Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I had to read it twice cause um din mek nuh sorta sense to muh

Last night I was filling out some standard insurance type medical forms. Big setta yes and no intrusive questions to answer: do you have hypertension, diabetes, aids, cancer, a nail juk, ya back brek, ya toe chop off, fingernails brek, teeth falling out, one foot longer dan de next, ya duz drink, anybody ever refer to ya in passing as a crack baby, every snort coke, ya on medication, ya on alternative medication, ya walk pass a pharmacy last week, been bitten by a vampire, believe in Obeah, see a steel donkey pun ya roof, been kidnapped by aliens.

And basically if ya ever answer yes to any one a dem questions lawd help ya cause is a whole heap a extra info and 20 other forms ya have to fill out after that.

So anyways what got me was that huddled in the midst of the yes or no questions was one that said have you  visited a physician in the past 5 years.

But wait?? Wha kinda yes or no question that is? Wha most people including muhself will have to truthfully answer yes to that which then necessitates filling out a braiffle a extra forms all because I went to a doctor in the last five years. Wha dat aint mek nuh sorta sense at all.

To be honest dem shud be glad I gine an get myself chek up. Now if I go an answer I aint been to no doctor in the last five years now there I think I would be a problem possibly a liability cause I aint gine got nuh clue whether I got the hypertension, diabetes, aids, cancer, back brek, toe chop off, one foot longer dan de next, been bitten by a vampire or kidnapped by aliens. Well I guess I would know if I get kidnap by aliens but still

So poor me now gotta answer another 20 pages a forms all cause I went to a doctor in the last 5 years. Wha kinda madness is that. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still striving

Wow! It just occurred to me that today is August 14th and its my blogversary!! 7 years! (cue confetti, fireworks and bring out cake).

Not a lot to say though, been a year of few posts so hopefully the next year if I get that far will have more although who knows maybe I should just quit and go peacefully into the night. Oh well!

Anyway as always thanks to all my fans and readers new and old and to my fellow bloggers big up and nuff respect.

Friday, August 05, 2011

What a Kadooment!

Well the finale of Barbados' crop over festival occurred this past Monday with the big annual Kadooment day parade. This year Bajan singer Rihanna took part in the parade and since she is an international superstar of course the international press followed her every move on Kadooment day.

Foreign press is what wrong wid wunnah doah? Chupse!

Judging from the general ignorance I have read on some of the international news sites (mind you most of them arent exactly paragons of excellence) it is clear to me that they either (1) just want to pick on Rihanna or (2) just do not understand a caribbean carnival celebration. I think it may actually be a bit of both.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

All about me

Neighborhoods are now hoods cause nobody's neighbors
Just animals surviving with that animal behavior

Stakes is High - De la Soul

We had a little discussion on the bus this morning, mi a a bredren. Reflecting on how in this society patience is a bad word and every lil thing people duz be ready to fly up in somebody face like how fowl cock duz puff up dem neck feathers when dey ready to fight. A society on edge.

"Is a all about me society we live in" he say. An me was agreeing cause it seem like everybody these days vex or ready to be vex at the drop of a hat. Maybe is the advances in technology we got that get we so an got we so own way and me me me first. Ya think is coincidence that summuch a we best selling technology name i this an i dat: I-pod and i-pad and i-touch and I everything or ya did thought Steve Jobs was a rasta? I-man say no dread.

Everything on hand now quick quick quick so we patience is a very thin layer that worn thin wid de slightest touch. You bump, I cuss, I scrape, you cuss. Forgiveness non-existent.

And is only gettin worse-er. As each generation gets possibly more tolerant of differences and about old biases towards others they somehow become more intolerant more me-centered in their interactions with others.