Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oil of Obay

I was checking out the guys over at the War on Folly, a really nice site to browse by the way (yo Charles & Charles you guys need a comments option), and along with the video for the marriage proposal that got shot down at halftime at the NBA game I came across this photo

Photobucket Courtesy Jonathan Goldsbie and originally seen at Torontoist. You can check the original if you cant see this one clearly.

I not sure what it is they actually advertising but this photo is from College and University just outside the Queens Park subway station. I verified it at lunch today (got to love that Metropass).

Actually there are a few of these Obay ads (from the makers of WhybecauseISaidSo) knocking around and I even noticed the campaign on the subway coming home this evening.

Anyway all this Obay talk got me thinking about my new old product that I'm trying to market and rebrand. Its a supplementary product, a catalyst so to speak, in case Obay or WhyBecauseIsaidSo don't just work on their own. I havent locked down the marketing scheme yet, I aint no expert but I have a rough rough draft of the first ad that I will share with y'all today


Yes people that is my new product. Liks! From the same people who brought you WaitYou FeelYouisAMan and IGineGiveYouSomethingtoCryBout. Liks dont be shy. Use it.

and other related products are registered trademarks of the Whapax! aaaiiiiiiiieee! Corporation a fully owned subsidary of Whax Palax.

Whapax! aaaiiiiiiiieee! sharing Liks from before Jesus was a lad.

Liks - Order now for only three easy payments of $19.99. Belt sold separately.


Urban Sista said...

LOL!!! You is a whole idiot.

Campfyah said...

Whaloossss..this is a classic!!
Yuh need a U.S. distributor fuh liks, cause I cud help yuh out.

GC said...

whax palax!!!
I am screaming with laughter (and also just a little afraid they might bring back liks for grown children--why just the other night I was told I had forgotten my manners).

Charles Follymacher said...

oh SNNAAAAP!!! i just about fell out of my chair laughing at "Liks" (why'd i take so long to get to this!)! Still wiping up the tears. Thanks, I needed that.

There'll prolly be some kind of commenting feature put in at some point. We're very much a i'll-get-around-to-it bunch tho so don't hold your breath ;-)

Charles Follymacher said...

p.s. saw a different Obay ad on the side of a bus just today. it's getting around.

do you work near university then?

Crankyputz said...

Where's the cane??


Extremely Funny ! Bwoy, a gwaan give you a piece a murderation with LIKS. RESPECT star!! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, living/working in the B dot O dot, I've missed out on seeing those adds.

"Belt sold separately."
Lol! True though - more 'liks' (good dicipline) and more parent supervision is definitely needed.

titilayo said...

Wuhloss, yuh mek me laugh out loud in my office! Why you got to be so?

In my childhood I was well acquainted with the IGineGiveYouSomethingtoCryBout line of products, and later also with

I don't miss those days at all at all.

aquababie said...


why is it every time i visit your blog, i almost bust a gut?? this is classic :)

Stunner said...

LOL! Liks is at least twice as potent as that Obey stuff! I recommend it especially for those damn out of control American kids!

Irie Diva said...

lol this is a HILARIOUS post

Abeni said...

lol.this is sooo funny..You onto to something...LIX can be a winner

BajanDelite said...


Leon said...

Liks would sell well in the US. I saw the vid. Man, I'd take a kick to the balls over that anyday.

Lola Gets said...

Dude, you are sooo going to hell for that product! And I am completely digging the Obay ads - classic!


Anonymous said...

its a guarantee that I will pee on myself everytime I visit your blog. You are hilarious! Wooieee - me belly a 'urt me!