Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I might run 4 mayor

i might run for mayor, ***** ask your momma ima mutha**** player
Mayor - Pac Division

In one message, Giambrone tells Lucas, "I still think of you when I need ... um ... stimulation."

Toronto city councillor Adam Giambrone fled from a news conference unable to speak Wednesday morning, leaving an aide to announce the end of Giambrone’s mayoralty campaign.......
He said the scandal taught him “that a public career of integrity” cannot survive the disclosures about multiple affairs.

De man get skin up and skin out!

What a poppit! Now imagine he running for mayor, bring out he pretty lil political supposed live in partner decked out in she sensible dress and pearls loooking all like she going to the white house and meanwhile he got a young hottie .... or two on the side that he ummm sexting wid amongst other things.

And how he going to break up wid one a de young hotties by waiting til he ready to run for mayor to tell the girl that he got a partner and then saying but that dont change nuttin between we an tellin she he still thinking of she when he need stimulation. Wha any half decent woman in dem right mind aint want nuh man to tell them dat dem got anudda woman an dem just thinking a dem as a sex toy. That dem is number 2 cause even if they suspect that they are they want the illusion that they arent. Cuhdear now. Wha Giambrone could be thinking though? He really thought that the girl was gine guh long wid this plan? Wha he aint even got nuh looks nor nuh Tiger Woods money. Man he duz tek the train and streetcar to work juss like me. Ya feel the woman gine tek a number two spot from a fella like so. Chupse!

He really is a clown fa true though and a fraud and a liar cause from the text messages and stuff that have been exposed it seems like this live in partner he trotted out when he declared his candidacy was a bare cover for his political aspirations meanwhile in reality he living like he believe the line in de song "the gal pun the side juk the best" and having what he say now "multiple affairs".

And what about the accusations that he was giving the one girl insider TTC info. Not that that worth a hill a beans one way or the other but as a public official even if ya cant keep ya fly shut ya shud be able to keep ya mout shut when it comes to policy decisions coming down the pipeline. He fail big time.

And to see the tall gangly yout ya neva woulda tell that him a galyst ya know. Well well well.

Where he went wrong was in trotting out the fraudulent live in partner. If he did just run as a single fella we wouldn't be having this discussion. So he was getting frisky with multiple women. So he had sex at City hall. Whatever! We would just write it off as he's a politicians an dem fellas aint easy. But no he had to cover and lie and when ya cover and lie and ya get expose that is where all the drama duz arise.

Anyhow he din gine win the mayor race nuh how so is juss that he embarrass heself and the live in partner and he family.


Crankyputz said...

I bet Miller is having a good laugh. I didn't know about the fraudulent live in partner.....

Rose said...


Radmila said...

I think it's only a matter of time before he was to step down as TTC chair as well. The TTC is having enough problems without this kind of distraction.

I don't know how some guys think that some 19 or 20 year old they lied to is going to keep her mouth shut for their political aspirations. Doesn't Giambrone watch TV or read the papers?

it took exactly 11 hours to destroy a career that he spent a decade building.
What a jackass.

princessdominique said...

I'm back. I have to start visiting some of my fave bloggers again.

Anonymous said...

He mussee tekking lessons outta John Edwards book down hey.
Rumor is now that Edwards get engaged tuh de lil girl mother and he wife suing.


Abeni said...

What a mix up. I blame Tiger Woods :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, is Tiger Woods fault, har har, why he had to start the trend for galyism, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

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