Thursday, August 26, 2010


Two people were arrested Wednesday afternoon and a third terrorism suspect– one who moonwalked across a Montreal stage during an audition for Canadian Idol – was detained early Thursday, the Star has learned.

There's a video of his horrid or should I say rather terr(or)-ible audition. lol

Poor guy, did the rejection of Canadian Idol send him off the deep end? If I cant be the bomb I'm going to have to plant a bomb? Cuhdear! poor fella

Or maybe the Canadian idol was part of his cover. How ingenious! Like who's going to suspect a moonwalker of conspiracy to commit terror acts? Conspiracy to pop and lock or drop it like its hot perhaps but building bombs naaa.

If only he had gone one step further with his cover and gone on reality tv. Now that would be the ideal cover. Yes Jersey Shore people I got my eyes on wunnah so especially dat short wun Snooki. I feel she an all wunnah up to sumting cause nuhbody atall can be really really that stupid.

Oh well but back to the moonwalking singing terrorist (which by the way might make a great musical somewhere) who duz pick the names of these operations for the RCMP? Project Samosa? I mean seriously, thats the name of this operation to find the terrorists. Really! Wha dat soun like a plan to guh an buy some food cross by ya local Indian restaurant.

Damn, not only is it a dumb name but isnt it also somewhat racist? yuck! Anyways looka I better keep mi mout shut doah fa all I know Operation "fish cakes n bakes" got me in dem sights. I gone!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Local Politricks

Can I just say I love Canadian poli-tricks! Well the poli-trick-sions anyways. I dont know why the general public so apathetic towards politricks here I mean at the very least its always good for some comedy and lil drama like how Harper and the Tories almost get catspraddle by a census of all things. In de States politricksions duz get tek out by sex scandals hay men duz get tek out by statistics lol. If dat doan prove that Canada different to America nuttin does (and I doan mean different like Chris Bosh say we smell different eitha cause I aint know wha he mean by dat, he betta watch he frowsy self ya. lol)

Anyways just when I thought that all the poppits was out of the Toronto mayoral race and some of you might remember early this year I post bout how the fella Giambrone get clean bowl wid a sex scandal in comes Rob Ford who apparently is leading the race to be the new Mayor of Toronto. Wuhloss!

Now Ford apparently got a whole history of putting he foot in he mout and every few days some comment or the odda he mek duz rile up everyone and got the other candidates attacking he cruel, cruel, cruel. The last thing was he mek some stupid comment at a debate bout refugees and he aint want nuh more in Toronto or someting so.

Now the malicious media gone yesterday an dig up some old news that de same Ford fella apparently had been arrested in 1999 in Florida for drug possession cause dey find a lil joint in he back pocket. Hear Mr Ford now as to why he din disclose this to the public: apparently he had forgotten that he had been arrested for de weed cause that same time the police did also arrest he for refusing to take a breathalizer test.

So in essence the man whole argument is looka people stop confusing me wunna aint realize I did too drunk that night to remember that I get arrest for weed. This has got to be in the top 10 of best excuses ever!

And these is the sorts a people I supposed to vote for to lead my city nuh? Lawd come fa ya wirl nuh!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Ya know one thing I doan like bout work email is the dreaded cc:

Now I mean I know there are certain things where you want someone to know that you on the case and checking in on matters or they ask you to cc them on the item so they can read the response etc but in alot of cases cc's are just used by some arrogant s.o.b in an attempt to try to show up somebody else cause they will attempt to cc like 10 people on a matter and most of them have no clue what the conversation is about anyways and could care less. Whats with that?

Yea I guess is good to document or start a paper trail but most a de time all the people you cc'ing aint necessary an plus the email dese days duz got time stamp and dat stamp an ting so you can always back up ya claims if somebody say ya aint do something. All the cc'ing is just somewhat childish.

And this is different from the personal email issue which is if you having a personal conversation wid someone they aint have no right forwarding your email to somebody else. Allya too lazy to cut n paste if ya wanta involve somebody else in part a de conversation or wha? Chupse.

Anyway that is why ya duz gotta watch what ya saying anytime ya online be um work or personal cause you feel you talking to one body an next ting the whole office or 6 or 7 people you aint kno involved.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

6 years

Yea been 6 years since I started this blog. Thats like 150 in human years I'm certain. Think I peaked somewhere in year 3 and after that its been all downhill with a few retirements along the way.

I wont say how long it'll last and I'll try to be more regular but somewhere along the way you lose the zest for the frequent writing of the blog (especially when you get the feeling that no one's reading) or things that you would have expounded more on just seem a bit blase. Still its been a good run and very informative in terms of what seems to attract interest especially considering that most of the other bloggers ran for twitter a while ago.

So big up to all you who still read have read, have commented have linked and those who follow and have never commented ever ever ever and especially to those one of two who have been following from like day one like Abeni, Poeza, 4panist and my boy P. big up!

Oh and big up to all my fellow Caribbean bloggers both at home and in the diaspora especially, Abeni, Mad Bull, Will, Stunner, Luke Cage, Empath, Gods Child, Guyana Gyal and the rest too numerous to name. Respect and I'm a try to keep up with you guys cause you set the bar high. Bless!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Fake Cancer

They all thought she was dying of cancer — and they all handed her cash.

Ashley Anne Kirilow, a 23-year-old Burlington native, admits she faked cancer, ran a bogus charity and collected thousands of dollars from hundreds of people.

She shaved her head and eyebrows, plucked her eyelashes and starved herself to look like a chemotherapy patient. She told anyone she met she had been disowned by drug-addicted parents, or that they were dead.

You have to read this story for yourself here and here. Young girl fakes terminal cancer collects a few thousand dollars fraudulently and then afterwards blames it on her miserable childhood.

What a bunch of baloney! The woman is a tief and a criminal!

I must say one of my recent pet peeves is this whole blame your childhood for your mistakes as an adult motif that permeates western society. Must have something to do with the psycho babble that gets passed around as counseling and therapy.

Look some people just wicked aint a damn thing to do with childhood misery or blaming parents. Now if you and all ya siblings turn out wicked and bad well then maybe I can buy the parent angle but if you one, you alone out of many, turn out to be a bad seed uh uh dont be blaming nobody but yourself.

And what type of mind state do you have to be in to fake cancer and even pluck out all ya eyebrows and stop eating to look emaciated to go through with this type of fraud. Ya got to be a sick sick individual to do something so.

And this will only make society even more wary about donating to people with legitimate illnesses and causes so shame shame shame on this girl.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Who Gabby tink he is

Barbados’ newly crowned calypso monarch has been charged less than 24 hours after allegedly beating a media personality.

Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter is expected to appear in court sometime this week, accused of assaulting television and radio host, Anthony ‘Admiral’ Nelson last night, backstage the Cohobblopot show.

Well imagine mi surprise when I see this in mi email this marnin. Gabby one a we bajan top calypso exponents and 9 time calypso monarch as well as former cultural ambassador (we like we duz choose a very lotta igrant people fa cultural ambassador ya) charged fa beating up de Admiral. Well well well!

Poor Gabby. Most winners dese days duz pompasset talking bout dem gine Disney world after them win titles and championships but um looking like you gine jail afta you win this monarchy. lawd ave is mercy!

I was hoping that Boyce Voice wudda had a lil write up pun this doah cause he is a true kaiso an crop over man an ting an ting so wid nuff pedigree while I aint even reach pot-starver status yet when um come to calypso but he aint got nuttin write up yet so I gotta get in mi lil say.

Cuhdear Gabby say um aint so, tell muh is a fella that look like you or ya get set up by a West Indian politician. How you a big 62 year old, old man almost ready fa pension gine let a foolish poppit like Admiral get you in truble so? Man ya mek mi shame. Looka I gine gotta teach you my rule ya. If ya reach 25 an nuhbody aint lock ya up or ya aint get in nuh trouble wid police and de law, mek sure ya aint doing nuttin afta dat age to get in truble wid de possiblility a lock up ya kno. Leff de bad boy-ism ting fa de young boys.

An Admiral how you let a old man like Gabby that musse weight bout 80 pounds beat you? Wha ya mek mi shame! Wha happen you scheming pun trying to get the man new car that he win at the competition or wha? Cause really an truly Gabby aint nuh big muguffy fella dat cud beat up nuhbody so. In fact only body in bajan kaiso smaller than Gabby is that Khiomal fella from Krosfyah that look like he weigh less dan a crocus bag a flour and Ras Iley who weigh bout 70lbs but 50 a dem is from the dread locks pun he head. A lie?

Anyways yea Admiral how you let Gabby ruff you up so man. Big mout man like you couldnt defend yaself against a small man like Gabby or this is juss a mek up something cause I see a video deyso wid you talking afta the incident an you din look like nuh man dat hol nuh liks in truth. Ya claim the man rip up ya shirt but if you did wearing a flimsy material shirt from swan street an um mash up when the man touch ya doan run now an hollaring fa assault ya.

An Gabby man, big cultural icon like you. Model kaisoman wid lyrics fa days, man wha he do to mek you had to resort ta this an mek the man run to Dr Cassandra. Looka looka wha ya do to the Admiral? Wha happen he tief you chicken an ram or he say you name pun the list? Wha happen man. He did want u faget bout Emmerton nuh. Alright bosie.

But Admiral in he 40s and Gabby is in he 60s. Two a dem aint nuh spring chickens so I doan kno wha wrong wid dese older people. This kaiso music like um duz go to dem heads and lead dem to crime, indoctrinating dem into what may be the beginning of a cycle of violence. From de time Gabby was singing bout (army) Boots and Hit it and Gryner bout "I gine rip ya pants an you gine feel I is a nest a ants" an even David Rudder was askin where the Man wid de Hammer gone I say to myself looka how dese fellas got summuch violent lyrics doah. I did kno tings did getting outta hand wid de negative images in my sweet calypso music but I thought that the recent new jump an wave music did get we outta dat rut. :-)

Last year Boyce did feuding wid de odda Madd men, this year Site get cruel an leff de competition now this. Next ting ya soon wud be hearing that Plastic Bag an Mac put a righteous ragga ragga lashing pun Blood or John King or somebody so.

Looka I did always warnin wunnah that this calypso ting din nuh good fa de old people wid all this feuding (beef) and people complaining bout who the dj playing come crop over an who is a shareholder come competition time an ting so. It set a bad precedent man. Nuff wuhlessness too. Sexism and misogyny and violence. We muss do better as a society to keep our old people away from de influence of that sorta ruck tuck cause looka wha um mek Gabby do now. Dat calypso music aint nuh good at all at all at all, all um like um want banning from the airwaves before we lose our elders and role models. I dun.