Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Perception and Deception?

(Third times a charm)

Its interesting what you see on the bus sometimes.

It was near midday and the bus was half empty.

About halfway to my destination, the two ladies who had rushed on at the last minute with strollers and who sat near the middle of the bus, rang the bell.

As the bus was lowered and they started to go down the bus aisle to exit at the front, I absentmindedly noticed that in the seat next to where one of the ladies had been sitting was a light scarf.

I got ready to shout something from my perch at the back of the bus when all of a sudden another lady who was sitting across from the vacated seat swiftly got up and sat next to the scarf.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


I was driving over the Progress bridge/overpass when I saw it.

Car pulled over halfway to the side, half in the curb lane with the hazard lights on. That's sort of weird I thought. And then a tall slim black man , elegantly dressed in a suit stumbled out with a cell-phone to his ears and went to the pavement.

Weird, I thought as I got closer.

And then he stumbled to the edge of the overpass ledge just as I was passing and it dawned on me.It couldn't be right?