrant people fa cultural ambassador ya) charged fa beating up de Admiral. Well well well!

Poor Gabby. Most winners dese days duz pompasset talking bout dem gine Disney world after them win titles and championships but um looking like you gine jail afta you win this monarchy. lawd ave is mercy!

I was hoping that Boyce Voice wudda had a lil write up pun this doah cause he is a true kaiso an crop over man an ting an ting so wid nuff pedigree while I aint even reach pot-starver status yet when um come to calypso but he aint got nuttin write up yet so I gotta get in mi lil say.

Cuhdear Gabby say um aint so, tell muh is a fella that look like you or ya get set up by a West Indian politician. How you a big 62 year old, old man almost ready fa pension gine let a foolish poppit like Admiral get you in truble so? Man ya mek mi shame. Looka I gine gotta teach you my rule ya. If ya reach 25 an nuhbody aint lock ya up or ya aint get in nuh trouble wid police and de law, mek sure ya aint doing nuttin afta dat age to get in truble wid de possiblility a lock up ya kno. Leff de bad boy-ism ting fa de young boys.

An Admiral how you let a old man like Gabby that musse weight bout 80 pounds beat you? Wha ya mek mi shame! Wha happen you scheming pun trying to get the man new car that he win at the competition or wha? Cause really an truly Gabby aint nuh big muguffy fella dat cud beat up nuhbody so. In fact only body in bajan kaiso smaller than Gabby is that Khiomal fella from Krosfyah that look like he weigh less dan a crocus bag a flour and Ras Iley who weigh bout 70lbs but 50 a dem is from the dread locks pun he head. A lie?

Anyways yea Admiral how you let Gabby ruff you up so man. Big mout man like you couldnt defend yaself against a small man like Gabby or this is juss a mek up something cause I see a video deyso wid you talking afta the incident an you din look like nuh man dat hol nuh liks in truth. Ya claim the man rip up ya shirt but if you did wearing a flimsy material shirt from swan street an um mash up when the man touch ya doan run now an hollaring fa assault ya.

An Gabby man, big cultural icon like you. Model kaisoman wid lyrics fa days, man wha he do to mek you had to resort ta this an mek the man run to Dr Cassandra. Looka looka wha ya do to the Admiral? Wha happen he tief you chicken an ram or he say you name pun the list? Wha happen man. He did want u faget bout Emmerton nuh. Alright bosie.

But Admiral in he 40s and Gabby is in he 60s. Two a dem aint nuh spring chickens so I doan kno wha wrong wid dese older people. This kaiso music like um duz go to dem heads and lead dem to crime, indoctrinating dem into what may be the beginning of a cycle of violence. From de time Gabby was singing bout (army) Boots and Hit it and Gryner bout "I gine rip ya pants an you gine feel I is a nest a ants" an even David Rudder was askin where the Man wid de Hammer gone I say to myself looka how dese fellas got summuch violent lyrics doah. I did kno tings did getting outta hand wid de negative images in my sweet calypso music but I thought that the recent new jump an wave music did get we outta dat rut. :-)

Last year Boyce did feuding wid de odda Madd men, this year Site get cruel an leff de competition now this. Next ting ya soon wud be hearing that Plastic Bag an Mac put a righteous ragga ragga lashing pun Blood or John King or somebody so.

Looka I did always warnin wunnah that this calypso ting din nuh good fa de old people wid all this feuding (beef) and people complaining bout who the dj playing come crop over an who is a shareholder come competition time an ting so. It set a bad precedent man. Nuff wuhlessness too. Sexism and misogyny and violence. We muss do better as a society to keep our old people away from de influence of that sorta ruck tuck cause looka wha um mek Gabby do now. Dat calypso music aint nuh good at all at all at all, all um like um want banning from the airwaves before we lose our elders and role models. I dun.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Communing with Animals

Lawd ave mercy looka wha dis world coming to!

St. Peter’s Anglican Church has long been known as an open and inclusive place.

So open, it seems, they won’t turn anyone away. Not even a dog.

That’s how a blessed canine ended up receiving communion from interim priest Rev. Marguerite Rea during a morning service the last Sunday in June.

According to those in attendance at the historical church at 188 Carlton St. in downtown Toronto, it was a spontaneous gesture, one intended to make both the dog and its owner – a first timer at the church — feel welcomed. But at least one parishioner saw the act as an affront to the rules and regulations of the Anglican Church. He filed a complaint with the reverend and with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto about the incident – and has since left the church.

Wunnah cud believe dat doah? De priest-ess gi de dog communion in de people church! Imagine that!

And fa all the non-church people dat gine say wha dis a trivial issue compared to priests sexual assaulting an de pope an rah rah rah. Is a different issue an wunnah cud put um in whatever perspective wunna want but um is an issue anyways an um is the one I decide to tackle. So like um or lump um. Dun. And yes I in an antagonistic mood so doan mess wid me this blessed day.

Man wunnah animal people gone too far now. Too too far this time, a line has been crossed. But imagine that though. The holy sacrament given to a dog by a priest? Wha dem wafers is doggie treats now? chupse!

To me this makes a incredible mockery of the whole communion act. How you going to give a animal communion? Wha this flies against anything that ya read in the bible or that Jesus ever teach. Absolute ridiculousness. And wid de sorta animal people we got these days ya know ya duz only gotta gi dem a inch an dem duz tek a mile. Wha next ting dem wud be telling ya that little Ruff Ruff wanta be ordained an he halfway to priesthood cause he already used to wearing a round collar.

Looka muh crosses though.

But step back though, just step back a minute. Y'all dat know anything bout church (de resta wunnah heathens keep quiet) notice anything else wrong here? Maybe its just me but I figure if a fella just step into you church for the first time as was suggested by the article then he shouldn't be in line to tek no communion.

Yes I know the priest dont ask for no id or baptismal papers when he handing out communion (and maybe he should hmmm) and is between you and ya maker to know if you eligible or not but still. The whole point of communion is that its a commemoration of a covenant between you and the lord so you gotta be straight or ya should be straight wid ya life and ya commitment to the savior. I lie?

And priests and Christians gotta realize a lot lotta a people nowadays doan know nuttin bout church and communion an duz juss be following fashion. Dem see everybody else get up and get a sip a wine an a pieca wafer an figure dem gine join de buffet line too cause duh mout dry.

Naa man I feel that priests and priestesses need to state plainly look if ya not right wid ya maker doan be coming up here to get nuh free wine. This aint dat sorta gathering atall atall. See it an doan see it an doan let um tempt ya eidda. Leff it off one time! Well not in dem words exactly but something elegant and more friendly and wid some tact an dem sorta skills dat I apparently lack but wid de said same exact point.

Cause the thing is they devaluing the act of communion and the people that know better ie the christians and the christian leaders letting um slide an saying a fella aint kno nuh better. Well who fault um is that he aint kno nuh better is wunnah wun cause wunnah need to explain to the fella wha he doing before he do um.

Let he know membership has its privileges, free wine, free wafer, free afterlife etc etc but doan let he get up an guh having the communion an aint paying he dues so to speak.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lebronalypse Now

Well its been about two weeks now since the "self proclaimed" King Lebron James made his move to Cleveland. I had wanted to write something about it earlier and truth be told I've got another post about Chris Bosh and kids and heroes that I wrote just before the Lebron announcement but I couldn't bring myself to or find the time to write about Lebron's big decision before now.

What can I say that hasn't already been said. Not much really.

Lebron may win championship(s) in Miami but dude has done some serious damage to his image and his brand. Not that he had no right leaving for Miami but dude could have shown some class and done it a bit better. The Decision TV show was just silly and really showed up his immaturity but then again he's a pro athlete who's been pampered all his life how's he supposed to know the right way to act in public lol.

However I did think his people would or should have spoken to him beforehand and said hey guy consider your image. By going to Wade's Miami the team isn't even yours anymore. You're not even clearly the alpha dog. Kobe fought to rid himself of Shaq who shared the spotlight but Lebron willingly steps into a situation where he's sharing the spotlight. Go figure! Maybe its just symbolic of the new generation and the way we raise our kids. The phrase used to be "without struggle there is no progress" but these guys are now likely to give up the struggle or try to find help in shouldering the burden instead of trying themselves first.

Not sure I'm down with that. Yea sharing the burden is cool but sometimes you gotta be the man and try to overcome the hump yourself. Jordan did, Barkley, Ewing, Malone etc tried but failed but at the same time we respect them for rising to the challenge and taking teams on their back and trying to win. You can always jump teams later on and try to win as a second fiddle and ride a younger cats coattails but in your peak naa man you want the glory all for yourself.

But who knows! I am sure this move does take Lebron out of the G.O.A.T equation though. Jordan, Kobe, Dr J stay ahead cause they were/are the man and willingly accepted it.

but maybe Lebron is onto something. A new kinder more top dog. No longer alpha dog, a beta dog perhaps? Maybe this teaches kids valuable lessons about sharing and combining forces to reach a goal instead of being obstinate and hardheaded and not making it over the hump. Perhaps.

Oh well, all I know is that for now Lebron gutted Cleveland which from what I've read was already a sports town with somewhat lowered self esteem and I cant back him for that. Yea owners do players dirty sometimes so you can say he owed the team nothing but what about the fans. The guys who loved you as their hometown saviour? Got to be hard on them. And its not like the team didn't try to accommodate you. You think they didn't made that Shaq deal to please you or that deal for Antoine Jameson? They built around you, it just didn't work and hence this oh so messy messy divorce necessitates counseling on the part of some of the Clevelanders.

C'est la vie though. As they all say its a business. Do your thing. Just hope you win some championships in South Beach and don't tire of being the Beta dog. Oh and can you even go home again after what you did to the guys there? I don't know man I just don't know.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Seriously the whole of Toronto got punked during the G20 conference. It'd be funny if it wasnt also sad lol.

Prior to the event it was made known that the Premier and the Ontario government had passed in secret a law allowing police to search and arrest anyone within 5 metres of the G20 fence over the weekend.

Well now it has come to light that there was no such law. They all lied to us! The Premier, the police chief, they all lied.

While we were busy saying shame on the Ontario government for secretly passing such a law in secret and the police were actually enforcing this supposed law and stopping folks at random within 5 metres of the fence and just in general on the streets of downtown Toronto over the weekend for searches, this law never existed.

Whoa! How ya like dem apples?

So now everyone is upset cause we got lied to and in essence punked (without Ashton Kushner). What can ya say?

All I know is I can understand why folks are upset. Public officials of the stature of your police chief and premier aren't supposed to willfully lie to you like that. I mean politicians lie like crazy so we sort of expect that but the Police chief too. Damn! I'm sure they have their reasons but if they were telling lies about that then you get the sneaking suspicion that they are telling lies about other stuff too. Can we ever trust them again? That supposed trust between public and public officials is evaporating so what next? Does this mean the anarchists are winning? God forbid!

Well boy these days is funny nights.

Monday, June 28, 2010

G20 - The Aftermath

Despite the lock-down of the Canada’s largest city, the wanton destruction by vandals and the hundreds of arrests, Mr. Harper said he believes that “99.9 per cent of Torontonians were very pleased and honoured to have these leaders here and were very hospitable.”
Globe and Mail newspaper

I was nowhere near the G20 protests this weekend but after watching the events unfold on tv all weekend I actually feel like I have some sort of post-traumatic stress. And if that's me, a simple tv viewer, imagine all the folks who were involved in the war that occurred on the usually peaceful streets of Toronto. It got so bad for me that at one point I switched from watching the live coverage to watching an extremely gruesome episode of Band of Brothers just to relax lol.

Now much will be written about what went down this weekend but I just wanted to say my two little cents based on a few more things I noticed Sunday.

First off, Prime Minister Harper judging by the above comment is sadly mistaken about Torontonians' views on this conference. We didnt want it here, we were unhappy that it was here and we were getting even more unhappy as the events on our streets were unfolding. The city was turned into an armed camp, draconian if temporary laws were passed, violence was inflicted on both our citizens and our businesses. Not exactly anything for us to cheer about Mr PM so why would we be happy? My mother always says you dont poke out your eye to please people and that is exactly what we in Toronto did here today or was done to us. To please foreign dignitaries Toronto had its eye poked out.

The Police whose response had been relatively measured on Saturday seemingly resorted to heavy handed tactics Saturday over night and into Sunday. It seemed to be a case of what was it George Bush called it some years ago preemptive strikes or basically if you looked suspicious or were someplace we didnt think you had no right being we were going to arrest you. Seems like they vacillated from one extreme of passivity on Saturday allowing the burning of police cars and vandalism of businesses along two of our major thoroughfares to an extreme of excessive force against citizens on Sunday. Shouldn't there have been some balance point in between doing nothing to what happened with numerous citizens claiming to have been arrested for no reason or hit by police batons? sigh!

Also where were our elected representatives and opposition politicians condemning what was happening as Toronto was getting a black eye. I only heard Adam Vaughn and Oliva Chow give their feedback. Oh and Mayor Miller who was soooo surprised by what was happening. Whatever dude! But I at least expected Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal opposition leader, who has been floundering in the polls to take this opportunity to say something positive and try to show that he actually is up on whats happening in this country. Dude you suck!

And while I'm calling out politicians and police leave no doubt that citizens too take much of the blame for this debacle. If ya see people doing foolishness stay your ass home. Dont leave to go down and add more conflict to the mayhem already ensuing.

I was shocked by the number of just curious onlookers and gawkers, taking photos as policemen tried to keep the peace. People who didnt really look like they knew what was being protested or didnt care one way or the other but just came out to be part of it as one youth said in a television interview just to say that they were there. Maybe its this generation weened on reality tv but for me I would think that violence on the streets is not a photo op. Seriously people you have a responsibility as citizens to be better than that.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thoughts from G20 - Saturday

Please note these are just my thoughts from watching this crap on TV as I was no where near downtown.

- Lawless so called protesters are breaking windows at people's stores. Doesn't even seem like most of the stores are big businesses just small man little mom n pop type operations. How is this helping anything? I wish someone would catch all the culprits and make them pay for the damages.

- The Mayor and Police chief keep saying that they didn't expect this level of violence. Really? Hello! Did you not see the same videos of fires and water cannons from protests at previous summits. G20 meetings breed violence, this is well known. What is this we didn't expect this crap. How can you say that and still have taken all these precautions?

- They just showed a picture of a couple down at the protests with a camera and their baby in a stroller. Seriously? You bring you baby down to a protest where 5 police cars were burnt. Where is children's services when you need them.

- Its interesting how people try to justify this assault on Toronto by saying its nothing compared to what people in other countries are experiencing. Really, that's your excuse for mashing up peoples livelihoods?

- And the argument that they are disenfranchised youth. So this gives them the right to throw feces into people's stores and smash windows at random. What a load of crap! Quite literally.

- Interesting all the so called protest crap and the G20 leaders are all but oblivious to the goings on on the street. While police risk their lives on the street to stop protesters Harper, Obama et al are all sitting down to dinner, relaxing. Got to love that!

- All things in perspective, the Toronto police have been relatively subdued. 150 arrested, didn't use any major tear gas or water cannons or sound cannons ....yet.

- 1500 police officers so far in downtown Toronto. whoa!

- No public transit service downtown, hospitals on lockdown, Eaton centre on lockdown. Imagine you live downtown and were sick or had to go to hospital. Crazy!

-Torontoist reporting police beating up protesters

- Why does the Mayor keep insisting the violent protesters are all not from Toronto? I mean I think that a majority of them aren't from here, just professional rabble rousers but you have to be open to the possibility that there are some lawless Torontonians see this as a chance to start some ish.

- Amazing how many people are just down there to see what is happening and taking photos. I mean I love taking photos but no way was I leaving my home with a camera to go down to a violent protest.

And this is just Saturday. Imagine what's going to happen tomorrow?

Monday, June 21, 2010


I escape for a quick trip to Barbados the other day. Pure niceness.

Just as I was settling in @home guess who also arrived in Barbados but the International superstar Rihanna. Coincidence? I rather think not! I feel she stalking me but for what purposes I aint sure yet.
Anyway I went to watch game 6 of the NBA finals at Bubbas last Tuesday and Bubbas get a fail from me. I was all set to say service in Barbados improving and actually in general the NISE initiative like um wukkin a bit but the Bubbas people unfair me. True I show up near to starting time for the game and the place was near ram pack but de hostess say dem had space showed us to a table wid chairs (the chairs part is important) and then as soon as we get dey they move the table widout the chairs and left we deyso standing up fa 10 minutes by a table wid no chairs looking fa chairs and dey coming back talking bout chairs real scarce. wha de rass! Wunnah tek the chairs associated wid de table wunnah tek we to, move the table minus chairs an den leff we lookin like poppits. Dat is not right. Wunnah aint gettin my money I went sumplace else meaning Lucky Horseshoe cause dem had both tables and chairs alright. I doan like to call nuhbody out but y'all was wrong Bubbas. Dun.

So yes I went to Bubbas game 6 and who should show up at Game 7 (probably looking fa me) at the said same Bubbas. Yes Rihanna (bet she aint had nuh chair issue though). Coincidence? I think not. I tell ya the woman after me. I gotta go back and read all dem articles I write bout she over the past couple a years and find out if I write something offensive cause she got some big able body guards and I aint want them to come an Chris Brown me. Oh wait was that reference too soon? My bad! Should have held that one back right? Whoops sorry Rhi Rhi. Look I might have to disappear fa true.

Dem was also debating in the Parliament bout some nice land that the government wanta gi to Rihanna fa free. Is how come nuhbody never offer me nor nun a de other bloggers land fa free. We duz promote Bim too ya kno. How come we cann get nuh land. An wha wunnah mean by the only land wunnah bloggers so looking to get is a 8x10 at Dodds? Hmmm

Anyways since I getting myself in trouble wid everybody in Bim (oh and sorry BR was hiding out so didnt give ya a ding. Ya can cuss me but ya gotta get in line) I wanted to say that I was a little surprised by all the publicity that Rihanna going to Bubbas to watch a finals basketball game got. I mean seriously people and I mean you The Nation, wunnah write a bigger article bout Rihanna watching the game, two big long pages in the print version wid numerous photos, dan wunnah write bout the actual outcome of the game (1/2 page one photo). Wha kinda tabloid-ism foolisness that is though? Wunnah really gine to the dogs fa true. I wud expect that sorta thing from the Stars and Inquirers of the world but wunnah supposed to a serious newspaper man. shame on wunnah!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So the G20 meetings coming to Toronto in a couple a weeks and all the big boys gine be in town: Obama, Sarkozy etc etc. And yes I using etc etc cause I doan really know nuhbody else name besides Harper the Canadian PM ok. Doan confuse me like allya know wha the man in Russia and the man in China name.Oh yea I almost faget Germany got a woman an she name Mertle or Merkle something so.

Anyways well looka I dont know why they bringing this G20 thing to Toronto for. We aint ask fa um cause from looking at these previous meetings um look like utter chaos and confusion duz follow this gathering wid all sorta anarchists mashing up people city and burning fires and pelting big rocks at Police. Juss go pun youtube an look up video from previous G20 summits and tell me if it doan look like armegeddon decend pun the people streets, cuhdear. Why dem had to bring dat hayso to offset we city fa?

And when ya hear the shout this thing gine done an all dem heads a government gine be long gone home an we de poor citizens hayso gine gotta clean up all the mess that dem cause. That to me is bare lawlessness.

The other thing is that all a sudden ya hear G20 summit and the Canadian governments got money to spend. Almost $2 Billion dem spending so far they say. That is nuff noughts ya kno!

Yet before this ya shud hear how dem big boys in Parliament crying poor and telling people doan ask dem fa nuh money cause is a recession and money tight and scarce. Now all a sudden G20 an bram! coffers open wide and money cann dun spending on all sorts a stupidness fa this conference.

Speaking a stupidness, dem even building a fake lake down by the CNE for picture taking by the delegates. If ya doan know why this is a big pappy show ie bare fooolishness well all ya have to consider is that the CNE and the place where the conference holding is literally a stones throw from a natural lake, Lake Ontario, yet dese people spending money to mek a fake lake. Imagine that! Wha to me dat is worse dan how some people duz spend good money to buy up bottle water fa dem house when de taps could gi ya all the water ya cud eva want. chupse.

And money spending like water howyamean. This G20 aint easy at all. The people building big big fence in downtown Toronto to keep people in or out of certain areas and gine got all sorta soldiers and policemen manning this thing. Plus downtown dem tekkin up everything that aint bolted down cause dem frighten that the protesters come in an mash up the place. Even businesses telling dem staff amm looka wunnah might gotta tek a day off or wuk from home. Dat is how dread this thing is. Is like hurricane widout de rain and that aint nuh joke cause I sure before that G20 week dun out I gine look pun tv an see pieca galvanise flying through the air downtown.

Anyways like I said money money money spending on this thing which is really a shame cause when now after this ya hear something as simple as the school board need a few thousand dollars to keep a swimming pool open or the TTC scrunting fa ll cash as usual ya gine hear these self same politicians crying poor again and teling we to be self sufficient or raise taxes.

Oh well all I can do is hope an pray that muh workplace doan get burn down by these mad head people cause doan get me started on these protesters. Wha dem duz be protesting doah? Cause to me it duz juss look like an excuse fa lawless mob mentality behavior to tek place when these summits bout cause dem protests doan do nuttin but mash up the place, brek bare glass bottle, throw bare big rocks an cause de small man heartache.

Anyways I hope nuhbody doan lose duh life and I hope that the people that gotta wuk down in dat zone where all the confusion happening doan get caught up in this lawlessness and cause innocent people injury. That is that. The PM and he peole saying it gine put Toronto pun the world map, that is all well said but is worh being on the world map if ya city in ruins? Chupse, these people duz tire me ya!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Jesus walks

"We got a raghead in Washington [referring to Obama]," Knotts said. "We don't need another raghead in the governor's mansion." Original Story: Knotts Calls Haley, Obama Ragheads

Raghead is a slur which refers to Arabs or Indian Sikhs who wear traditional headdresses.

Knotts was directly referring to Haley, whose parents are immigrants from India. Haley, a state representative also is from Lexington County, has said numerous times that she is a practicing Methodist.

Knotts believes Haley is not Christian, and that she is saying she is for political reasons.
I always find two things funny bout these socalled white "christian" people in North America eh. The first is related specifically to the wuns in the US. Why is it that they feel that everybody that run for some sorta political office got to be christian? Like if ya is from anudda religion ya cant be as good at running a country or a city or whatever organization cause supposedly ya have different values etc and will destroy the American way of life. Like being muslim or some other religion automatically makes you a worse person than they are. To me that is laughable.

And the second one and this applies to all all the white so called Christians in North America is that they duz assume that once ya got lil color in ya skin or lil accent or a name that they have trouble pronouncing ya cant be Christian or ya cant have grown up Christian ya wudd had to convert at some point later in life. Who fool these people or dem just fall victim to the fraud wid all them Europeanized pictures a Jesus and feel that them is the only ones that can call demselves Christian. I feel dat is why ya duz find churches so segregated up hayso in North America. chupse, dese people duz mek ya sick.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Once bitten

I received an email last night informing me about the testing of the new FM station CARN 98.7 FM here in Toronto. Strange name I thought, is that short for carnies or Carnival, I'm assuming the latter. The email went on to state "CARN is aimed at servicing Toronto’s vibrant Black and Caribbean population in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding environs."

Now not to heap scorn on CARN and its developers, props to you all cause it sounds like it wasn't an easy road to get on the air but I will readily admit that I am a bit skeptical about any new station purporting to be aimed at the Black and Caribbean population of the GTA. Why you ask? Well once bitten twice shy is what I would say.

Way way back in the day about 10-15 years ago when mi hair was still black, full n lucious and mi knee bones din used to mek noise when I walk and I was still in University all we had in Toronto to listen to black and Caribbean music was a few specific shows usually early, early in the morning or late late at night on the local college community radio stations. Big up CIUT, CKLN and CHRY, the one at York that nuhbody east of the DVP can pick up clearly at all. We also had WBLK out of Buffalo which was our defacto rnb, mainstream hip hop station.

Along came an enterprising businessman who fought with the CRTC (Canadian Radio Television Commission) and with great support from the entire black and Caribbean community of the day won the rights to have our first ever Urban station in Toronto. Horns blew, trumpets sounded, high fives were exchanged etc. Finally we thought, 24-7 music from all over piped into the diaspora. Calypso, reggae, african riddims, zouk in abundance! Yipee, hurrah, huzzah etc etc etc.

The station FLOW 93 point something started off in fine fashion. In the early days it was living up to what we thought it was going to be. We was getting calypso, dancehall, reggae, zouk, all sorts of African tunes, real hip hop, nice r n b and all was well with the world. Almost had me believing that "If you believe it you could achieve it." Cue the R.Kelly why dontcha.

And then like so many dreams and schemes from entrepreneurs and businessmen who are quite like politicians in their own right, the dream turn sour. I remember one trip from downtown to Scarborough spent listening to Flow where I heard the same three or four rnb top forty songs about three times in the space of a 40 minute journey. And FLOW has since been like that continuously. Calypso and dancehall once again relegated, not a peep of african music and nothing but girbage (that is gibbrish mixed with garbage, I juss mek dat up add it to de lexicon) pumped steadily. Pure payola top 40 radio type crap.

So when I hear about CARN 98.7 like I said sorry I don't mean to be harsh but I think back to the days when Flow was supposed to be doing what CARN say they going do and to how my youthful idealism soon got crushed by the reality that this radio station thing ain't about no love of community is about getting that cash. How long before CARN becomes Flow Too. hmmmm

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Faux Pas?

Disclaimer: I aint claiming to have nuh fashion sense ya hear and disclaimer two I aint got nuh problem wid people an hair cause I got hair too but if ya did see wha I see at lunchtime today ya wud be saying de same ting I sayin now.

Walking down the road at lunch I see this young girl pushing a bicycle on the sidewalk. From the time I look pun she I say something wrong but is only on second glance that I realize wha the issue was. See the woman was wearing a t-shirt and a pair a dem three quarter pants dat de women duz wear I think wunnah duz call dem capris or something so.

Anyways see my girl, her arms and legs expose and her arms smooth smooth and hairless and the woman legs hairy hairy looking like she in need of an afro comb or like she is part hobbit.

Now like I say the issue din that she hairy, if she hairy she hairy I aint got nuh problem wid dat more power to she fa not conforming to the norms an ting so. No the issue was that she legs hairy and she wearing elf boots mekkin um worse and then in complete contrast to that she arms bare bare bare like the neck on a bare neck chicken, not a hair at all at all. Um was like somebody glue one body torso pun a different body else legs. Now I aint no fashionista but dat look like a fashion faux pas to me.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

He aint dead


Wuhloss! The Barbados Prime Minister, the right honorable David Thompson is sick. So much so that he is currently in North America seeking treatment for his ailment and has left the country in the capable hands of his deputies and parliamentarians. I wish him much better and gine say a prayer fa he.

Saturday evening, I chilling at the return of a somewhat watered down Barbados on the Water (yes um wasnt as good as previous years I says so) when all a sudden my cell phone beep.
"Whichpart you is?"
I still down hayso at Barbados on the Water.
"You hear anything?"
Anything bout wha?
"Somebody from Barbados juss ring me an tell me that David Thompson dead."
Whoa! My heart skipped a beat for a minute. Imagine the man dead the same day all we Toronto bajans down hay at the Harbourfront celebrating Barbados doah. Cuhdear!
"Naa I aint hear nuttin so"

And it proved just to be another false rumor thankfully but one that apparently was making its rounds bout de place as I noted from a few internet searches later that evening.

All I have to say is cuhdear why wunnah trying to kill poor David fa? He do wunnah someting dat wunnah wanta see he dead off? Cuhdear nuh! That is typical of a lot of we Bajan and by extension West Indian people once dem hear somebody sick doah ya know. We duz revel in killing people before dem time and speculating bout what u is dem got.

I mean de man say he sick, we see dat he loss some weight and he say he gine New York fa tests and evabody got a say and opinion now. Bout the place ya hearing that he got evating from Leptospirosis to strictsha to goadies. (I gine gi wunnah $5 if wunnah kno wha strictsha is, if ya living in Barbados now ya disqualified from entering doah)

And is not only bajan people speculating and rumor mongering too ya kno cause last week my wife come home and tell she dat one Trini woman say she hear he suffering wid such n such to which I had to ask my wife but wait how this woman know suh good unless somebody from TnT gi um ta he. And den I wud gotta start wondering why de Trickidadians like dem trying to get ridda we head a state.

But I aint kno wha wrong wid des wufless people. The man sick yes but why wunnah got to be killing he off. All a we aint gine dead in due course nuh. Chupse. Looka leff Mr Thompson whapart he is ya.

And when people sick try an pray fa duh instead a trying to play Dr House and speculate pun wha um is dem got an wha um is dem doan got.

ps: as ya can see from the sidebar ya can follow Doan Mind Me on facebook. I aint suh sure how um duz work and wha all this following ting is yet but keep that in mind cause um like um would tell ya when I post an such.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Not sure who's following the crazy situation in Jamaica at the moment and I hope all my Jamaican bloggers and commentators stay safe.

Now I dont have any other info on whats happening there at the moment but reading through the articles on the Jamaica Gleaner website this one sort of caught my eye.

While Education Minister Andrew Holness and his technocrats were busy yesterday with the technicalities of easing disruptions to the sitting of external examinations because of the violence in Kingston, there were hundreds of students living the reality.

For these students, struggling to get to an examination centre - possibly at institutions they had never before visited in their lives - was the easy part.

Sitting an external exam while gunfire echoed was much more difficult.

"We heard a lot of guns barking, and every time I hear them, I jumped," said one student of the Convent of Mercy (Alpha) Academy yesterday.

She was among a group of sixth-form students who sat a Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) yesterday morning.

While the exam was in progress, gunmen and police engaged in a more-than-hour-long gun battle metres away.


Ya mean to say nuhbody couldn't cancel these exams? I would give GCE and A level a blige but CAPE is a Caribbean exam thing. Ya mean they couldn't say ease the children instead of having them run through dangerous situations to go sit an exam? Cuhdear! And who can concentrate on an exam when gunshots lashing all round the place an ya not even sure ya can mek it home or ya gine have a home to mek it back to when all said n done?

Looka exams duz be hard enough as it is under normal situations but then to be doing exams in what for all intents and purposes is a war zone. You expect dem children remember anything them learn or read in a book when two gunshots let off and dem jump? How is this a fair test anyways unless ya preparing them to go to University in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Come on now, no matter external or not these exams could have been postponed cause this goes way beyond unusual circumstance and it really not fair to these young people. Even if ya tekkin it into consideration when ya marking the exam this still not right. The exams shoulda postpone till the shooting stop and things better. This is really a dumb move on behalf of the people that running this show.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I just love this story.

I'll give you the basic details. Woman is cheating on husband and is found out when her private cell phone listed in her maiden name was added to the household "bundle" so that all their services from Rogers cable came on one bill. The husband was able to see her cell phone calls on the bill and figured out that she was cheating on him which her cheating partner readily admitted to the husband. Husband leaves marriage. The end.

Except its not. Woman is upset cause she thinks the Cell provider did her wrong by bundling her cell phone with the home stuff and is now suing them for about 1/2 million dollars. Actually to be honest I think she has a point and may win but still..........

Well well well aint she brazen though? I mean imagine she horning the poor man an get ketch and she vex now and want to sue the phone company. She aint have no shame though? Looka what the world come to when these sort a people can cheat an get on so and dont have no shame at all. Imagine that.

But I'm also looking at this from another perspective. If I'm working in marketing for one of the other rival cell providers like Telus or Bell this is gold, jerry gold. I mean lets face it those Rogers ads with the dude who cant get cell reception cause his carrier isnt Rogers and the other ones with the guy who cant get HD tv cause his cable isnt with Rogers are pretty good digs at the competition so here is their chance to get back at Rogers.

If I'm in marketing at Telus or Bell I'm signing ol cheating girl to a contract and building a series of ads around her and this situation. Something like "Bell at least we wont bundle your ish without your permission" or "Telus so you can always keep your downlow on the downlow." or "Bell cause ya husband dont need to know about ya outside man"

Trust me like I said the situation is gold, I got a whole campaign mapped out but I not giving it to them fa free on my blog. Is mad ya think I mad? No star if they want it call me an we cud work a ting but I doan want the wife find out. Oh shoot mi phone bundle I gine an switch to Bell or Telus. :-)