Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feting is fundamental

This one takes the cake.

A woman in Trinidad, a state witness to some murder case, in some sort of protective custody leff the safe house the authorities were holding her in to go to a fete.

At the fete somebody hold on pun she an dem find she dead dead dead out in de open the next day.

Cheese on bread den! Do I really need to say any more?

Look I sorry but you would got to be a certain sort of igrant to leave protective custody to go to a fete. I mean who thinks to themself well boy I safe here in this safeouse but ya know where I wud be safer? Answer a big fete.

Not only that but when I read the story the second time I realize the woman left a safe house in Tobago and fly to Trinidad to fete! No local fete she went to she fly to a fete! this aint no local stupidity that is like crossing international borders to commit acts of stupidity. That is what ya duz call high class stupidity.

But imagine yourself in a safe house, under heavy manners cause you see a crime an you gotta testify. Now obviously you in a safe house cause somebody think you are in danger before you testify if not you could be in your own home chilling out eating some buss up shot drinking a Solo right.

Now would you be in said safehouse thinking "eh eh is saturday gurl, big fete up in the hill. chupse!, but is how dese police boy got me in hay an I missing a wine. ooh goosh is Machel playing? Well I not missing Machel fa nobody ya kno! oh gooossh nuh gurl I aint missing my wine fa no foolish case. Is Trinidad I going right right now."

So somebody call you and you say alright well is only lil protective custody ting, dat aint nuttin, it aint like I in danger cause is only a murder case I dealing wid so I going see alllya tonight at the fete.

Well I aint know bout anybody else but if I personally had to testify in any sorta case even if um was a jaywalking case I keeping my behind quiet. Fete wud got to miss. If I did see something so like a murder and had to testify I din gine even leff my house to go up the road to buy two doubles furthermore fly from Tobago to Trinidad. I wud be watching every shadow I see. In fact I din even peeping out the window, I wud be hiding under the bed wearing a topsy as a helmet just in case a bullet or a big rock miss an come through a window.

Ya think I kidding? Not me boy! I din going out like that at all. I woulda ask the police for bullet proof vests, protective coocoons, voice altering software, dark shades, wigs, bleaching creames, makeup artists and anything else them cud think of to change my appearance.

No boy fete would got to come to me but I din leffin that safe house so.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bosh Bash

PhotobucketPoor Chris Bosh!

Been a tough season. Man oh man!

First off injuries, then de team that was supposed to be so good, according to the GM anyways, flop this season, then Shaquille O'Neal called him the Rupaul of big men in the NBA and now this! And them buss this new set of news on his birthday just to shame he lil more when he should be out feting. Cuhdear!

What news? I talking about the news that Bosh's former girlfriend/financee (yes I mispell it on purpose) suing him for child support.


And yes many of you will say NBA player being sued for child support ain't no big deal happens all the time. Which is true but Bosh has made his name in the NBA and in Toronto as being one of those guys who wouldn't be caught up in this type of drama. He's a "good guy". Nice guy image. That is the type of athlete Toronto likes and embraces even if they don't perform.

I mean irony of ironies Bosh's image here like O.D.B is all about the kids. Raptors foundation, Sick Kids, Make a wish, Literacy campaigns, Boys and Girls Club of Canada. Bosh is all over the media daily repping for one children's program or another so imagine how it look that he not taking care of his home responsibilities. Ya mean, he trying to look out for other people pickney but not his own. Mi naa buy it!

Image buss!

Truth be told I tell Bosh get ridda dat financee gal from the time she was on the sidelines heckling and riling up Lebron and mek we lost that game last season cause juss cause ya got front row seats and is a player girlfriend aint nuh right fa you to get involved in the game. Sit down, shut up and enjoy the overpriced ACC food like everybody else and leff off dat sorta thing to fellas like Mars Blackman and Col. Jessop, that's Spike and Jack Nicholson in case you didn't figure it out. If you want the spotlight I sure there is video girl work available otherwise stay outta big NBA man business that.

Still I din know that he (Bosh) had she pregnant. How he going kick she out of his house full pregnant and then refuse to support the child?

Cuhdear! Wha wid an alleged move like that I can only guess that he trying to tek heat off the other Chris (Mr Brown I talkin bout you).

Still I didn't come to beat up on Bosh yet. Like they say three sides to each story. She side is that he is a deadbeat dad. Lawless, good for nothing, igrant, ugly brute that wont look after his responsibilities. Only see the 4 month old pickney two time so far and baby mudda broke and need money to tek care of this chile.

His side? Well that came out this morning. He claim that his lawyers are the one's that started the proceedings and that he's apparently down to take care of his responsibilities and support the chile (whic he should be with all them millions he duz mek) but like de former financee she want extra and hit he wid a suit. Whax! Hmmmm.

Boshy boy ya have to be careful. I was just reading a Sport Illustrated article saying that about 60% of former NBA players duz be broke 5 years after their playing days done and saying that child support and divorce is two of the main reasons these men duz end up broke. Dont let she stick ya for all ya paper boy.

But anyways like I said three sides to each story. She side out, he side coming out and one can only hope to pick little piece of the third side, that being the truth, out of each of the other two stories.

All I know is Bosh image tek a good lik this week. Not sure if it going recover here in Toronto.

Ah what do I care I've been pushing for the GM to trade him since January anyways.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Last week I was thoroughly engrossed in the Stephanie Rengel murder trial. The trial, which was occurring here in Toronto exposed details on a sick and twisted tragedy which really did not need to happen. But then what murder of a 14 year old is necessary?

The shortened version of the story is this for those of you who haven't heard it: M.T a teenager (15 at the time I believe) had a 17 year old boyfriend D.B. (For your info they cant be fully named here in Canada as they were both minors at the time of the crime) M.T was very jealous of a girl who D.B had, been in a prior relationship with, that being Stephanie. She thought that Stephanie wanted to have D.B back and that she was spreading tales about M.T having sex with other boys.

M.T over a period of months cajoled, begged, threatened, blackmailed and bullied her boyfriend D.B into killing Stephanie. Its all documented in tonnes of text messages and I.M messages that they had over this period. D.B resisted for a while but M.T threatened to withhold sex and then to sleep with other boys if D.B did not give into her demands and kill Stephanie.

Apparently he came close in October of 2007 and didn't have the heart but finally with more threats from M.T he finally did the deed, luring Stephanie from her home one winter evening, the evening of New Years day 2008 to be exact, where he finally stabbed her numerous times and left her to bleed to death in the snow. With her last breaths she was able to finger the murderer to a passerby who found her dying in the cold. D.B meanwhile called after his deed was complete and told his girlfriend M.T that it was done. She called Stephanie's phone to check, just to make sure and then D.B went back to M.T's place for a nice sex romp, his reward for fulfilling his mission.

Pretty chilling stuff for a couple of teenagers. You can google it if you want more details.

The trial this week was for the girl M.T, D.B's trial is later in the year, and after three days of deliberation, which was about three days too long in my opinion, the jury came back with a guilty verdict. We await sentencing.

Now I know that child and teen crime isn't the once shocking occurrence that it used to be. 10 year olds have murdered, kids have plotted and succeeded in killing parents etc but this one, maybe because of the wealth of supporting evidence showing how the plot was developed and the amount of begging, convincing and threatening done by M.T to get it carried out seems especially chilling.

Its also rather instructive to see how the family of the murder accused saw her still as a school smart young lady, with little street smarts who would never do something like this. They had no clue as to the vulgar and disturbing messages that their little "angel" was sending online and via text message or as to the plot she had conceived using boyfriend D.B as the de facto murder weapon.

What can you say about it all? Kids these days are being exposed to a lot of stuff from early, I'm not sure we can shield and protect them anymore. Their childhood definitely will not be the same as ours. Still I guess one can only try to give them a good foundation, stay involved in what they are doing, keep on their ass, give them proper context into which to understand the knowledge that they are being bombarded with daily and pray. A whole heap a pray.

Well and if that doesn't work there is always Liks.

Still its mind boggling to me that a girl as young as M.T would conceive of this sick crime and use her body as collateral to get it done. Did she understand that murder was wrong? Did she think well maybe there is another way to solve this issue with Stephanie, did she think about consequences? Did her parents ever think to check her moral compass somewhere along the way? Lots of unanswered questions.

For all the smarts it took to plan this murder etc, she was extremely naive to think that she would get away with it. A case of too much know how but not enough knowledge?

And what about the victim. Yea what about her and her family. Destroyed over something so like this. So senseless.

No idea. Mi nuh know how de yout get so.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dirty Spring

Hurray for warmer weather! Couldnt come too soon in my opinion. Brutal winter we've had. Cold to rattle the bones!
My only complaint about warmer weather is the initial dirt that we see when the snow melts. Its like everyone has emptied their garbage under the snow and now with the melt we see it all: Cans, fast food paper bags, coffee cups, bottles etc etc. Yuck!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For Lease

If I didn't know any better I would swear that there is a new chain of stores called "For Lease" here in Toronto and they are taking over the city like gangbusters because as I travel around the city I keep seeing that sign more and more in storefront windows.

I wonder what the occupancy rate is for retail stores in this city these days because it used to be pretty high a few years back with new outfits just waiting to swoop in and take coveted real estate anywhere downtown. Not so now. Empty storefronts growing daily. Not just the usual fly by night operators in the usual locales getting burnt or burning bridges by not paying rent. Places that have been around for years and were seemingly stable outfits going down, out of business too.

Such is life in the recession I guess.

PhotobucketThis photo is from Barbados, St Lawrence Gap to be exact courtesy the PlanetBarbados Blog but it could just as easily be applied to Toronto and probably just about most places these days.

If it isn't "For Lease" then Sale seems to be the byword of the day. Its a virtual utopia for bargain hunters (assuming anybody got two shillings to spare).

Every storefront that doesn't have in a For Lease sign has in a sale sign. I mean none of them aint as blatant as that sign in the picture but we get the idea. Business does suck, please buy or we'll go out of business too.

That's just the 2009 reality. A so it a go!

Monday, March 09, 2009

So much for that

Remember just after 9/11 how the entire world was sympathetic to the US and people who found glee in the fall of the towers, or who blamed the US for their misfortune etc were the wackos and the sickos? We could even justify the invasion of Afghanistan with a well the US didn't start it or at least weren't the ones who escalated the conflict argument.

Then swiftly the world's opinion turned as retaliation and protection turned into naked aggression and an invasion of Iraq. Today Obama is still trying to get folks to change their opinion on the US to something more positive.

Well I'm finding the current Chris Brown/Rhianna episode somewhat similar somewhat. Initially we were all aghast over Chris Brown's behavior and there was no shortage of pity for glamour girl Rhianna. What kind of sick dude beats up a woman like that? Shame on him, shame shame shame. He deserve a good thrashing and some jail time and two cement bricks pelting at his head and a proper cutass.

And I still think he does actually but .....

The sympathy factor for Rhianna is starting to seriously fade because of her actions post beating. Even fellow females aren't really feeling that sympathetic towards her these days as with every news item or rumour you are left wondering just how stupid is this girl?

Yes she still didn't deserve her beating, no one does but why is she putting herself in a situation ie staying with Brown or letting him off the hook where she could be in harms way again? Did the beating cause some sort of head damage? Is she just that naive? There is fools falling in love and then there is stark raving madness and idiocy of the highest degree. From everyone's perspective other than it appears Rhianna her actions fall in the latter category.

And who the hell are her handlers and advisers? You mean there isn't someone to say girl look at how the man smash your face to a pulp? Do you seriously want to stay with him after that? Do you seriously not think he deserves to be punished? Why are you allegedly spending time with him? Stay the hell away from homeboy! Why not let the judge get a restraining order on him? Do you not realize that you are also harming your career by doing what you're doing now. You are making yourself into an object of ridicule and derision.

And yes I agree its always difficult to look at these situations from the outside with limited info and know exactly whats going on but damn the police report, a report based on your evidence, said the man went all WWF on her, headlocks and slamming head into car windows and all. These actions do not qualify as love taps, they qualify as unadulterated abuse.

And while its always in these cases easy to sympathize with a target, its harder to maintain that sympathy when the target does nothing to withdraw from the abusive situation or tries to lay it off. We feel like we're misplacing our emotions, like well why should we waste our time feeling sorry for you when you obviously don't care enough about yourself to try to put things straight. We feel like our initial outrage and anger has been thrown back into our faces by you.

Its a valid reaction.

Wake up girl, ya mekkin bajans and women all over the world shame.